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Fashionable women's winter jackets 2016

Fashionable jackets for women: Winter 2016 PhotosWhen it gets colder outside, each woman trieschoose for themselves such clothes that good warm in the winter cold, and this will look great and stay in the figure. Today in vogue winter padded jackets.

Before you go to the store for purchasenew clothes, it is worth to consider options for fashionable feather winter 2016 women (with photos). This season, designers decided to create a large collection of feather different styles, lengths and colors. In addition, each woman can choose for themselves the garments fit and style. It is important to remember that such garments should be combined with either uggami or with fashionable boots winter 2016!

Bright accents

Winter is associated at all with white snow and the cold, but just warm enough warm down jacket, you must also choose the right color to stand out in the winter days.

Designers have proposed such feather colors like purple, orange and green in gentle tones, bright red and coral colors.

In addition, women who do not want to pick upJackets for yourself too bright colors can opt for colors such as gray or steel. In the collections of some designers can see the stylish cushions in the color indigo, though not many girls would prefer a shade of outerwear, as it seems too dim. This season will be very different from the winter 2014-2015 year, as designers have radically changed their styles and shades presented feather.

fashionable women's down jackets winter 2016 photo

Classic goes out of style

Classic shades simply can not get outfashion designers so confidently demonstrate feather women's coat in black, beige and brown colors. These colors will suit every woman, regardless of age. It is worth noting that all the classics will not be so popular this season, as the bright colors, so you should pay it taking off on cushions colorful and bright.

Another classic coat color - white,over the years the popularity of this hue is not reduced. White looks very impressive, especially if the jacket is in addition decorated with gold chains, belt with gold buckles or zippers in gold color. Such colors and style will help create the image of a New Year 2016! Many women indulge in such a purchase, since white is not very practical, even small dirt on it will be highly visible, but this season the white color is a favorite winter fashion.

fashionable women's down jackets winter 2016 photo

Metallic shades

Winter delight not only snow-white womenfeather patterns, but also give the girls a beautiful metallic shades coat. Another popular model is the outer garment with gradient color fabric. Gradient coloring - a smooth transition from one color to another, overcame a very stylish, and the correct choice of color, the coat will be bright and stylish. Also in winter 2016 down jackets became popular in camouflage color, these models fit the girls who love to look unusual, moreover, khaki this season will be at the peak of popularity.

If a woman wants to look bright, but at the same timenone of the colors represented in the collection it does not appeal, then you can consider options of feather polka dots, checkered or even animal prints. Of particular popularity gained downy coat with stripes and flowers.

fashionable women's down jackets winter 2016 photo

For active women who like comfort andcomfort, fashion designers presented jackets winter 2016 women's sports photos in bright and unusual colors. Therefore, even a woman dressed in a sport coat can look stylish and bright. Such models are not dyed in one color, but to several, which are contrasting to each other, that looks very bright and in a new way. Some models can be further decorated with prints on the latest fashion trends. To decorate use geometric shapes, logos, motifs or Scandinavian flags of different countries.

What are the tasks down jackets

Of course, the jacket must welllook, but one of its main tasks is to keep the heat, so the duvet coat should be warm and comfortable. Down jacket is obliged to protect the good woman from the wind and snow, as well as not to miss the cold inside, so to create the top fashion designers are using natural down. The length of such products generally slightly above or slightly below the knee, but it is possible to find the model and shorter or lengthened.

fashionable women's down jackets winter 2016 photo

Extended versions

In winter 2016 fashion long to returnmodel of down coats, designers call this length "maxi". But the packaging cushions can go far every woman. One of the most fashionable models of this season was the coat straight cut and rather simple silhouette, while this style is complemented by a special belt or belt to highlight the waist line. Another hit and novelty of the season was the coat-blanket. It has a very broad fashion, and often resembles not a down jacket, a bag, which has a little lowered shoulder line. Will appreciate such a model is not all women of fashion. See these styles can be in the collection of the brand MoschinoMoschino.

fashionable women's down jackets winter 2016

Cropped jackets

Short feather model, which comes Lengthonly to mid-thigh, perfect girls with a beautiful chiseled figure. But it is worth considering that such models jackets can not retain heat as well as long cuts down jackets, so purchase shortened duvet coat is possible only in case if a woman has a car. Their purpose is not warm in winter, but simply emphasize the female form, but dare to buy such a short jacket model not many.

To combine these styles can be narrow andmodels fitted trousers, jeans can also use "skinny" models. Designers say that the shorter jacket goes well with shorts and high boots. But this option is hardly everyday. If a woman still decided to buy himself a model down jacket, it is better to choose for her warm quilted trousers. They are very pretty and feminine look, perfectly emphasize the shape and retain heat.


The new season will be very important to acquireJackets finished their natural or artificial fur. But it is worth considering that the designers preferring minimal decoration models. To coat looked more stylish, as an additional decoration use metal buckles, zippers and various castles and beautiful buttons. One of the main decorations down jackets this winter will be curly stitch. That is what will make it possible to make the product beautiful and stylish without unnecessary adornments.

Designers delight women rich furs -sable, polar fox and mink collar and cuffs decorated with feather. It looks very expensive and ornate, but if she can not afford real fur because of the price, and wants to save money on buying clothes, you can find a more budget option - faux fur. Today, it is made so that the fur is very difficult to distinguish from the natural. The new winter fashion welcomes only long-haired, short fur look is certainly beautiful, but this season they were relegated to the second bar. It should be noted that some models have a downy coat pockets, decoration which is made of fur, feather find such models was quite difficult last winter.

fashionable women's down jackets winter 2016 photo

But without fur coats have not lost theirpopular, because they are quite simple, convenient and concise, and it is always appreciated by women who love convenience and comfort. For fashionistas were created interesting patterns with a small stand-up collar, such a model will be perfectly combined with a large scarf bright colors.

Novelties of the season 2016

Today, designers are working to createdown jackets with short sleeves, and they have become a novelty of the winter season in 2016. These coats are very original look with long gloves yarn or leather. Thanks to its unusual cover, duvet coats will attract the eye of passers-by, and she definitely did not go unnoticed. But such models are preferable to wear those women who are not afraid of frost, as the gloves can not always provide heat.

To enable women to appear in every seasonbeautiful and stylish, fashion designers are trying to create for them as much as possible of new and interesting options coat. For this reason, downy coat collars with interesting, unusual and original frilly neckline do not lose their popularity.

Jackets women's winter 2016 photo

Jackets for obese women

Not every girl can boastslim and perfect figure, which is why it is worth considering fashionable winter jackets women's 2016 photo for larger women. Often full of girls prefer to buy for themselves jacket or coat for the winter season.

As designers are advised, if a woman hascurvaceous and decided to pick up the coat, then it is preferable to purchase the product in length just above the knee. Women are better to abandon the model of an elongated style, they only add extra volume. Yet most curvy women selected for themselves jacket, down jackets, which are at the peak of popularity the last few seasons. In each season, designers are trying to create something new, and because of this model become more stylish and fashionable. May be completed with accessories jacket, for example, cravat. However, it is important to know how to tie a scarf nice.

fashionable women's down jackets winter 2016 photoThanks to new technologies and fabrics, down jacketquite thin and light, but retains heat well, so even complete a girl can wear it and look in a fluffy coat, like a queen.

Probably many plump girl heard thatthey should not wear form-fitting dress, but the jacket should be pritalen or at least polupritalen. So it will help to remove all visible flaws and hide completeness. Curvy women preferred to buy quilted coat, because it is more subtle and sits better in FIG.

Down jackets in sporty style

Down jacket - the clothes, which can be attributednamely to the sports style. Previously, many girls prefer to buy such clothes is not so often, but now sports the image of a very popular, especially among young ladies, so downy coat has become an integral part of the wardrobe of many women. Today you can hear on this fashionable direction, as "sporty chic" and designers try to create a model down jackets so that they are suitable for any women's clothes. Young girls are more likely to choose for themselves, "ski" down jackets model. They often have bright colors and are complemented by several pockets.

Jackets women's winter 2016 photoThis jacket is perfect for the citylife, and for a trip to a ski resort. And thanks to the work of the designers in this season will be popular "ski" down jackets with floral patterns of bright colors.

Also in the sale began to produce shortjackets and models of medium length, they are quite thin and not very suitable for cold and snowy weather. The fashion will include plain quilted jacket without ornaments and drawings, this embodiment is universal, as it will be suitable for any girl outfit.

Stylish girls who love to stand out,should be paid to taking pictures bright and rich colors feather - aubergine, dark yellow, or canary-yellow, dark blue or green. Short jackets are perfectly combined with sneakers. However, this image will be relevant only for the warm winter, cold days will have to dress warmly.

If you do not know how and what to wear jackets in "military style" millitari, then read below.

Down jacket style millitari

Such models for many years did not go out of fashionwinter season. Jackets parks are very comfortable and warm, they are insulated podstezhkoy feather, so they are great to help keep warm in the winter cold. In the same season in vogue jacket parks khaki.

That this winter designers decided to usenatural materials instead of synthetic. Although natural materials and softer to the touch and pleasant, yet these jackets will get wet and dirty much faster than models with a synthetic coating. That is why if the girl decides to buy a down jacket with natural grass, it is better to have a dark color, so pollution will be less visible. If a woman is very accurate, it can afford a down jacket beige, sand, lavender or blue. You can pick up a stylish shade if desired - light khaki.

fashionable women's down jackets winter 2016 photo

Combined models of feather

All that has been listed above, can be namedclassical models, but one of the main trends of the season - jackets of the composite material. These models can be decorated with fur and skin, and most importantly, they look great. If we talk about what cuffs and a hood with fur trim - a classic technique that's fluffy collars, linings and even three-dimensional model with down jackets and pockets can be seen in the sale is not often, but it is in the winter 2015-2016, these models will be in all stores of the country. If the girl does not like fur trim, you can buy a down jacket with pockets and inserts of leather, such models are not less popular than fur.

But it is worth considering a small part, if a womandecides to pick up the duvet coat pockets or inserts made of suede or leather, then it will have to pick up the gloves of the same material and bag, in addition to the image. It is not necessary to dress as well as the other girls on the street, because you can create your own image and be at the peak of popularity. In the fashion and style of the main thing - originality and creativity!