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Fashion eyebrow 2016

Before the new year, there is still time, but nowshould be familiar with the fashion trends and predictions for the upcoming season. The fact is that very soon our lives adorn many Christmas parties, which must certainly look perfect to please the regent, the Fiery Monkey. Also, no harm will demonstrate his brilliant awareness of contemporary fashion. But do not be afraid that you will once again suffer the fashion demands, by no means, is excited to announce that the new season is marked by radical changes relating to the eyebrows.

Fashion eyebrow 2016 presented in this photoarticle only when harvested for food and natural, the only pair of hairs. The idea of ​​naturalness and genuineness long "faced a wave of" universal recognition of the brand's global trendsetters. All past shows current collections demonstrate the new season only further increased the requirements for well-groomed and natural brows. However, some correction line fashion eyebrows still be traced, it tends to straighten, there is still some slight nuances, that's all. As for the rest, all in the past fashion season, in a trend will be wide brows and fluffy, but do not relax, and also, as we have emphasized trends continue, and requirements grow. Therefore, we consider more in detail, in order to feel more confident and have to choose the right way for the upcoming, first of the year and the most magical, parties.

Fashion eyebrow 2016 - find the ideal

The ideal shape of eyebrows can boast, iffollow the advice of the professionals and define it, taking into account several factors. Deeper study of this matter will help to avoid frequent misconceptions about what is important is only the very brow line that only it affects the facial proportions. Not at all, there are a few eyebrows at the features, each of which can visually correct the shortcomings of this or that person, as well as to emphasize the dignity.

The main characteristics are the most important eyebrows:

- The highest point of the break eyebrows;

- Eyebrow line;

- The length of the eyebrows;

- The width of the eyebrows;

- Thickness or density of hairs filling the width of the eyebrows;

- The color of the eyebrows;

- Form the base of the eyebrows.

Let us briefly consider each characteristic in terms of its influence on what - something very specific proportions of the face.

Fashion eyebrow 2016 high point break

This characteristic is not wasted cost in the list in the first place, it is possible it may affect both the visual perception of the person as a whole and even its expression, and the proportions of the individual.

Of course, this distance is relative to the iris, adopted as a starting point since they shape the eyebrow along with the geometry of the line itself, which depends on the shape of the face.

Professionals all over the world recognized the three methods for determining the ideal shape eyebrows considering this most important characteristics:

- Russian;

According to this method, the highest point of fracturelocated directly above the iris, practically, we can say that this point is at the center of the eyebrows. Eyebrow while, in classic Ideally, presented in the form of soft arc without sharp bends.

- French;

The highest point of the break is in the displacedfrom the center of the iris position, leaving the outer edge of the shell, substantially obtained approximately 23 eyebrows in length. By this method assumes the existence of a sufficiently clear, even sharp, bending his brows at this point. By - compared to soft Russian line, this form of the eyebrows gives the image of boldness and self-confidence.

- Hollywood;

The highest point is located as close as possibleto the outer edge of the eye, ie, if the eyebrow mentally divided into four parts, the position is determined by the highest point for 34 the entire length of the eyebrows. Making the most dramatic expression, characteristic and independent, which is reflected in the image as a whole.

Fashion eyebrow 2016 eyebrow line

To be more precise to say that fashion eyebrows in 2016 is not just naturalness, naturalness and well-groomed, so you need to create the right eyebrow line, given the variety of factors.

First, go into all the details of your face, you caneven armed with a pen and paper to record received "research" because it easier to find fashionable eyebrow shape that corresponds to your type of person. But we should not get carried away too artificial, even fashionable, eyebrow line, nature worked hard for you and bestowed one that suits you best and looks the most natural. But nature was not aware that you must also take into account the changing fashion and requirements, therefore, the most reasonable to search for the "golden mean", maintaining the naturalness and a tribute to fashion.

So, choose the shape of eyebrows:

- round face;

Suitable lightly broken eyebrow, line them should not be too long, arch eyebrows quite acceptable, however, as much as possible straightened.

- square face;

Maximum raised, rather long, arched, broad, clear geometry is unacceptable, better to give preference to a soft, rounded shape.

- long face;

It is necessary to make the most direct eyebrowshorizontal form possible, is only slightly rounded in the last third. Sami eyebrows should be wide with a dense filling of hairs or have visual content, the corrected makeup.

- Triangular face;

For the visual correction of excessive angularityeyebrows should be given a soft curved shape. eyebrow length must be strictly adjusted reasonable minimum, provided with the required width and thickness.

So much for the general recommendations, but"Fix" the eyebrow line exactly to the proportions of your face, the following method will help determine the ideal eyebrows, recommended and used by make-up artists - professionals.

Home eyebrows

Draw a perpendicular from the edge of the nose wingeach side, through the border point of the inner corner of the eye up to the intersection with the eyebrow line. This will be the beginning of your brow line, which also has a certain shape, which is, we describe below the text.

Highest point

Two points hold a straight line, continuingher to the intersection with the eyebrow, it will be the highest point. The first point is the same point as that in the first case, namely, the point of the nose edge of the wing, the second point - is the outer boundary of the pupil.

end point

Also, we draw a line from the point of the nose edge of the wing through the outer corner of the eye up to the intersection with the eyebrow.

Perform this correction you can both mentally drawing straight lines, and using a ruler. Then, the resulting line is shaped in accordance with the recommended your oval face.

So there are three common forms of eyebrows:

- Horizontal,

When the start point of the eyebrows, and its end is located on a horizontal line.

- Rising,

When the line connecting the start and end of the eyebrows are slightly elevated on the line-up over the horizon level.

- Shooting,

In this case, the start and end connection line eyebrows lowered somewhat downwards relative to the horizontal line.

Fashionable length and width of the eyebrows 2016

These characteristics are, properly fitted, it isreally help to correct not only the shape of the face, but also to accentuate the eyes, highlighting them or more "withdrawal into the shadows." For example, deep-set eyes are visually shown in the norm by a thin and short eyebrows and bulging eyes to more suitable wide and long eyebrows.

In addition, despite the fact that in fashion wideeyebrow for small eyes, and in general, with small facial features, they are totally unacceptable, therefore, it is so important to relate the fashion demands that you go or not. Fashion eyebrows is primarily eyebrows organically fit into the overall perception of the person making it more expressive and proportionate.

To learn how to influence the length and width of the brow on the ovalpersons as a whole, we have already mentioned in the "eyebrow line" section, and you had to do at the mark which are suitable specifically for you, and for that you have carried out a detailed scan of his own face.

Fashionable density and eyebrow color 2016

As for the hair density, then with very fewExcept for-all approach the maximum possible the entire length and width of the brow line. Especially because the makeup artists around the world clearly declared fluffiness and thickness as the trend characteristics of fashion eyebrows.

However, there are some "but" because womenage is better to abandon such naturalness in the "made" the benefit of eyebrows, with a slightly cropped hair, and with a significant correction width. Otherwise, they will not look well-groomed and even absurd, the same applies to young girls, who have problems with the skin, acne or redness, as well as the small size of the eye and other minor features. Thick and fluffy eyebrows are good only on impeccable well-groomed face, and that behind them need proper care, and they need careful styling using special cosmetics.

We are all extremely important to know also what colorIt should be our eyebrows so that they can claim the title of "fashion." If you do not consider the shocking options, such as discoloration, as well as other extreme - coloring eyebrows in bright colors that match the color of clothes that are good only for shows on the catwalks, the requirements dictated by fashion, the following:

- For blondes;

Brown range of colors, and the tone should be as close to the natural and in harmony with the color of the hair, it will be the most optimal brightness to darker tone.

- For brunettes;

Dark gray scale, on the lighter shade of hair color.

- For light-brown hair and brown-haired women;

You can try out the two options on the darker tone of hair color, or the corresponding tone on tone.

If necessary, requiring a certainvisual correction proportions, we should remember that the color of the eyebrows can also be employed to provide the desired effect, based on the play of light and dark. As is well known light enlarges and reduces the dark. For example, when closely set eyes, eyebrows color must be graded, namely beginning eyebrows lighter colored tone, followed by the end of the blackout.

Fashion eyebrow 2016 - the beginning of the eyebrow shape

For many will be a revelation, that is important, not only the shape of the ideal eyebrow, but also form its beginning, that is:

- Round;

- straight;

- Straight line with a slope towards the nose;

- Straight inclined away from the nose.

The rounded shape, almost universal, suitable for most, anyway, but then again, if you do not require visual correction.

Home eyebrows tilted forward to the bridge,can visually offset the negative effect of the widely-set eyes, and the slope of the bridge, on the contrary, it will expand the space at the narrow-set eyes.

Today you learned what fashion will be on the brow in 2016, hope photo provided some ideas about this. Also recommend to know what to celebrate the New Year 2016 and what color to choose outfits.