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Fashion make-up Fall-Winter 2016-2017 - photos, trends

Makeup Fall-WinterWhat will be trendy makeup autumn-winter 2016-2017? Makeup plays an equally important role in the creation of new images, like clothes and accessories. Properly painted lips can enchant and bewitch others up eyes of men.

Make-up - it is the secret weapon of every woman,which every day helps it to be quite different. For example, today you can be a sweet and modest woman, and a few days of the real vamp - all this can be done with the help of special tools and a set of decorative brushes.

Creating a harmonious and full image - itrocket science, it is no wonder there is now such a large number of designers and stylists, the main task of which is to help young women understand the latest fashion trends in the world of makeup.

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trendy makeup 2014-2015 Fall-Winter


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As it is known, on the image at each modelcatwalk work tirelessly whole team of experienced craftsmen, and all that remains for us only to show all their care and scrutinize trendy makeup autumn-winter, to enter into all the new weapons in the cold season. So let us try to understand what it will make the most important.

Fashion make-up Fall-Winter 2016-2017: Monochrome

Monochrome make-up in recent years withConfidence displaces all other kinds of make-up with the latest trends. So what kind of a monochrome makeup? The concept of creating this makeup is that the lips, eyes and skin are performed in one and the same tone.

Most often you can see a monochrome brown,peach and beige make-up, not so common color pink. This is a very low-key, quiet and at the same time beautiful and discreet makeup autumn-winter, through which you can create daily or business image.

fashion make-up Fall-WinterMany well-known designers preferthis type of make-up, it is possible to say exactly after the fashion week. Pay attention to these designers Celine, Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Bottega Veneta.

Trendy smoky makeup autumn-winter

This year will continue in the trend smokymake-up eyes. The so-called effect of a light smear of makeup models were shown at the last show of Prada, Diane von Furstenberg, Rodarte, and others. To create such a makeup 2016-2017 autumn-winter, use pastel shades, but still the most relevant steel purple, pink, sand and gold shades.

Shades of gold on the eyes - is the most interestingthe trend of the coming autumn and winter season. A shimmering shades shadows help fashionistas to create the most gentle way, or they can be used as a supplement to established basis.

Doll eyes

What else can add so much lookexpressiveness than beautiful long eyelashes. Fashion stylists Versace, Rochas, Gucci decided to take advantage of such a secret, making their models "doll eyes." False eyelashes fluffy nowadays can afford, perhaps, every fashionista, and care for them is not difficult, and the end result will surprise all around.

Fashion make-up Fall-Winter 2016-2017 - photo



lip makeup 2014/2015


Makeup in the style of the 60s

Famous fashion designers just love to embody the modern fashion motifs
's, just at that time there was a largea revolution in the field of women's style. While make-up with rich, vivid lips was replaced by the more delicate and discreet fashion makeover 2016-2017 autumn-winter.

trendy makeup 2014-2015 Fall-WinterThe main feature of this makeup is that the emphasis should be done on one thing, and most often it is the eyes. Girls 1960 had a fragile figure, naive and youthful face.

At the time, summed up the eyes and perfectly smoothneat arrows and tinted eyelashes several times, as for the lips, they are tinted lipstick natural shades. This season, like make-up can be found in such fashion Saint Laurent, Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana.

Arrows - hit of the season autumn-winter 2016/2017 years.

If last season to create a make-upeye liner you have not used, because simply did not know how to sum up a neat and thin line, in the upcoming season you can safely take this popular beauty tool and draw on their eyelids arrows of any thickness.

Also, to create a make-up can be usedeven liquid shadows in a convenient stick, and then a little shade them. At the same time you do not need special care and talent, because the eye, let down in this way, will look a little sloppy, which is very fashionable this season.

Gothic pallor

Models shows designers Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen brought before the presence of the public in the trendy image called "Gothic pale."

Blond eyebrows, pastel shades of shadows, Nude lips are the main feature of this style.

Porcelain skin tone is anothersubtlety "gothic" makeup. The most important thing is not to overdo it in the creation of such a fashionable image and leave the right of every woman to look like it is on a mannequin, and not on the sick person.

Fashion make-up fall-winter 2016-2017 in the style of Nud

The most fashionable trend of the new season - Nud Look. This all-natural makeup that perfectly accentuates the beauty of every woman. Make-Up in Nud style - is an even skin tone, which is its foundation.

First of all, necessary to mask allshortcomings of his face using the corrector, and then with the help of foundation level the tone of the face, and then optionally can use bronzers, blush and others.

Created makeup can be fixed with the help of powder. Lips and eyes in a make-up can not touch it, do not use them for cosmetics. At the request of the eye can be a little touch up mascara. Nud Look Makeup can be seen in such fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, Vera Wang and Bottega Veneta.

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makeup 2014-2015

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Meiko for autumn

Fashion make-up lips

Even last season, has been a popular bright makeuplips, in the same cold season they go by the wayside. The most fashionable and glamorous beauty with bright makeup autumn-winter 2016-2017 in the style of the 30s and 40s go by the wayside giving first place in the girls makeup lips natural and natural shades. This fall and winter will have to postpone lipstick bright shades to better times.

Makeup Fall-WinterBetter to give preference warm tonesbeige, pale pink, pale apricot, peach, the color of coffee with milk and a delicate brown. On some models, stylists shows specially whitened lips model powder and creams, and on top of them, they fought a blush.

It was just such a way, you can create the effect ofmatte lips that will be so popular this season. But it is not desirable to use no spangle. If you like to use the makeup lip gloss, then it must have a matte texture and not very bright colors.

Makeup 2016/2017 - Large arrows in the autumn-winter season

The most relevant in this season are clearcolor or black arrows, but this year, they must be clearly visible and prominent, as well as the models on the latest shows Saint Laurent and Kenzo. Lines caused the arrows stand for far corners of the eyes, standing up to the temple or to the tips of her eyebrows, curving upwards. With such a liner does not need to use the shadows, lipstick and bright blush.

As for the lip gloss, it is betteruse a semi-transparent, as desired, you can use lipstick maroon hue to create a sexy and slightly aggressive image in the style vamp.

Fashion lower arrow

It is simply impossible not to note the relevancelike make-up, if you look at the latest collections of famous designers. Most of the famous fashion houses and brands of their choice to stop on the make-up with the bottom arrows, highlighting the expressiveness of the models look beautiful with the help of arrows on the lower eyelids.

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Fashionable shade

If creating a stylish make-up Fall-Winter 2016-2017you have decided to make the main emphasis on your eyes, then you just can not do without fashionable shades. This fall and winter, designers offer rich shades of shadow, and the shadow of pearlescent and glitter.

Such shadows can be the perfect optionfor a party at a nightclub, but they do not fit into the business makeup. Some designers decided to present to the public a little weird eye make-up, in which the shadows are applied not only to the eyelid itself, but also directly under it, thus creating the effect of slight negligence.

If you also want to make yourself a makeover 2016-2017, then we advise you to pay attention to the models in the latest collection of designer Donna Karan and Derek Lam.