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Trendy bridal make-up 2016: Photo Ideas and Tips

wedding make-upLet's chat about fashionable wedding make-up in 2016? When a girl is preparing for her wedding, she tries to think through every detail. Wedding make-up plays an important role, because it must not only be approached by the importance of the celebration, emphasizing all the advantages of the bride, as well as combined with a wedding dress, but also be fashionable and stylish.

That is why makeup artists think through every yearthe main trends of wedding makeup. In 2016, more and more brides entrust their image of true professionals. The explanation is quite simple: couples today ordered a high quality videos and photos, in which the bride and groom should look attractive, young and fresh.

That first of all, you must understandhigh-quality and fashionable wedding make-up in 2016 based on the proper operation of the make-up artist. First you need to prepare a person, so it is applied the base, which consists of a professional tone and a special cut-off correction. Only then can you start the main work: cast shadows, draw lines of eyebrows and eyes. It is these small, seemingly, details will then be to use the photo for the so-called "hook" to create a unique image on the photo.

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How, then, is a stylish wedding makeup in 2016?

wedding makeup 2014Like last year, the main trendis the naturalness and the naturalness. The bride should look like a cute, romantic, gentle and always natural. This style among professional makeup artists is called "Nude", which literally means "naked."

It is clear that the skin of the face in such a manner shouldlook the most natural. But to achieve such a result, it is important to use cosmetics that will help hide minor skin imperfections. It should be borne in mind that in order to create an image in the style of «Nude» need a lot of time, so that the bride should not expect it and invite up artist long before the ceremony.

There are still trending famous "smoky ice"which help to create a mysterious and passionate way. With this style, you can easily enhance the beauty of the girls eyes. In addition, smoky eyes helps to hide some of the photographs "error" in appearance. One can say with certainty that the "smokey-ice" has already taken place, along with the classics, because it makes the girl look more expressive, playful and bright.

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But here it is worth remembering some of the featureswedding make-up in 2016 "Smokey-ice". Unlike the evening, there is only darken the outer corners of eyes and eyeliner applied much thinner and delicate layer. To focus on the eye does not dissipate, makeup artists recommend to stay in a neutral color lipstick.

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Bright and bold girl can emphasize the eyes andwith the help of various "shooter", which are still fashionable in 2016. But it is necessary to understand that this way is not for everyone, so before creating a check with a professional make-up artist, who will tell you what "arrow" best emphasize the advantages of your face and hide its flaws. But if you are exactly sure that this style suits you, then do not be afraid to experiment. In 2016, "arrows" created many fashion options for wedding make-up that you can really get lost in them.

Fashionable remain "cat's eyes", but youcan experiment with the form and "arrows" in length, to make the eyes almond-shaped, or in the classically mysterious. In 2016 he returned to the fashion for retro images, especially in the 60s of the last century. Therefore, the arrow will be particularly relevant here, especially if your wedding ceremony is decorated in a retro style.

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modniy-svadebniy-makiyaj-2014 12Very popular is the bridal fashionmake 2016 a certain style. This may be New onions, which became truly legendary today. Makeup "New Bow" was invented by Christian Dior in 1947. At the time he presented his first collection, whose main goal was to bring happiness to all women in the world.

The collection was very tender and romantic, butSpecial attention was paid to the make-up models. Black eyeliner emphasized her eyes, and bright red lipstick colors «passion» attracted to her lips. This image is perfect for a bride, because helps to create vivid and memorable image that will look great in photos.

For the most energetic and bold brides in 2016makeup artists offer to create an image in the Gothic style, using a special wedding makeup. This can be a gothic rock, emo or punk. Despite the fact that many believe are inappropriate makeup styles for weddings, professional make-up artists destroy this ridiculous myth. In 2016 you can spend quite a bold experiment that will help you be the most extraordinary, the bride.

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If you do not mind experimenting, but notwant to go too far with gothic make-up or make-up emo style, you can then use all shades of red, which are a real trend in 2016. The structure should not be brushed, like last year, and glossy. But, if you choose red, burgundy or pink lipstick (that is, all shades of red), be sure to try to avoid excessive vulgarity that just ruin the whole image of the wedding. Give your eyes a depth and mystery, you can use thick and dark eyelashes.

Is it possible to create a professional fashion wedding makeup 2016 without make-up?

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Of course, you can create beautiful makeup and withoutthe help of professional make-up artists, but only if you are prepared for this in advance and will not do everything at the last minute. In addition, you should have at least some idea of ​​how to make high-quality and fashionable make-up. It is worth to remember that wedding makeup is based on the evening, but there must be more romantic, natural and survive in good condition, almost the whole day. To prepare for the creation of a fashionable wedding make-up in 2016 on their own, you need a few months before the celebration to decide what your image, and pick the appropriate makeup.

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Before the most important day is required to "prepare"his face to the imposition of makeup. To do this is to do a cleansing mask or a series of masks that are best suited to your skin type. Do not experiment before the wedding and use the unknown beauty products, because they can and do harm. The line of the eyebrows need to pull out in advance.

It should be remembered that in 2016 fashionThey are natural eyebrows, although this does not mean that you do not have a bit of work on them. This year is not worth doing at all of eyebrows thin line, because they are considered ugly and too vulgar. It is better to form a little Adjust and leave more natural eyebrow.

Also, do not do permanent makeup eyebrow, which wasso fashionable in recent years. Today tattoo will look like "echo" of the past. Also try before the wedding to get rid of the other facial hair, so that the most important day you could not see irritation.

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Of course, this year has brought us a lotBride image options! And trendy wedding makeup 2016 certainly important, but the main thing that on the face of the bride shone a smile that will highlight her beauty ...