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Trendy Shorts 2016: general trends with photos

shortsIt's time to learn about what fashion shorts 2016 shouldbe on your slender legs to be a trend. Summer sunny days, good mood ... So you want to wear something light and comfortable and at the same time fashionable and stylish. Shorts have always been at the height of fashion.

It is a comfortable and comfortable clothing thatIt is present not only in women but also in men's locker room. A well-chosen shorts can work wonders. They can visually reduce the proportions to create the illusion of long legs and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

These ladies would study the trendsfashion shorts collection in 2016. Summer collections are full of a variety of fashion trends: denim options that this season retain its leading position, shorts with high and low waist, a cell in the Scottish style, transparent models with tops, shorts with braces, shorts, complemented with original geometric prints.

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Trendy Shorts 2016 - in detail about everything ...

denim shorts Designers worked and over diversityrange of women's shorts: Youth, glamorous, avant-garde, strict classical, formal, romantic. Do not leave without attention and sportswear, the diversity of its T-shirts and shorts to the most exacting taste.

The first place occupied by summer 2016 season beach ultra-mini shorts, which can be a great alternative beach pore.

By choosing to exit shorts, do not forget,above all, about their usability and functionality. For example, short model, in which you will look stylish and romantic, it is appropriate to visit unofficial places a nightclub, a youth party, beach. They are perfectly combined with tops, self-colored T-shirts, T-shirts.

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shorts fashionTrendy Shorts 2016 without a belt - another novelty of this season. In these shorts, you will feel at ease and feminine without feeling overloaded with unnecessary details.

Once again gaining popularity skirt-shorts, heavily embroidered and wide pockets.
Bright and unusual idea of ​​designers - two-layer model: the top layer is made in a calm classic color, and the bottom layer is more intense and bright.

The creation of models shortstop this season, notleft unattended topic Floristry. Natural intricate designs - leaves, flowers, branches of trees. Shorts with such patterns are not only very romantic, but also able to add a little femininity in classical or business images. But you should pay attention to the fact that the picture was not very catchy.

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shortsWhat are the most versatile shorts in 2016? Of course, jeans. It favored option of most girls. They can be combined with almost any thing and shoes. And what's really interesting is the fact that fans of denim shorts have learned with the same fashionable shorts to create the most exclusive images, experimenting with different accessories. The thin leather strap, white shirt and your favorite jeans shorts - trendy image is ready!

If you are the owner of an ideal figure, the short leather pants fashion in combination with a bright top and a shorter jacket and plain - is ideal.

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bright fashion shorts 2014

Summer, sun, blue bottomless sky ... Things in bright fruit colors, just by the way, in the summer season. Feel free to experiment with turquoise, light green, orange, cherry, sky blue.

Also, do not ignoreperforated fabrics and romantic lace. Note the translucent lace tops, dresses, and, of course, fashion shorts 2016. However, choosing items from the trendy trends, do not forget about the dress code. Such things should not be worn at festive events or business meetings.

2016 - classic era of elegance andrestraint. Therefore, women are ideal for business classic colors: white, black, brown, beige. Shorts to the knee in a range of colors can be combined with a blouse or a white shirt and go to a business meeting. To add an image, you can vest. The main thing - the right combination of fabric and color palette.

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denim shorts 2014

After working on the skirt lantern designersembodied his idea in a bulk fashion shorts, which, like a skirt, extended downward. But, according to the designers, the idea of ​​such a shaped can hardly get along in the ranks of modern fashionistas. After all, to complement the stylish image of 2016 will need to work hard in the selection of appropriate style of youth affairs.

A geometric patterns and elements of art used in the most unusual color combinations and options, will definitely catch you admiring glances.

You are fond of an active lifestyle, you do notdo without sports shorts. Hiking, nature walks - comfortable fashion shorts in 2016 from natural fabrics are simply irreplaceable! Sports Shorts should be loose and not restrict movement. Well, of course, they have to be beautiful, fashionable and stylish, because even in the super extreme situations you have to stay in the first place - lovely sweet lady.

Classic is always in the first place. If you are going to walk with her friends shopping or sit in a cafe, then stop your choice on the classical model of shorts, in light colors.

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Shorts with lapels, reminiscent of the strict classical trousers. In this dress you will look both elegant and sexy.

Some are mistaken in thinking that the strict styleshort, it is able to create an image of a closed person. We must remember that the classics of the genre, has its place in any type - whether it is the glamor safari or vintage. And again in the fashion style of the 50's, rock and roll, grunge, ethnic style and futurism. That is why to make a choice from a variety of trendy new products and focus on something one is not easy. Therefore it is necessary to supplement your wardrobe by several pairs of fashionable shorts from the new collection 2016.

As you can see, the designers have worked on glory. By creating a line of trendy shorts of different colors and different styles. To look worthy of them, you need to first of all give an objective assessment of their appearance. You have the ideal settings? Congratulations, you are absolutely fit any shorts. You can wear them, diluting their way of things tucked under shorts style.

2016 Shorts with a high waist fit lowgirls. This model is able to visually "draw" figure, visually creating the effect of "long legs". In addition, the shorts with high waistline can mask a full stomach, thus replacing a corrective underwear. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to on the back and sides were not formed unattractive fat rolls that can hopelessly spoil the effect of the "magical transformation".

Wide fashion shorts to the knee will look great with elegant shoes on a high heel or platform sole. This model is suitable high slender girls.

Long shorts narrowed styles combine well with sports shoes or sandals in the "Greek" style flat shoes.

In addition to the shorts is perfect everything: jackets, short jackets, leather black leather jackets, elongated T-shirts and T-shirts adorned with sequins and embroidery, business shirts and blouses bright.

The only rule that should guide the choice of shorts - it correctly chosen style, colors and materials from which made fashion shorts 2016.


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