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Fashionable Bridal Shoes 2016: whether irresistible bride!

wedding shoes photoFashionable Bridal Shoes in 2016 plays a very importantrole in the creation of unique and gentle image of the bride. That is why from year to year, designers are trying to create more and more new models of wedding shoes that women can choose the most important day of his life.

As you know, the fair sex especially carefullyit picks up shoes, which can never have too much. Wedding - is a special day, when you need to not only look beautiful dazzling, fully comply with the selected image, but also to feel as comfortable as possible. The latter is just as important in the selection of fashionable bridal shoes, as well as its shape, color and design.

wedding shoes 2014

Wedding Shoes

It is understood that the wedding shoes shouldto create a complete harmony with the wedding dress, accessories and hairstyle. Therefore, they are better to buy after you've finally chosen a wedding dress, and you know, will execute their wedding ceremony in any style. According to their preferences, select the height of the heel, trim and style. Try not to pick up too high heels, because you must understand that the wedding will have a lot of walking or standing. Most importantly, that you feel comfortable, because the bride should be not only beautiful, but also happy.

Styles fashion wedding shoes 2016

The undisputed favorite in the ranks of bridal shoesremain snow-white shoes, which combine perfectly with delicate virginal white dress romantic bride. But since women are increasingly choosing on your wedding dress is not pure white, the designers decided to slightly deviate from the established traditions and add to wedding shoes 2016 a little variety.

White Wedding Shoes

White wedding shoes

Designers recommend to completely pick up a shadeshoes to tone selected dresses this year. If you are a bright and energetic young girl who likes to experiment with color and you want to show at the wedding of his special personality, then pick up a snow-white wedding dress more brightly colored shoes. Do not be afraid shoe blue, red or black shoes the white wedding dress. But to the fashionable dress of mint colors best suit a bright orange wedding shoes in 2016.

International designers believe that the colored shoesThey have become a real breakthrough in 2016, because with their help she can diversify the classic wedding dress. Just keep in mind that these shoes will look harmoniously only if the pick up her matching accessories in the same color. The most popular shades in 20146godu become purple, orange, bright turquoise, green, lilac, blue and yellow.

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No less popular this year will be fashionablebridal shoes with open toes. Especially these shoes are perfect for summer wedding, when too high temperatures may adversely affect the legs of the bride. If you do not believe in superstitions, then this option fashionable shoes will be your best. There may be many variations: You can either choose shoes with straps or open heels or open sides.

Designers in 2016 thought about a change of footwear,which will allow brides to relax a little on the high heels and uncomfortable styles. At the wedding, it is best to have an extra pair of shoes, which will be for you the most comfortable and convenient. But at the same time, they should nicely fit the bride's attire, and combined with his style.

fashion bridal shoes 2014


Perfectly suited for this delicate and cute ballet flats adorned with laces, stones, beads or other ornaments.

Do you like to experiment? Then pay attention to the wedding ugg boots from a design company of American origin Toms. It's quite comfortable and stylish wedding shoes in 2016 that will help the bride to leave your feet warm even in winter wedding. Unlike conventional uggov these are decorated with large clasps popular today Swarovski stones, sequins and silver details that make these boots more ornate and elegant. If you do not want to be without your favorite comfortable shoes, even in the wedding ceremony, then ugg boots from Toms - this is the perfect option for you. Moreover, they will look great at a photo shoot.



Fashionable Wedding Shoes 2016 - decorations

To look really great andelegant on their wedding day, you should choose a shoe that would be able to completely blend in with the style of dress. This year, the fashion came in varied decor for wedding shoes, which helps make them unusual and unique. Bows, lace, sequins and beads - these fashionable items are very popular in 2016. Therefore, if you want to be stylish bride, then you should look for models with such additions.

But do not choose shoes with perforations or small holes all over the surface. Despite the fact that they were fashionable in the last year, today such models are considered bad taste.

beautiful wedding shoes


In the distant past, and leave varnish model, andmodel also with inserts of the same material. More attention is given to the lace and satin that create a great combination of style and elegance. Particular emphasis in 2016 fashion bridal shoes designers decided to stop on the heel. This year, a variety of trendy models, which are made of wood, steel or even plastic. In such unusual shoes brides should pay attention to if the wedding dress will be quite open.

This is a fashionable wedding shoes 2016 - choose your own style and image of the bride!