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Hide figure flaws with the help of clothes

With properly chosen clothes easilyhide the extra kilos. Elongated lightweight cardigan - a perfect match for trousers straight cut free. It covers the thighs, concealing their completeness. Due to the length just above the knee like a cardigan pulls the figure, making it more slender. Effect increase long large beads.

Hide figure flaws with the help of clothes

Large knitted jacket with short sleeves and slacks looked baggy and its length focuses on hips.
It is better to choose a shortened coat fittingpants in dark colors. This complete and shoes with heels, any shape will look more slender. A bright accessories, such as a color takes or bag will distract attention from the imperfect forms.

Satin pants absolutely not combined with a coat of a more dense fabric. And if they are light-colored and made of smooth fabric, then visually add a few unwanted kilograms.

Even in the winter, and even more so in the spring do not want tolook shapeless. And to avoid this, choose a slightly form-fitting upper garment model. And wear them with flared trousers, which visually enhance the effect of a slender top.

Sports jacket with elastic at the bottom and with an overlap inthe waist makes a perfectly round shape. Things you will be useful for country walks and skiing when the primary mission of the dress - to ensure freedom of movement.

With the statement that black slim, noneargues. Therefore, if your figure is not ideal, it is better to prefer a dark business suit. Do you think that black look gloomy? Elegant blouse to correct the situation.

Light beige suit looks cool, butplump figure is hardly a good choice. Moreover, you should avoid shiny accents at the waist. This option can only afford high and slender woman.

Remember the correct proportions in the outfit: surround the top to be combined with the narrow bottom, or vice versa. Therefore, to a large cardigan knitted suit trousers straight cut with arrows. And that the image looked elegant, need shoes with high heels.

Slacks themselves bulky and ifyet tuck into boots, we get an extra lap. And all this is not the best way affects the silhouette as a whole, especially if the top is put a small cardigan. Remember: the figure is better not to hide bulky things, and to emphasize its advantages!