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Trendy Skirts Spring-Summer 2016

Trendy Skirts 2016: photo spring - summerThe new fashion season is particularly characterized by the fact thatrenowned collection of styles of skirts show a pleasing paradox is he that skirts silhouettes are familiar, popular and well known, but they look a whole new way. Common main fashion trend is the emphasis on the highest quality products in the whole, there is nothing minor, the approach to the creation of a model skirts extremely scrupulous and most creative.

One feels that designers and stylists createits fashion collection of contemporary, experiencing a keen desire to provide fashionistas the opportunity to look stylish and elegant for any choice of model. The next trend in fashion skirts 2016, as seen in the photo the spring - summer, remains the simplicity and brevity of styles, introduced with some models in a particularly severe form of enhanced high quality.

Progress in recent fashion seasons, ceilingdiversity in styles continues to remain incredibly proliferating within each style. In addition, the successful experiment of recent fashion shows with models made using the elements and details of different styles in one, it continues to grow and gain popularity.

Short model

Make an overview of the huge variety of fashionable skirts, breaking them in length, it is the most rational, because it is so usually women themselves initially and set the task of finding a new skirt.

As for short models, the hit of the seasonthis length can not be called, but they are generally out of fashion ever unlikely to come this day to win a woman "liberty", the road will remain as a symbol of emancipation.

Trendy Skirts 2016: photo spring - summer

In the upcoming season, according to past fashionimpressions of actual collections straight silhouette short skirt, is the clear leader. A minimalist style and the lack of decor gives the impression that the figure is framed by a piece of cloth, which highlights its harmony, without diverting attention to the details of clothes and fashionable boots.

Hailed fashion for several seasonsrow absolute femininity and sexuality, has had its influence even for office patterns of short skirts, turning into reality the possibility of selecting a length for office wear. In some models, there is a series of business and minimal decor, mainly in contrast, the basic tone, buttons and large pockets.

One of the fashion trends of the season isimplementation of short skirts models of dense tissue, even for the spring season - summer, is made possible thanks to a huge choice of material used. Cloth fashion skirts 2016, shown in the photo from the collection of spring - summer, it is impressive for its quality, which is characterized by high structural performance density, while a non-heat-retaining. For this fashion season it is quite important, because in this model, skirt you will not feel uncomfortable.

Trendy Skirts 2016: photo spring - summer

Particularly distinguished in the collections of models of the seasonshort skirts made of leather and suede, leather can be both natural and artificial, especially since modern technology allows to obtain samples difficult to distinguish from natural, vivid example is the WKO skin. Gloomy dark tone leather skirts have long been a thing of the past, bright juicy saturated models are perfectly combined with different variants of the top, like tops, and light transparent chiffon blouses.

A surprise for the lovers of "peppercorn" in fashionmodels became active use designers - designers such piquant admission cut skirts, like the smell, often combined with elements of draping and asymmetry. Such bold strokes especially boldly look it over short models, and are designed for young fashionistas with a perfect figure and shapely legs.

Trendy Skirts 2016: photo spring - summer

However, not only straight silhouette short skirtsis typical of the new season, the skirt - and trapezoid skirt - bell is also very popular, in addition, many models and drape and asymmetry, but they've made of softer fabrics and dynamic. To this skirt do not forget to pick up fashion accessories in 2016.

Length midi

It should be noted immediately that this is the length of skirts,and indeed the clothing of the new season is a trend, designers enthusiastically demonstrate that such a length and can meet the selected main fashion trends, which, as already mentioned, are feminine, sexy, elegant and aristocratic.

The color scheme of the series of fashion skirts 2016year, as seen in the photos, it is extremely diverse, with an absolute predominance of monochrome models natural natural shades. However, print is also present on the fashion trends of the Rights of the season, but basically, as a hint or a bright spot in the black and white models.

If to create short models fashion skirtsDesigners this season chose dense, perfectly keep the fabric form, for skirts elegant midi length, selected fabric softer, dynamic and legkodrapiruyuschiesya.

Trendy Skirts 2016: photo spring - summer

Because these fabrics are made models of the sun and cut polusolntse, romantic style, which in the new season is significantly enriched by a large number of all kinds of cuts and cut asymmetry.

In the new season, designers have paid enoughgreat attention to the waist area, and it's not just that the overestimated waist again got into their field of intense creative vision. Belt generally appears as an accent in compact models with a complete lack of decor, it is decorated, emphasizes fringe of varying length and quality of execution, can be a double, can be soft and wide, tied in a bow, etc.

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By the way, the waist can not be at all, thisfashion trend, captures not only the short model, the lack of designers replaced the belt assembly or simple pleats at the waist with a certain deviation from the top of the model. He is gathered top edge, can turn away at the canvas, or be a toothed upper frame model.

Trendy Skirts 2016: photo spring - summer

Even despite the fact that quietly fashionablethe stage leaves a delicious and everyone's favorite fashion skirts, a year, their variety is still very large. The absolute trend are fashionable skirt 2016, presented at the photo of the season spring - summer with pleated fabric, a dense tissue, and its finest specimens, and even transparent and translucent. Pleated captured almost all silhouettes, straight leg, a trapezoid, and the sun polusontse and cut skirt - Pencil.

Also returning to the world of fashion skirts shestiklinki, some of them are represented in the collections with a fairly high slits on the two front seams, four, and all six sides.

A completely new and pleasant surprise appearedwomen of fashion to so-called bill design in some collections is distinguished hearts, draping over the distributed pattern across the surface.

maxi Length

Long skirts are also in special honor from fashionistasin the upcoming season, the famous European fashion houses have shown such a stunning collection that no one strong enough to resist and not to acquire at least one such stylish and fashionable model.

Trendy Skirts 2016 in a wide varietydesign solutions presented in the current season collections as a plain and printovye from floral and ethnic prints to strict geometric representations. Ethnic print, which is not a novelty, has become much brighter and longer perceived as exotic.

Trendy Skirts 2016: photo spring - summer

Long skirts the new season gracefully combine in one model, tucks, drapery, asymmetry and smell, in the collections of enough of such models in the performance of thin denim light denim.

Nearby silhouettes of long skirts, with a variety of design solutions, replaced no less spectacular lush models with embroidered or printed.

Continues to attract the attention of designers,Search terms of new creative solutions, and so beloved by fashionistas past seasons, multilevel models. Presented skirt of white fabric such models in one of the famous collections looked incredibly elegant.

Trendy Skirts 2016: photo spring - summer

Tiered cascade begins with ultrashortforehand long and ended in the rear floor cloth, clearly recalling loop. This white skirt with a white top as it may well be considered as a good choice as a wedding set. And if you supplement it with fashionable accessories, the result you get a very stylish way.

Of course, not left the world of fashion in the new seasontransparent and translucent skirts models, as well as options of lace and mesh. Such skirts continue to excite the imagination of fashionistas are invited to wear them with short and ultrashort second skirts, put on a transparent model. For the most daring fashionistas supposed models wearing transparent skirts with shorts or directly on special underwear under her skirt, having bright juicy colors, usually black, red, brown.