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How to choose the rubber boots during shopping

Rubber boots - it is not just necessary, butreally irreplaceable thing. They will save your feet from the water in the spring and fall, when it's nowhere to hide from the rain and puddles. But how long it will last only the shoes that chosen by all the rules.

The best way to protect your feet from getting wet -is to buy rubber boots. It used these shoes look malosimpatichnye therefore rejected by all those who want to look beautiful. Now in the store dazzled by the diversity of colors and patterns. We'll show you how to choose the rubber boots that was comfortable and beautiful and practical.

The material for the boots

All models of boots made from either rubber or fromPVC. The pluses first include durability and strength - these shoes will last more than one season. Cons here a little longer. For example, rubber is not as attractive and looks pretty heavy. In addition, if you plan to show off boots, not only in spring and autumn, and winter (when the weather is warm and snowdrifts are melting), this material is not suitable - it is destroyed under the influence of reagents very quickly.

PVC itself is beautiful and brighter than that, of course,will delight fashionistas. These rubber boots are both easy and pleasant to the eye. Reagents which strew the roads in winter, this material is not terrible, but by itself in a period of wearing shoes smaller than that of rubber. For those who need boots for a couple of years, this is a great option.

How to choose the rubber boots during shopping

First, you need to bend your favorite model inwear. If you become visible cracks or fractures white shoes in any case not worth taking - it is made of poor quality material that will not protect the feet.

Try on the boots should be on a warm sock: in cold weather in a shoe can be frozen, because tires are not warm. Foot necessarily be comfortable: nowhere to rub or press, because the product is not leather, it is not spread. Take it should be something that fits well, without reservations.

Home test for rubber boots

will not be able to spend in the store such a test,therefore it is necessary to organize the house. In a normal pelvis is to pour water, then stand in his new boots. If the shoes are leaked, it can be safely returned to the store, because of their functions, it does not perform. In outrage seller to pay attention to is not necessary - on the buyer side of the law.

No matter how comfortable rubber boots, this shoenot for long walks. Doctors do not recommend wearing them for more than two hours, as the legs do not breathe inside. As a result of long circulation in the "rubber" boots create a favorable environment for bacteria and fungi.