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Fashionable dresses 2016: Trends in dresses

Fancy dress 2014-1Fashionable dresses 2016 will take place in the mainwardrobe of stylish fashionistas and business women. New models fashionable dresses certainly will be useful for trips to work, romantic dates, vibrant night parties and business meetings. Huge variety in their latest collections of designers presented on their shows, of which every girl will be able to choose for themselves the different options for any situation in life.

The next year will be very fashionable dressfeminine and elegant. Rough-cut dresses formless eventually fading into the past, giving the place an elegant dresses that are beneficial to emphasize all the advantages of a female figure, but next year you can find extra long T-shirt dress.

Wide fashion dress 2016 will be tighteneda small strap, and other dresses are fitted silhouette. Dresses will be decorated with natural satin, lace, translucent lace and small bows. The main task of these dresses - make every woman even more elegant and beautiful.

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Fashionable dresses 2016: general trends

Styles, which made the new model fashiondresses, in 2016 will be very different. They may be a little mystical, or vice versa set up in the romantic style, classic black and white colors to work in a comfortable sporty style to dress in a retro style and clothes in a country style. This year will be relevant leather sleeveless dress, instead of which it is possible to wear long gloves, reaching almost to his shoulders. Also pay attention to the fashion classic dress, made in black and white.

New dresses next year will be differentlarge variety of silhouettes. Fashionable knitted dresses are loose-fitting sweater, fashionable dress in a retro style with a wide flared skirt, stylish dresses in a shirt with a thin belt and others.

Styles dresses 2016

Fancy dress 2014-3Fashionable dresses 2016 give every fashionistaregular opportunities to change its image and change their entire look of every day. If today you want to look very elegant, then you will approach the natural knitted dress with long sleeves, which are beneficial to emphasize the waist and chest. Such knitted dresses do not have a large number of decorative elements, finishing just short of the waist and collar trim. Finish translucent lace guipure in the waist will attract the attention of people around. These dresses are a real work of art.

If you're a fan of retro style, then youcertainly will appeal to fashionable dress with voluminous sleeves that favorably emphasize the shoulders and arms. Dresses 2016 Retro have a very simple cut, but they are very attractive due to the unusual sleeves. This dress can be supplemented with original ornaments in retro style, as a result, you get the most memorable and unique image.

In the workplace you want to look prettymodern and stylish, then it is better to opt for a short sheath dress with short sleeves or no sleeves. Such small and neat favorably emphasize the female figure they do not need to supplement with all sorts of decorations.

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Every fashionista certainly should please2016 fashion dress with slits on the sides or on one side. The cuts on dresses will attract the attention of men to the slender legs of their owners. Dresses with cuts can be worn with high boots and warm tights or ankle boots with leggings and monophonic.

Some items from the latest collectionsfamous designers mimic the classic costumes and sets, which consist of a stamp and skirts. The lower part of the dress is completely different from the top of any texture or color. Some are decorated with decorative elements or belt. Some designers can meet the multi-layer versions of fashionable dresses. These dresses are the most versatile, as they are suitable for everyday wear in the office and special occasions.

Fancy dress 2014-5

Fashionable dresses 2016 with Basques favorably emphasizewaist, creating a focus on the hips, with the help of the Basques can balance the fragile legs and broad shoulders. This year will be relevant short dresses with peplum. To produce dresses with Basques designers used mainly natural materials, and cold weather in the street, it is desirable to choose a dress made of natural knitwear.

Loose dresses with wide sleeves in theirIt showed the latest collection of Victoria Beckham on the last show. According to the designer, such graceful dresses favorably emphasize the roundness of the breast. Dresses 2016 style like it is not desirable to wear ladies with broad shoulders and bulky.

Decorative elements of fashion dresses 2016

Fancy dress 2014-6In this case, the complete freedom to your imagination. To decorate their dresses you can use the wide and narrow belts, fashion lace collar decorated with crystals and pearls. Very unusual look fashionable dress with shoulder straps. And to all of your image became more extravagant, then it is better to wear only one shoulder strap.

Trendy colors

The following season in 2016 will be the most colorfuland bright. Relevant dresses are red, cherry, rich blue, purple, green, emerald and purple flowers. These colors are pleasing to the eye of its owners, reminding them and the hottest summer days. But, as in past seasons in the collections of famous designers can find fashionable dress, made in beige, white, gray and black light. Small and large bar, a cell of different colors, floral and geometric prints diversify new models of fashionable dresses and profitable complement your wardrobe.

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Fancy dress 2014-8

Dresses Length 2016

Fashionable dresses 2016 up to the floor in thisyear lose their relevance, this season will be dominated by medium-length dresses and short dresses. Some designers have decided to give their preference model dresses a little above the knee. Such dresses are opening calves and knees and favorably emphasize the waist line. Such instances of fashionable dresses designers say the most successful option for a date with a guy, business meetings and office work. Choosing a dress for yourself, you will at the same time sexy and elegant.

The latest collections can also be foundmini-dresses. Most often you can find fashionable dresses and tulip dresses-cases. Tulip Dresses and dresses-Case most suitable girls with a slender figure. If you prefer longer wear long dresses, in this case it is better to choose for themselves dress, slightly covers the eggs.

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Fashionable Dresses 2014-10

Fancy Dress Materials

To create dresses 2016 new seasondesigners prefer to use mainly natural materials, thanks to which dresses are not only fashionable, but also very warm and inviting. Fancy dress, made of natural wool, silk, linen, cotton and cashmere will warm his mistress in the very cold and rainy season.

Genuine leather and velvet, tweed and cashmere, fur andknitwear - all of these materials will create an entire holiday extravaganza of the next cold season, and even the most dreary weather, they can be turned into a fiery celebration. And to create evening dresses designers recommend choosing translucent fabric, lace, silk and satin. These are the trends in fashion dress 2016!