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Fancy dress for New Year 2014: what to choose

Fancy dress for New Year 2014-1What are the trends in fashion dresses for New Year2014? We all know that with the help of dress can become more feminine, to emphasize his already perfect style and create the most stunning images. So if you have yet no festive fashionable dress, you have to buy yourself at least a couple of outfits for work and visit for an evening out in the "light".

Particularly relevant selection of a suitable dress for the New Year, when every woman is trying to carefully consider your entire image to every detail.

Today we will talk about what will be fashionable dresses models in this new year, and what better to choose a coloring dress.

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Fancy dress for New Year 2014: colors

Fancy dress for New Year 2014-3With regard to the fashionable colors, the next New Year's Eve it is desirable to choose a dress in green or emerald green. This is due to the fact that the symbol of the next year will be the Emerald Horse.

In addition, according to popular recentlywhile the eastern calendar this year will be the year of the Blue Horses, it follows that there will be the most relevant fashion dress for the New Year 2014 in blue and all its shades, then there will be a popular blue color, aqua shade of blue, azure and aquamarine.

If you do not fit into any one of these colors, then you can Fancy dress for New Year 2014-4note such colors that are inherenthorses. These colors are white and gray. Apart from this you can opt for the brown and other colors - coffee, sand and beige color, which can be beneficial to emphasize using the gold-colored accessories.

As for the flowers, which do not acceptpatroness of 2014 - this is a very bright and saturated neon colors: light green, orange, bright yellow. It is from these colors you should give up on the next New Year.

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Dresses for New Year 2014: Materials

This year is to abandon such materials,as a natural velvet, which will burden the whole your image. No doubt, such materials are very attractive, but unfortunately, in the year of the Blue Horses, they will look very out of place. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to natural materials such as silk, chiffon and satin. Very interesting will look fashionable dress for the New Year 2014 with guipure inserts.

In addition you should carefullylook at dresses made of knitted fabric wet. But to this dress really shone, it needs to be supplemented by matching accessories, that as a result you get the chic set.

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The choice of evening dresses for New Year

By the next New Year's fashion designer wellIt worked, and created a collection of evening dresses made of gold and silver materials. But choosing a suitable dress for the next celebration of the New Year, you must remember that your outfit should not be combined once the two colors. If you decide to choose for themselves an evening dress for the New Year 2014 silver color, and accessories should be selected for him the same colors, all the same goes for the gold.

With the onset of winter, famous designersRecommend fashionistas opt for trendy New Year's mini-dresses and outfits long, reaching to the floor. In 2014, the current will be dresses with long sleeves. If you think long sleeve very boring, then choose for themselves the dress with sleeves? or armhole on one shoulder. Creating a fashionable dress for the New Year, many designers have decided to give their preference to the black and red colors. If you do not like these clothes, you no ban to choose for themselves an evening dress of beige or blue.

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The next New Year's Eve, you want to hitsurrounding his brilliant dress? In this case, choose for themselves an evening dress decorated with stones and sequins, it does not need to fear that during the holiday, you will look very vulgar and provocative.

For the next New Year's desirable to carefullylook long evening dress. But before you buy a dress, you need to think carefully about how precisely his upper clothing it is best to combine.

Fashionable Dresses for New Year 2014 mayhave a very elegant asymmetrical neckline. Dresses with neckline will look at you very attractive, conquering the hearts of all those around men. As of fashionable colors of these evening dresses, it is better to give his preference to those colors that are best suited to your skin tone.

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Cocktail dresses for New Year

Fancy dress for New Year 2014-9Fashion cocktail dresses for the New Year neverwill lose its relevance. Just like the little black dress, they have already become true classics. Fashionable cocktail dress emphasizes the benefit slender female figure, making it even more attractive.

If you're a tall girl with a slender figure, thenYou can confidently choose their cocktail dresses with ample fluffy skirt that looks like a bustier. With sculptural dresses can visually conceal some of the shortcomings of your figure and vice versa profitable emphasize all its advantages. In addition, you can try on a cocktail dress with a skirt tulip.

Very interesting solution will be fashionable dress for the New Year 2014 are adorned with fabric or lace inserts, but the most interesting selection of dresses will be decorated with colorful ribbons.

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Fashionable Dresses 2014 Retro

If you are a lover of "mods", then the Newyear you have the opportunity to stand out among the present guests with the help of retro bright dresses. It can be very different models of fashionable dresses for the New Year, in the style of the eighties or nineties, or it can be clothes in the style of the seventies. Such a way to stand out most of all for those women who like to stand out from others and prefer originality.

But not everyone can afford to stand bycolorful costumes, some prefer a more reserved tone in a romantic style. This year will be welcomed and elegance. Fashion elegant dresses for the New Year 2014 may have a different length, different shapes and colors. Therefore, among the huge variety of fashionable Christmas costumes you can choose for themselves something most suitable.

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Fashionable dresses of varying lengths

It is not necessary to choose the fancy dress onThe new 2014 maxi length, you can choose the outfit and shorter. If you have chosen a short dress, in this case it is better to abandon the green. It is desirable that these dresses were made with cream, beige, shades of pink or white. You do not limit yourself in choosing the appropriate accessories.
You need to choose a dress for New Yearcorporate party, then you should pay attention to the official, and at the same time spectacular outfits. It can be an elegant dress knee-length, in a dress, you will look amazing.

You always prefer to be on top and enjoystand out from the crowd gray people, in which case you brilliant bright color dress will fit most. Christmas dress can be decorated with sequins, decorative stones or colorful embroidery. Very interesting option would be extravagant fashionable dress for the New Year bright shades on to it is necessary to select the appropriate accessories. As accessories, you can choose the bulk earrings, wide bracelets, long necklaces or massive necklaces and evening bag matching color.

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Fashion accessories to dresses for New Year

And now it's time to consider what accessories should choose an outfit for the Christmas night.

Wooden Horse prefers precious stonesthat's why you have to choose the accessories which are decorated with massive stones such as emeralds, topazes, sapphires, chalcedony, as well as all the other precious or semi-precious stones. But choosing a decoration with such stones, you must remember that this year will be welcomed by a blue, blue, and green.

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Fancy dress for New Year 2014-14

As far as fashion accessories for the hair,will become the most fashionable artificial flowers white. All kinds of crabs, hoops, pins, wreaths decorated with flowers will look very feminine and at the same time very fashionable.

And finally, give you another very usefulCouncil on the basis of all of our recommendations, try not to blindly follow them, and to choose the fashionable dress for New Year's in 2014, which most suits you. Because only in this case, all of your image will be fully completed.