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Fashion pantsuits 2016: Gadgets!

pantsuits Talk about fancy pantsuits 2016? No one modern girl can not be imagined without the classic trouser suit. The appearance pantsuit can thank the film star Marlene Dietrich, because its image has become very popular nowadays. Modern women's suits can be made not only from conventional materials, they can be leather, wool, and recently very popular tweed trouser suit, which was a real creation of Coco Chanel.

General trends of fashion pantsuit 2016

Recent collections of famous designers canboasts a large variety. Trend of the season will be the suits with wide trousers, which were relevant in the 70s. Again returning to the podium pantsuits in men's style, which create the image of a strict confident and unapproachable woman.

The following season, as the basis for creating a pants suit designers have taken a minimalist style, and the style of the 70s. As a result, we turned restrained and very elegant pantsuits.

Fashion pantsuits

Trendy suits in 2016 in a retro style for sure youlike, if you like the bright and saturated colors. Of course, pantsuits deep red color looks unusual, but it attracts the attention of others, making you the most stylish business woman.

Also deep red color, the lattercollections of famous designers are offering us more discreet shades. The most popular are brown, light gray, beige, classic black and white color. Therefore, you can easily choose the most appropriate pantsuit.

Fashion classic pantsuits 2016

pantsuits 2014Classic trouser suits were firstfashionable in the 60's of the last century. Pantsuits for women differ from men's models more vivid and saturated color, close-fitting silhouette and elegant portrayal of the lapels. This year, the classic pantsuits become just such: complex tailoring suits made in bright colors.

But instead of the usual length jackets will be ona few centimeters shorter and pants can be wide or slightly shorter. And some models pantsuit present zipper on a jacket, through which pantsuits look very stylish.

Fashion pantsuits 2016 made of genuine leather

This season, the leather will become the mostgreat popularity, so some designers decided to use it for the manufacture of fashionable pantsuit. Oddly enough, but the leather suits are very diverse: they are represented by classic cut jacket with trousers or skirts, but there are also more unusual solutions pantsuit. For example, you should pay attention to leather pantsuits 2016 beige color and decorated with original perforation of the fashion brand Giles.


Fashion pantsuits in a modern retro style

This year, the designers decided to update bitpantsuits in retro style. It is worth paying attention to pantsuits from the Moschino fashion brand, which differ extraordinary combination of materials such as expensive textiles and light denim, saturated colors and original prints. The designer certainly made a bid for the young fashionistas who must appeal to such creative solutions. Italian fashion house Prada in his latest collection offers bright pantsuits that can be worn to work or on any evening event.

Fashion pantsuits -5

Fashionable luxury in trouser suits, photos

In the new season of its collection of fashionable trousercostumes decided to stand out Louis Vuitton, who impressed the audience with their pomp. His latest collection, above all, different from all the other unusual stylish decor.

Jackets trouser suits decorated by Marc Jacobsjackets unusual buttons in a metal frame, which shimmer with mother of pearl. These buttons resemble a little bright brooch. Also buttons fashionable pantsuits from this famous designer are decorated with shimmering stones and rhinestones.

The trapezoidal shape of jackets decorated with bright2016 prints, which are attended by contrasting collars and lapels, slightly short pants - all this will be fashionable in the new season. Fashion trouser suits from famous brand Louis Vuitton will be the most outrageous outfits this year, but they are unlikely to be worn to work.


Trendy suits in the romantic style, photo 2016

Trouser suits are in romantic stylemade of light and flowing materials, affecting women of their attractiveness and elegance. Furthermore pantsuits be decorated with the lace and ruffles, which will be located in the neck region and the cutout in the waist and on the sleeves.

With regard to arms in trouser suits, thethe most fashionable will be slightly puffed sleeves gathered at the cuffs, in the form of wings, flounces or lanterns. Trouser suits with fitted jackets are made of solid materials, also belong to the romantic style. Such pantsuits in the romantic style will become the main trend of the new season.

Trendy suits in oriental style in 2016

In the trend of the new season will be relevantOriental motifs, which manifest themselves in different directions. This year, pantsuits are decorated with images of the snake, dragon and lotus flower, peony and hibiscus. And in the creation of fashion designers used pantsuit Asian cut, in the form of stand-up collar, zipper-butt or smell and kimono sleeves. In addition, a very fashionable to combine the classic trousers to dresses.

Equally important will be suits with shorts. This shorts are more comfortable than mini-skirts, badly fitting female figure, which is why they are so popular among business women. The latest collections of famous designers shorts were presented to the public as a summer version, which can be worn with semi-open tops and blouses of light fabric. Or it may be possible for an office in which shorts are combined with the classic cut jacket.

Fashion pantsuits 2014

Fashionable colors and materials

To create a new model pantsuit 2016designers have used a variety of fabrics for suits, tweed, genuine leather, lace, jersey, etc. No less popular in this season will be in the cell tissue of different sizes and colors, as well as broad and thin stripes, and even decorated with a bright floral print, which is located on a dark background.

Very interesting idea of ​​famous designers - itcrocheted or knit pantsuits. They can be large or small stud, but the most interesting idea will pantsuits crocheted of large loops. These costumes can be worn over opaque clothing.

Leather trouser suits will be the most interestingthe idea of ​​fashion designers. Leather suits were presented in different variations: decorated with original prints, cut-out patterns on the skin, complemented by contrasting belt, different colors and styles.

The color gamut of a trouser suit in 2016 shouldpick, given its main purpose: for everyday trouser suits should be chosen in a more low-key colors, and elegant costumes, you can give your preference to any bright colors.

Fashion pantsuits 2016 next season will be presented in a huge variety, so you will not be easy to choose for themselves the most interesting model trouser suit.