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Trendy Skirts 2016: with photos trends

Fashion skirt 2014-1Tell you what fashion skirt 2016 in more detail. Even if you do not like to wear skirts and prefer to go mostly in jeans or other clothing more comfortable, but still in your wardrobe for sure there is at least one stylish skirt. Models of skirts in 2016 certainly will not leave you indifferent to this part of the female wardrobe.

On a romantic date, in the office, on a businessmeeting or at a party - choose a suitable fashion skirt you will not be of great complexity. One of the trends of the next season is romantic and feminine, and this further confirms the relevance of skirts in the female wardrobe.

Trendy Skirts 2016 - pencil photo

Fashion skirt 2014-2Pencil skirt has long been an integralpart of women's wardrobe, in addition it relates to business style. Pencil skirt is the most versatile model, it can be combined with almost any top, and it can be worn to any event, and that the most important fashion skirt 2016 - pencil emphasize the most seductive female form. Therefore, in your wardrobe should be present pencil skirt, and then you will not have problems with the creation of new images. With a pencil skirt should be sure to wear shoes with high heels.

The most fashionable models of these skirts were presentedin the latest collection of Nina Ricci designer, they are decorated with unusual draped inserts. A fashion house Tracy Reese offers fashionable women wearing a variation of pencil skirts, which is decorated with strips of different colors. The world-famous brand L'Wren Scott for evening and festive publication of offers form-fitting skirt, made of iridescent gold material.

Skirts in 2016: pack

The most original version short skirt in 2016It will pack, which is particularly popular among young girls. The following season, the skirt-packs will be the most relevant. And with the approaching cold winter, this model skirt will seem completely absurd, since you and the other ladies associate it with the summer period.

Yet in spite of such prejudices,famous couturiers still took care of it and prepared special models of skirts and winter period, they are made of warm knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics of natural or dense with lush lace petticoats. Skirt-pack you can wear with an elegant blouse or a nice top. In addition to this you need to pick up the skirt wide belt or a thin lacquered belt and then your whole image will be completely finished.

Fashion skirt 2014-3

Fashion skirts trapeze retro

In the coming season, designers have decided to recallRetro 70s. Trendy Skirts 2016 will be very popular and will combine the most simple shapes and lines cut. this year will be the favorite skirt trapezoid style 70s. It sits well on the waist and slightly flared at the bottom. Do you prefer to wear a romantic style, then choose for themselves the skirt with gathers or pleats, such models can be found in the collections of the designers Oscar de la Renta and Stella Jeans.

Fashion skirt 2014-4

2016 Tulip Skirt

The most unusual tulip skirt this yearIt attracts girls of their bright colors, sharp edges and smooth lines, as if the designers decided to present to the public all the grace and beauty of spring flowers with the help of clothes. In the latest collections of fashion houses Blumarine and Balmain presented their models of skirts made of satin fabric. And Kenzo designer skirt tulip was introduced in oversayz style, they hit their surrounding textures and unusual rounded, in addition to the collection, you can see a model of the skin.


Fashion skirt 2014-5One of the most popular classic optionsas well as last season, is the skirt-year, which perfectly underlines the thigh and slightly flared bottom. You do not know how long fashionable skirt 2016 - the year selected, then be aware of the fact that this year it may be any length, because it will look very stylish and in a short and a long version. Still, the most suitable would be knee-length.

The most fashionable skirts the year can be seen in the collectionsdesigner Dolce & Gabbana, which will be different to its original cut. These skirts will appeal to many women of fashion and will not leave them indifferent.

Trendy Skirts 2016 cell

Popularity skirts with plaid print as well as inpast seasons will not be forgotten, and in 2016 they will gain even more speed. In addition, the skirt in a cage will be considered off-season trend. Trendy Skirts 2016 in a cage made of wool will be ideally combined with leather jackets, leather jackets, turtleneck elegant, coats of artificial or natural fur, blouses of light fabric or a fitted jacket. The most popular are the skirt in a cage in the Scottish style, and fashion is a classic black and white colors.

Fashion skirt 2014-6

pleated Skirts

Fashion skirt 2014-7Another current fashion trend, whichpassed to us from the summer - it's fine pleated skirt or pleated skirt. This skirt 2016 looks very stylish and feminine on any slim girl. Pleated skirt looks more attractive if it is made of chiffon fabric. Very attractive look pleated skirt, if they are decorated with original floral print or made in bright colors. Such models skirts were popular last summer, but it was in 2016, they will become the biggest popularity. Pleated Skirts, can be worn with knitted jackets, tops and sweaters translucent.

The most stylish models such skirts can be foundRoccobarocco in collections, Todd Lynn, and other well-known designers. Skirts made of natural chiffon and silk, making the image of each girl and more air "flying."

Leather skirts

Fashion skirt 2014-8This season, fashion skirt 2016 genuineSkin will amaze fashionistas huge variety of its models. Each tracking the latest trends of fashion have to have in her wardrobe at least one model leather skirt. Maybe you'll want to choose a leather skirt decorated with metal parts from of Burberry, or a long leather skirt that extends almost to the floor - from Hermes. Or it could be a leather skirt with imitation of a real chessboard of Versace fashion house.

Skirts 2016 with odor

Skirts with the smell becoming more and morethe popularity of this year. Fashion house Prada and Chanel at their shows presented just such a model skirts Skirts 2016 with odor - this is the real designer creation. Even not very attractive appearance does not frighten even the most avid fashionistas. This year, designers have added the skirt with the smell of the original buttons along the entire length.

Fashion skirt 2014-9

Evening models fashion skirts

In addition to the evening dresses in fashion highly relevantThey are and skirts. With the help of the skirt, you can modify your image of the evening, each time becoming the most fashionable and attractive. Evening skirt length to the floor can be combined with a blouse, if you want to give themselves the appearance of youth, then this skirt can be worn tight-fitting top, turtleneck, appropriate tone to the skirt and even a stylish T-shirt. The most trendy will skirt length to the floor with a cut on his thigh. Usually companion evening skirts a wide belt of leather or suede.

Trendy Skirts 2016 will be the most fashionable and diverse, and you just can not do without them in the formation of business, everyday and night images.