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Fashionable men's watch in 2016: photos of new products

Men's Watch 2014Fashionable men's watch 2016 - this is the onlya stylish accessory that must be present in all men. Choose a suitable watch is very difficult for a man, because it is necessary to take into account a number of important features and options, but in some cases it is very simple, if you truly know your own style, and you know exactly what you want to wear.

You probably already have at least one men's watches, but still you will not be superfluous to know how to wear them and what models of men's watches will be relevant in the next year.

Choosing a men's watch for yourself, you should knowsome important rules matching your lifestyle and appearance of the clock. Only then will your new watch will be worn with great pleasure, and not wait for the moment when your children will not grow and will not wear them.

Men's Watch

Trendy color of men's watches 2016

Well-known experts in the field of men's fashionconvince us that the strap of fashionable men's watches coming year, if it is leather must necessarily be combined with the coloring of men's shoes. If your shoes were made in the same range, if you are lucky. If not, then you need to find the most versatile option.

men's fashion watches 2014

As for the actual colors of the year,it is best to dial was black or white, steel or leather strap restrained colors. For the leather strap it can be dark brown or black color for the dial - silver. This year, choosing a men's watch, you should be wary of golden hues. Of course, if you allow the status, you can buy a gold watch.

Appearance fashion men's watches 2016

clockMany men adhere to a particular styleclothing. Undoubtedly, all styles are good, but all the same, but at the same time you need to choose the appropriate men's watches. Sports style is best left to the gym, and the business should not wear shorts and T-shirts. The original men's watch with the conceptual design and unusual dial surely enjoy your friends, but they are unlikely to make an impression on your business partners.

Fashion models men's watches

Men's WatchIn our modern world, almost no oneacquires the clock to determine the exact time. The latest compact gadgets allow us to navigate almost anywhere. Therefore, over time, men's fashion watches in 2016 began to be used as accessories most fashionable men who are trying to monitor their appearance and the latest trends of modern fashion. What exactly will be the most popular destinations in the coming year? First of all, choosing a fashionable men's watches, you should pay attention to their multi-functionality.

Very popular in the coming year will be to use it chronometers that have several subsidiary dials.

2014-mujskie-chasi 7For example, on the dials can be displayed: a specific time zone, world time, or second hand. A variety of options for all kinds and forms of execution of the elements of fashion watches is simply amazing.

What is well-known brands preferMost famous people who dictate fashion accessories the most prestigious? As in the last few years huge popular timepieces known Swiss brand that is synonymous with the best quality and high precision of all mechanisms. Some men prefer men's fashion watches 2016 sports type.

In 2016, many designers to create newtimepieces used various metals: platinum, gold, silver and steel. Most are quality watches, which have quartz movement and sapphire crystal h.


By releasing a new collection of men's watches 2016the world's leading fashion designers, presented to men is not just stylish watches, but also self-confidence and admiration. The most popular brands in the coming year will be Hublot, TAG Heuer, Edox, Corum, Ulysse Nardin. All these well-known brands of men's watches are made to consumers of different financial regulations and different levels. Along with the elite watches designers offer more affordable models that are made of simple materials without the use of precious stones and precious metals.

Most men prefer modelshours, which are made in bright colors, decorated with sequins and jewels. As for mature men, they prefer the more restrained models which are inherent in dark colors and classic lines.

Classical models of fashionable men's watches

Classics never lose its popularity,therefore, the classic model of men watches without unnecessary functions performed in an elegant and at the same time simple style will always be popular. It can be watches with round or square dial on genuine leather strap classic black or white.

2014-mujskie-chasi 11

Models hours business class lookmore luxurious, though they are made on the basis of the classic men's watches, as their main goal - to attract the attention of others to the image of its owner. Typically for such fashionable men's watches used straps made of exotic leather, as well as highly original clock function, the unusual shape of the body and precious stones.

Sport models of men's watches 2016

watch 2014Sports men's watches were presented by manydesigners of world renown. These watches are distinguished by the original shape of the dial, new cool features and a reliable protection against ingress of water, and bright colors.

One of the interesting trends in the coming year will be the so-called technological watch, which have a transparent dial, showing everyone around her beauty.

These watches look very interesting and were presented in the latest collections of many designers.

Fashionable men's watch in 2016 will be able to please every stylish man with the beauty, quality and originality.