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Fashionable dresses 2016: spring, summer, autumn, winter

dress 2015Every fashionista dreams of luxury fashionable dress2016, which will emphasize all the advantages and make feel incredibly beautiful and stylish. With the approach of the coming year, all the fashion magazines are beginning to publish news and trends in the next year.

Fashionable Dresses Spring 2016

Spring is the start of the season for dresses, withthe onset of warming every fashionista looking for a new dress, which could show off at various events. Each year, the style and fashion trends change, so the girls closely follow the release of new products, in order to know what a thing is in the trend in 2016. Spring Dress the coming year - it's a real bouquet of unusual patterns that will not leave indifferent any fashionista.

dressesFavorite Spring 2016 will dress with leopardprint. Forget about tight dresses with low-cut leopard hidden. This spring, a trend shapeless wide dresses with massive pockets, elegant collars and cuffs, all in a stylish leopard.

The same spring not only will prevailleopard print, in the trend as a snake, turtle and tiger print. In many collections of famous designers were presented with the image of stylish dresses animals, such as elephants, snakes, rhinos, lions and zebras. The whole animal kingdom have already conquered the hearts of fashionistas from around the world.

fashionable dresses spring

01-modnie-platya-2015 8

Almost every girl dreams of a stylish designer dress with the image of a bear or a lion. Spring fashion dress, decorated with animal prints are quite simple cut.

Restraint successfully compensated for the massive jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, which will definitely attract attention to the dress and silhouette.

dress shirtAnother novelty of the coming season will be the dressthe famous designer brand Badgley Mischka, in the collection were presented dresses with unusual coloring of the space previously this subject was presented to the jackets and leggings, and now a new trend has successfully represented in the collection of spring dresses. Space dresses 2016 are presented in loose silhouettes with a minimum length, no doubt, is the dress should be in the wardrobe of every stylish woman.

The fashion brand Cacharel presented no less fashionablespring collection, which will be pleased with the stylish girls. The new collection features dresses with geometric patterns, squares, diamonds, cones, ovals, circles, and triangles are all incredibly skillfully complements the stylish dresses by famous brand. Stylized geometry made a lasting impression on fans of high fashion. It is possible that this stylistic direction of spring fashion dresses 2016 can be a real breakthrough in the fashion industry.

dress 2015

Brand Chloe presented his spring collectionhis vision of where the ladies will be dressed in a little black dress, which is an integral part of the stylish wardrobe. Little black dress for many decades is the basic thing in every wardrobe.

Spring 2016 will be no exception. The collection includes dozens of fabulous dresses with narrowed sleeves, satin transparent inserts similar to geometric shapes, delicate neckline, which can be decorated with beautiful necklace with Swarovski crystals.

modnie-platyaChip collection is unusual embroiderythigh area, which will be present on each dress. Each dress is represented by its unique and feminine, of course, the entire collection of spring dresses by Chloe find their owners.

Christian Dior could excel by presentingabsolutely unique collection of spring dresses. Each dress from Christian Dior's most reminiscent of a colorful palette of bright colors, each dress like a bright picture, dominated by pink, yellow, blue, purple, beige, white, red and green shades. In addition, on each dress diligently worked dozens of seamstresses, decorating outfit beautiful embroidery, a variety of bright accents, rhinestones and appliqués. Wearing a dress by Christian Dior, no woman of fashion is not left unattended. Fashionable dresses 2016 Dior - a set of femininity, tenderness and brilliance.

fashion dress 2015

dress to the knee

Romance and tenderness never handed over theirposition and therefore the direction is very often used in the creation of fashion collections of famous designers. The fashion brand DKNY presented incredibly feminine and delicate collection of spring dresses. Dresses from the well-known brand will create the impression of lightness and airiness, beautiful sleeve in the form of lanterns, flying tissue, flared short skirts, neat neckline, delicate prints. Some dresses were presented in 2016 in a monochromatic color scheme, some with small floral patterns and some with large patterns and prints, but still, each dress is associated with femininity and romance.

The fashion brand Giorgio Armani presented hisnew spring collection in a vision. All dresses are made of eye-catching and bold fabrics, ornaments of various sizes were the feathers encrusted with rhinestones, pearls and sequins. Each designer's vision of how to look fashionable girl in the spring of 2016, however, there is no doubt that each represented by a collection of finds their individual possessor.

Fashionable Dresses 2016 Summer

Summer - the warmest period of the year when eachfashionista can easily demonstrate all his exquisite wardrobe. Certainly favorite summer dress every girl is nothing more than a dress.

Summer dresses 2016 are so various andunique in that it is simply impossible to resist the next buy a pretty dress. For the summer season of the year the designers have prepared something special, all of the dresses presented in the summer collections consist of lung tissue flying, free styles and less stylish finishes.

dress to the floor

blue dress

The fashion brand Badgley Mischka has an opinion on thehow it should look like a girl in summer. Trend summer collection has become white color, lightness and tenderness. All dresses are very simple cut, minimalism became the principal conductor of the summer collection. The fashionable dresses are no such simple details like pockets, collars, buttons and locks. All the charm of the collection presented in the prostate. The only decoration that should attend this massive flashy necklace that complement the image of the summer 2016 stylish girls.

The brand Cacharel presented a completely differentcollection of summer dresses. The main colors of the collection was orange, blue, yellow and green colors. Bright color interpretation adorned no less catchy summer drawings. The whole dress look like a fresh summer fruits, create the appropriate year and a very positive attitude.

stylish dressesCarolina Herrera sees a collection of fashionable summer2016 dresses in ethnic style. Africa and similar topics are relevant for several years. The original decoration and warm coloring, fill the summer warmth and good humor. Croy dresses by Carolina Herrera simple, but the riot of colors and unusual patterns add flavor to the new summer collection.

Without summer romance has not done, fashion brandDiane von Furstenberg introduced the summer collection in his vision. Lightweight long dresses 2016 airy fabrics, elegant silhouettes. This summer, every girl can feel like a delicate and vulnerable. Dresses from famous brand represented in white, pale pink, coffee, lemon and lilac colors. Dresses decorated, belts, pearls and lace.

The collection of summer dresses from Christian Sirianoemphasizes the golden color and all its nuances. Material, texture and cut absolutely versatile, the only thing that unites the entire collection of summer 2016 - is a golden color. The collection includes dresses for every taste, lace, satin, long, short, curvy and tight-fitting, low-cut neckline and square necklines, all this is done in various shades of gold, which is to become a favorite of 2016.

summer dresses 2015

summer dressesGiorgio Armani presented its summer collection inblack color. Despite the gloom dress from the summer collection Giorgio Armani relevant, intended for the bold and stylish girls. The collection is dominated by short skirts, deep neckline and feminine silhouettes.

A collection of well-known brand VersaceIt is fashionable dress 2016 summer season in the simplest kroyah. Dresses are designed to free health resort leisure, free cutting board allows to feel relaxed and free. Most of the models with open shoulders and a deep cut on the back. Religious colors - it's orange, white, lemon and beige.

01-modnie-platya-2015 14Summer collection from Victoria Beckham presentedopen and feminine versions. Light summer dress with a deep neckline and short, close-fitting skirts, dresses presented in the unusual for designer shades of pink and yellow.

Sami summer dresses create an impression of lightness and transparency. In such outfits from well-known brand, you can safely go on holiday vacation, a restaurant, a boat trip or to a party.

Matthew Williamson presented summer collection2016 dresses of lace. Famous designer believes that the lace are an integral part of the summer mood. In the collection of Matthew Williamson dress can be found for every taste in the long floor, a short mini, air or any form-fitting dress decorated with delicate lace, makes the collection truly summer and gentle.

Fancy dress 2016 Autumn and Winter

The new autumn-winter season, designers have createda huge collection of beautiful dresses. They all shook their images of women and new ideas. In addition, experts have developed customized dresses for each piece that can be dressed up as a day to day, and on the way out.

fashion dress autumn winter


colored fashionable dress 2015

The main materials of the new collection autumn-winter2016 are: fringe, leather, satin, silk, fur, embroidery and more. Therefore, every fashionista will be able to choose for themselves the brand, which she liked. Also, designers have tried to combine incongruous and incongruous materials to create a chic in the new fall season.

But for the usual cut experts chose brightand colorful shades to reflect the fashion dress their grace and individuality. Furthermore, they have realized fantasy, where one set is included in addition to dresses even skirt.

Also, the autumn-winter season, you can see patterns,which are called Suprematism. This filling of the clothing fabric different geometric shapes, not with similar colors. These fashionable dresses are perfect personalities, who want to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to themselves.

In addition, the new fall models, we can see several types of hoses, for example, a narrow, single cut, deflated, flared short and many others.

Another feature of this season is the length of fashionable dresses 2016: Fashion dictates it, so you can choose for themselves the right - long romantic dress or everyday short.

Dress Fall Winter

As we have said, the choice of dress is completelyIt depends on your taste, but, nevertheless, experts recommend in this season to buy a model, decorated with crystals, beads, sequins and other colorful materials. If you are not like the dress, you can safely choose a model with a harmoniously combined plates.

With the help of dress can always emphasize theelegance, refinement and elegance of the female silhouette. In the cold season of 2016 it will be presented to the most impressive selection of different styles - classic and avant-garde, free and slim line. Will remain necessary and popular dress-shirt, which is the best suited to modern independent women, emphasizing their elegance and style. It does not look to be bored in the everyday work of women in sheath dress, decorated with Basque flavor and decorative elements.

This article of clothing is always complement the image of a business woman who follows the trends of modern fashion.

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Successfully adapting to the coming season, retrostyle, has not lost relevance in our modern life. For evening offers fashion-empire dress back in fashion and elegant dress-year, which is great to decorate almost any woman.

In the autumn-winter season, special attention will begiven to the asymmetric cut of dresses. Originality and uniqueness give asymmetry on the hem, and cuts, as well as a unique form of lightning. In the cold season colors it looks more elegant and mysterious.

01-modnie-platya-2015 9

It remains popular combination of classicblack, white and gray colors are becoming popular shades of pink, lavender, and other pastel colors. The special status allotted red dress 2016 color which in the coming season will be more intense. They will help to emphasize the passion, courage and the attractiveness of each woman.

To the attention of a wide range ofvegetable-flower, animalistic motives, different facets of geometric patterns and abstract forms. In the coming season favored femininity and softness.

Dress Fall Winter 2015

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These fashionable dresses 2016 can turn your image into an unforgettable!