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Handbags will tell about the character. Psychology of women, men and children. Stories, tips, stories and more.

Some psychologists believe that about the characterWomen can tell ... the manner of wearing an ordinary bag. Probably, this is debatable. Still, these observations confirm for yourself, your loved ones and friends.

Handbags will tell about the character

- The bag holding the handle arm is lowered along the body
It speaks of moderation, decency, civility, the ability of women to be always in the right place.

- Bag hanging on elbow
If the arm is bent at the waist,It means a woman likes order, sensible, able to run the household, is sensitive to the opinion of others, has a strong sense of self-worth.

- The hand is raised up, closer to the shoulder
Mistress of handbags - woman daring, emotional, open, ready to meet any challenges, to fight for their decision. She is sociable, easily establishes contact with others, and can not stand alone.

- The bag held by one edge
If this style is combined also with the habitleave the handbag casually on any table in any room, so it is a self-confident woman, indifferent to the opinions of others about it, with the inner tendency to "go against the flow."

- Bag pressed to his chest, his elbow on the handle
This is a clear sign of distrust, suspicion. A typical gesture for a woman, not differing generosity.

- Bag hanging on his shoulder
If the arm is lowered along the body, then, itmistress of a man shy, diffident. And if the bag over his shoulder prevents you easily and naturally waving his hand while walking, or a fascinating conversation, then you are no doubt people cheerful disposition, pleased with himself, like to draw attention, like, adore compliments.

- Bag under his arm
This is a sign of shyness and reticence,
but only the appearance: for secrecy are striving for independence, balance, self-esteem.