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How nicely tie a scarf and tie

How nicely tie a scarf and tieBeautiful scarf can be tied both to the neck, andand a belt on the body. And in fact, and in another case, it will look very nice and bright. The easiest way - is to tie a scarf at the waist of trousers or shorts.

Here's how to do it correctly:

  1. Take the scarf large width. It should not be too wide, but its length can be any. The longer the scarf, the better.
  2. Fold the scarf plait. It should be easy to get through the belt loops on your clothes.
  3. Tie them to the belt. Optionally, you can use a special fastener for the belt, which is necessary to pass the ends of the handkerchief, and then tie it to the palm of the fastener. That's all.

The second method of tying a handkerchief like the factwho use a large scarf as a top. For this you just need to fasten the top rear loop, put on the back and tie a knot. This is also one of the easiest ways to tie a scarf on her back in a beautiful stamp.

Another way to enable you to whip uptie a scarf on her head. It should be no larger than a normal cravat. Fold it in several layers, tie their head and tie a knot at the bottom or slightly to the side, so that the ends of the handkerchief vygladyvali sides. This option will look beautiful if you choose a bright and original designer scarf, a contrasting color to your hair.

And here is an interesting way of tying a handkerchief tobody. Just need to pick up for him a large handkerchief, so large as sarongs. It can be either square or triangular. Square scarf fold diagonally. Then again fold it so that the ends of the handkerchief were turned in the same direction. Attach a handkerchief to the body and tie the ends of the shawl knot. Then gently flatten the bottom garter stamp and tie it behind the back of the unit.

Linking two handkerchiefs together will allow you toto create a bright and original top. Take two large handkerchief of the same length and tie knot in the middle. Then attach it to the body and tie the overhand knot so that you get a nice cut-out loop. Then tie the other ends of the scarf at the waist, as shown in the figure. This top will look beautiful together with shorts, trousers and leggings.

There is one interesting way of how to tie a scarfon his head. It is suitable for those who have long hair. You just need to tie it on the head, like a regular scarf, and long ends of the twist with hair like a scythe. It will look bright and original, especially in such manner as boho-chic or hippie.

The next way to please those who usescarf as a top. Only for this need two large handkerchief as pareos, better if they are of different colors and with different patterns. To do this, simply add scarves triangle in half and tie in the middle. Then attach to the body and tie the ends behind the neck. Then you need to align the shawls and tie them to the back of the waist line. This option will look beautiful with leggings, leggings and shorts.

Bright and original look will be a wide beltin the form of a handkerchief at the waist. Best of all it will look if the dress is long and monotonous. To do this, you need a handkerchief folded in several layers and tie a knot at the back of the waist. This option will accentuate your beauty and harmony, especially if you choose loose-fitting dresses with long sleeves and a large chest.

But the most interesting option would be tyinghandkerchief, as a tie, but asymmetrically. To do this you just need to take a large handkerchief, as the top and fold it in several layers, like a scarf. Then throw with it on the neck, threading in a ring or loop, other end of the scarf. It should be much less than the first. Then make an asymmetrical handkerchief and go there to work. This option is ideal for sets in business style, as well as for innovative solutions in kezhel style. Bright Shawl is beautifully combined with white clothes or clothes in shades of gray as well as black leather costumes.

In the coming season, you can try to tiescarf around her head like a bandanna. For this fit as a small scarf and a big scarf. If it is large, it must be folded in several layers and tie on his head. Who once wore a bandanna, knows how it's done. Depending on the colors of the shawl, you can experiment with the clothing styles. Red scarf with color transitions will allow you to create images of soft oriental or modern solutions, and bright scarves with beautiful drawings - creative solutions. They are best combined with black color, especially black dresses of translucent materials like chiffon. This style requires a bright make-up or large accessories in ethnic style. Just some of the above methods will help you to tie and tie. Although shawl is much larger field for experimentation and fantasy.

This is so easy, you can learn how to create a unique image, but if you have to know how to save money on purchases of clothing, then you will be able to be different always be.