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Fashionable Shoes Spring-Summer 2016

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoesEffectively died down and spectacular in the world centersfashion shows of the season, showing on - truly enchanting view of current models of shoes spring-summer 2016. The main outcome of this brilliant spectacle was the realization that, despite the general trend towards brevity and minimalism in clothing, the impression of a modern fashionable image is not exactly boring .

The fact is that in the world of fashionable footwear of the seasonspring-summer 2016 can be traced completely opposite tendency, namely, the brightness, the abundance of materials used in the model, as well as an unexpected combination, and creative decor. This shift in emphasis is justified and logical balances created the impression of a selected fashion ensemble, making it more organic and aesthetic. Trends Spring - Summer 2016 (footwear), both expected and unexpected, and the forms are recognizable, but the surprise and delight.


For the season, the question completelyIt is worth about fashion boots models, besides a large enough number of them, represented by collectible shows, in addition to direct assignment, keep warm in the cool season, designers offer actively used to create a fashionable and stylish image.

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

We should immediately respond androgynous style,uniting two elements, gentle female and male hypertrophied, reigns in the fashionable clothes of the season, and in the world of shoes. Since a large number of models are made in a combination of rough bottom of the boots with a feminine top - this approach is in fashion trends of spring - summer 2016 (footwear) liked the most. The most outstanding representatives of this style are presented models with thick rough sole with low and wide heel. Enhances the impression square or semi-circular large toe, the top model has a spectacular line-fitting leg, silhouette of a combination of the two structures of the skin and rubberized fabric. Also, quite a large number of models of shoes with lace-up riding, with bright and contrasting base color boots.

Boots boots do not lose their relevance inthe new season, but only increased its presence in the wardrobe of fashionistas, not limited to one pair, and this trend will only increase. Spring models Treads are extremely diverse both in the materials used, and on a bright, even provocative colors.

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

Designers used materials liketraditional, leather, leather and suede, and innovation- latex. In addition, a huge amount of fabric boots, satin, velvet, denim, brightness and entertainment seasonal impressions give extravagant patterns of lace.

Changed and the length of the boot itself, along with the usualclassic new items appeared elongated, the length of such models comes almost to mid-thigh, reminding famous models of boots - stocking. Trends Spring - Summer 2016 Shoe (photo), clearly demonstrated in actual fashion shows of the season, cause a feeling of sincere gratitude to the designers for their desire to elevate a woman, giving the image a maximum elegance and refinement.


This type of footwear is also incredibly stylishdiverse in shapes, materials and décor used. Modern technologies allow to create such models that sit on the leg as a "glove", effectively emphasizing its seductive harmony, it is important to make the right choice.

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

Low model with open lodyshkoy, replaced oncatwalks higher, coming down to the narrowest point on the leg, pulling it visually attractive and stylish ankle overcame model up to mid-calf. The design of all models is quite unexpected, with the obligatory presence of some - any design "peppercorn", attracts an interested glance.

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Patchwork design models submitted as early asLast season, the current season has already penetrated every niche of the world of footwear, not passing, and battalions, and its presentation was even more striking, with additional decoration. Large and small metal buckles on the straps redundant models appear only at first glance, but it is worth even visualize the trendy set, drawn to their presence, once imbued with a refined design ideas. Fashion trends spring - summer 2016 shoes this kind of hit the "desyatochku"!

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

The expectations of women of fashion novelties justified in the currentcollections of models of high ankle boots with leather design model down, often on a platform and a leg like a slinky stockings riding. I wonder and color of these models, some of them used an elegant design tandem of the same color with different shades, and other effective contrast. These boots perfectly fit into everyday fashion.

Fur is a favorite season among the employedmaterials, such as clothing and shoes, actively represented in the boots with fur accents, and a fully fur. Models compete for effektnosti by using a short-nap dlinnovorsnogo and its variants, and painted in a variety of bright and rich, natural tone. Shoes 2016 fashion trends (photo) spring - summer, as well as the diversity of the models in the renowned collections defy description only in the most summary form.

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

Designers did not refuse to fashionistaspleasure to wear boots on high heels, so loved in the previous seasons, the height of the heel is sufficiently spread, so it is possible to be assured in the incarnation of all expectations. But this does not mean that they are the only favorite of the season, not at all, straight heel, kavboysky, a different geometry and inclination, hollow and transparent, integral and sculpture, as well as platform as a solid and consists of two separate units, also have their own place and adequately compete with the usual models of the eye.

Shoes, sandals

Shoes - Oxfords, and shoes - boots with lacing andwithout it, with wide and narrow belts, leather, suede, and the novation of the modern materials for the off-season are simply irreplaceable. Judging by the current fashion shows and fashion trends spring - summer 2016 (shoes), the same opinion is shared by all the modern creators of stylish shoes of the season, virtually every collection there are models with direct wide heels of varying heights and shapes.

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

Closer to the summer, you can afford to change intowelcome stylish pumps, classic models that transformed not only maintained their high position in the world of fashion shoes, but have become a fixture of creating certain stylish images of any fashionista. Favorite boat appeared in the new season in an even wider range of colors, combined variants of models that combine various structures laconic decor and richly decorated.

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Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

In addition, the boats were again moresharp-nosed, in some models, sharp toes made in the other, the fundamental tone contrast, colors, visually reducing the overall length of the model. Heel shoes - boats traditionally classic hairpin different thicknesses and heights, a large number of models on the metallized heels - stilettos, as well as the transparency of its version.

Major sectors represented in the fashion showsvarious sports shoes, which according to the fashion trends of the season, it can be worn not only with sportswear, but also clothes everyday in a romantic style.

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

Fashion trends spring - summer 2016 shoespresented and very provocative models are not created for the general fashion, but exclusively for the podium hits, hypertrophied being carriers of fashion trends of the season.

Ballerinas are also not forgotten by designers in the newseason, many models are available with wide ribbons, braiding which comes as the ankle and up to mid-calf. Ballerinas have become much more diverse in design and used an abundance of decoration, with the invoice applique, embroidery, bows, rhinestones, sequins and stones.

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

Trends Spring - Summer 2016: shoes

Classic traced in sandals models, as well as various slap and the so-called models of shoes without heels, the impression that the usual model of a cut.

But the novelty of the season were different sandalsvery low and wide heel and do without it, but the biggest surprise for fashionistas were models Sandals - gladiators, which only options such shoes will not see in the current season collections.

These are the fashion trends of spring - summer 2016 shoes!