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Fashion jackets 2016 photo

Trendy jackets 2013-1Jackets have always enjoyed greatpopular and considered to be the most practical winter clothing. Since they are very comfortable, stylish, light and do not require special care. In this article we will focus on the most fashionable down jackets season 2016-2017 year. In the collections of famous designers, you can choose for themselves the most comfortable and suitable model that would look good as a conventional classic trousers or with jeans.

Trends in the puffs

Quilted jackets. In the 2016-2017 year, these jackets will continue to enjoy great Fashion Jackets 2popularity. With their help, you can have more feminine and delicate appearance. They are specific to your model, different patterns, triangles, diamonds, or other broken lines, which only adorn the jacket.

Down kits. In the next new season of the popular will be popular not only jacket 2016-2017 year, but down kits consisting of trousers, skirts, vests and jackets. In this kit you will not only freeze, but also will have stylish and original look. Due to the presence of such a kit, you can easily be combined depending on the weather or your mood, different things to each other.

Quilted coveralls

A novelty feather in the 2016-2017 year isquilted coveralls. This kind of down jacket is well suited for the determined and courageous women who have a good figure. This suit will highlight the chest, waist and hips. Quilted coveralls, very well combined with sports shoes. Such clothing is very practical when traveling out of town. But if you want to look elegant, then this suit and in combination with ankle boots with high heels, you will have an elegant look.

Cropped jackets

Cropped jackets season 2016-2017 yearrepresented in the collections of famous designers, in which there are models that have a slimming elastic band at the bottom, as well as shortened feather model, the so-called form-fitting jackets. These models fall especially like young people, especially young girls, who love to show their slim and long legs. These are good down jacket and jeans mini skirt that looks very challenging.

In some cases, you can give priority to2016-2017 shortened down jacket, the sports style, which differ in a free cut and a minimal amount of jewelry. Such a model can be easily combined with jeans, trousers, leggings. Incorrect come those girls who wear these jackets with classic skirts and shawls romantic. With the down jackets look great fur cap, knitted cap tight. As for shoes, then down jacket to fit this model boots, ugg boots or athletic shoes.

Fashion Jackets 3

Exterior Trim down jackets

Furnish feather next season 2016-2017Year manufactured in minimized style. From jewelry to belt down jacket contains a large buckle, locks, big buttons. It looks good decoration made of natural fur, they are decorated with sleeves, collar and hood. This season is a popular long fur but, despite this, is very popular to use stitches in the form of small geometric shapes: squares, triangles or lozenges.

Fashion style feather

Trendy jackets 2013-4Original decoration feather this year will beIt is made in a minimalist style. From unusual decorations on the down jacket will be present locks, big buttons and belt buckle with a rather massive. Great finish will look artificial or natural fur, which will be decorated sleeves, hood and collar. In the following winter season long fur will be very popular, but the most popular would be the stitch of small geometric shapes: squares, diamonds or triangles.

If we talk about fashion styles feather, thenthe first position will take the model with a fairly wide belt. Such models coats much longer hold heat, protected from strong winds and large frost in winter. This model looks very attractive no matter what figure is a woman, times are profitable he emphasizes the waist and gives its owner the softness and femininity.

The novelty of the next winter season willjackets with long sleeves, which should be worn with long gloves. This jacket looks very unusual and will attract the attention of others.

Trendy jackets 2013-6

Trendy jackets 2013-7

Fashionable color feather

Fashion model will be presented in featherthe new season in a variety of colors. Black and dark feather model is no longer relevant, and to replace them come down jackets bright colors. The most popular colors will be: pink, yellow, blue, lilac, cherry, bright green and beige. Present models, which will combine several colors.