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Fashionable coat 2015

September. More warm, but not hot. Thinking about the upcoming cold weather does not want to. Shoes and boots patiently stand aside in a shoe shelf and warm clothes strive to break out of the closet, reminding me of themselves. Leaving the house, I still wear a sleeveless top, shoes and sandals. I would like to extend the summer, well, at least a little bit.

But very soon ... colder. And it will not be comfortable vylazit out of bed in the morning by an alarm clock. I want to put on a warm sweater. A comfortable soft top coat.

Especially that fashion model coat autumn 2015diverse than ever. This becomes obvious when looking at the photos from the demonstrations. This season, fashionable coat reflects the experience of previous decades. Like a time machine you can travel back in time and selected to wear a bright coat with massive shoulder pads in the style of the 80s or the laconic style 90s style military coat 40's or 60's elegant.

I propose to elaborate and consider the most fashionable model coat autumn 2015. And then we will be able to choose your ideal coat.

Coats in the style of minimalism 90. Laconic cut, minimum details, pure and clean lines, versatile colors.

Fashionable coat 2015
Fashionable coat 2015