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Trendy bridal manicure 2016: Trends, tips and photos of nails

manicure for a weddingConsider the beautiful and fashionable wedding manicure 2016? When the wedding date has long been scheduled, and the wedding dress Wedding shoes selected hair style is chosen, and a variety of accessories and decorations are thought out to the smallest detail, the bride begins to think about what is it that is missing its sweet and romantic image of 2016.

To add to it an unusual"Flavor", you also need to think about what kind of wedding manicure you opt for the most important day in your life. Of course, many brides prefer not to bother about it and just opt ​​for the usual classical "French manicure." But if you want to be the most fashionable and stylish, then you need to know what is a popular wedding manicure?

wedding manicure 2014

manicure 2014

Trendy bridal manicure 2016 - What is the length of the nail is better to choose?

Of course, the view here may diverge considerably. The fact that some women prefer short nails that will not disturb them during the wedding ceremony and during the whole celebration. Others decide to give up his comfort, but to make a long and beautiful nails, that will look great with virtually any color.

But according to stylists, 2016 will bringthe second category of girls some disappointment, because today fashionable short and medium nails. The main theme for the wedding fashion becomes natural, and natural beauty.

red manicure

wedding manicure

No less important choice: the shape of the nails in a wedding manicure

Of course, the shape of the nails can be quitedifferent. It all depends on the preferences of the bride herself and her taste. But in 2016 the stylists recommend to pay an increased attention on the oval and almond shaped nails, which can be quite beautiful and unusually decorate. Lovers of square nails are not deprived of attention. You can feel free to do the wedding nails a geometric shape. But remember that it is very popular in 2016 will not use.

wedding manicure photo

trendy wedding manicure 2014

Trendy bridal manicure: Color variations

If you decide to hold your wedding in the fall orwinter, then it is best to opt for a more vivid and bright colors that will help to create a certain mood cheerful. In 2016, special popularity in manicure are such shades as: coffee, burgundy, chocolate. Despite the fact that they were considered before heavy for a wedding, today the significance of this trend has changed.

If you are still worried and do not wantexperiment, then it is best to choose the color of nail polish shade to your makeup or colors in a wedding bouquet. Summer wedding takes on a whole different atmosphere.

Therefore, in this time of year you can have brideschoose not only the classic white or dark shades, but also green, orange, lemon or green. Guests sure will not disregard such an unusual and bright marigolds.

trendy manicure photo

trendy wedding manicure

Creative wedding manicure

golden wedding

Decorating or decorating? Dilemma fashionable wedding manicure 2016

manicurePainting on the nails, which was so relevantin past years, gradually recedes into the background. But this does not mean that you can not use it to create unique wedding image.

The main feature of this wedding manicureIt is a mandatory selection of the combined discreet shades, which perfectly complement each other and in harmony with the image of the bride as a whole. An excellent option for a wedding manicure painting are bows, lace, flowers and butterflies.

modniy-svadebnii-manikur-2014 18

Classic and timeless wedding manicure

Lovers of classical music, as always, canbreathe easy. In 2016, a fashionable and stylish "french manicure" is still in the top. Despite its simplicity, it helps to create a unique, elegant and very special way, which is ideal for a romantic and gentle bride. For the more daring bride stylists recommend the use of a variety of rhinestones and sequins to complete a simple "French manicure" and make it more unusual.

manicure 2014

Trendy bridal manicure 2016 - "Aquarium" on nails

The so-called "aquarium" wedding manicureIt is still popular in 2016. It will perfectly complement the image of the bride and make the girl even more delicate and beautiful. The main feature of the aquarium manicure is its transparency. Nails covered with translucent or clear varnish, and is applied on top of any desired pattern.

For a bolder image, you can usecrystals, ornaments and tinsel. Aquarium wedding manicure is perfect for weddings, as it keeps for a long time, and in the case of an emergency groom itself can easily correct the defect.

red wedding manicure

trendy wedding manicure 2014 photo

idea for a manicure

Volumetric nails for wedding

In 2016, it is becoming more popularspecial surround manicure, which allows you to create on your nails bride real masterpieces of art. It is understood that this type of manicure can create only experienced craftsmen, so you are not alone govern. Surround design does not involve the nails, so you will remain exactly the natural, which is so important in 2016.

The downside surround fashionable wedding manicure is its fragility. He will stay on nails in the best 3 days, so it's worth doing right before the wedding.

white manicure

A special kind of fan-jacket

manicure for a wedding photoIf you're a little tired of the usual "Frenchmanicure ", then you can opt for a special version of it - the fan-jacket. In this case, the nails up a framework in the form of a conventional "French wedding manicure," but it can be made of a bright and juicy colors or with additional decorations. Thus, you can make your nails combined with a bouquet or makeup.

Stylists offer a large number ofa variety of options for manicure 2016 fashion wedding brides are able to without too much difficulty to choose one that is ideally suited to the style of a certain wedding.

But no matter what kind of nail polish would you choose,Remember that clean and well-groomed hands with beautiful nails - it is really ideal. Of course, each girl has their own preferences, so every wedding in 2016, guests will be able to see the unique and extraordinary options manicure.

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beautiful wedding manicure

This is all the fashion wedding manicure 2016.