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Fashion Fall 2016 - that will be fashionable in the autumn of 2016?

fall FashionSoft textures of fabrics, beautiful colors, cozy andcomfortable cut is the most fashionable in the autumn season 2016. This year the second plan goes bright colors, giving place to a more subdued and discreet combination of colors in a variety of models of outerwear.

But there will be new trends in fashionable clothes, and each model is interesting in its own way. End of this year is the craving for classic and conservative but shocking ideas do not hand over their positions.

Fall Fashion 2016: multi-layer images

Last season, the most famous designersThey gave their preference for minimalism, in this autumn season topical will be absolutely the opposite trend in outerwear models. The name of this trend - it is multi-layered. This new trend in fashion 2016 fall season is the fact that she must at once put on a greater variety of things, most importantly, so that they can be in harmony with each other.

In fashion this fall will be a model of outerwearsome details of the asymmetric cut, as, for example, half of the famous fashion house DKNY, which was slightly shortened almost to the waist, and on the back side slightly covers the legs.

fall Fashion

Fall Fashion 2016: flirt ...

This design method outerwear modelsHe enjoyed great popularity in 1980. Then it was forgotten for a long time, but this season designers have decided to recall him. With a yoke on the shelves raincoats, jackets, coats and jackets created an imitation of a short jacket or bolero is another nod to the layering.

Fashionable horizontal stripes 2016

The expressive and at the same time a simple "striped"Print this fall reincarnated from the current year trends in autumn and winter trend. Many famous brands have decided to use it at the top of clothing models, but the most relevant will be exactly horizontal arrangement of the bands. The result is a very catchy, but, then, same time not pretentious. Some bands designers select the color, similar examples can be seen on the models of the designer Carolina Herrera. Stripes on clothes can be almost invisible or a semitone different from the basic color of clothing.

fall Fashion

The combination of incongruous: peep in fashion 2016 fall season

The most memorable at the top of the trend modelsclothing - is a combination that will be present in fashion trends this fall. This fashion trend is directly related to the previous one, because it is also based on eclecticism. All the female designers urged to wear dresses and coats that are made from fragments of different materials. This technique is a bit like a "patchwork", but in this case the bet is made on large format. This combination of materials designers make the emphasis on the contrasting colors and the difference in the texture of fabric.

Floristry Fashion: Fashion Fall 2016!

Fall fashionThe most relevant feature of the fashion this autumn - ispresence fashionable floral decorations on clothing. This decor is original appliqué or embroidery on a floral theme. An example of this are the trendy coat from the Italian designer Alberta Ferretti, is the area of ​​pockets and fasteners richly decorated with beautiful hand embroidery. At Aigner and Emporio Armani designers spacious demi jackets and coats made of natural fur applique decorated with floral ornaments.

Fashionable shoes autumn season 2016

Trendy boots - this is the most essential thing tothe onset of the cold season. Cozy and warm, incredibly beautiful and very stylish boots warm female legs, protects against adverse weather conditions and help to create the most harmonious and stylish way to her mistress.

The most slender and tall girl this yearlucky most of all, because the most appropriate solution would be boots, stockings, which can be found in many collections of famous fashion designers. These boots will be able to enhance the beauty of the slender legs and will make its possessor the most compelling. Boots, stockings can be found on high heels or stable square heel.

fall Fashion

This fall, are back in fashion are all favoriteknee high boots. Perhaps there is not a woman on whom they looked somehow failed or bad. Regardless of body type and growth of each of the fair sex will be able to look in the boots just charming and very stylish. In addition, the boots boots are very comfortable and perfectly match with both women's trousers, and with tights. It is ideal for women who appreciate the convenience and comfort throughout its smaller style and beauty.

Many girls will appreciate the fact that in the autumnseason will again be fashionable boots comfortable wedges. It can be high boots with round or pointed toe, the main advantage of which is the convenience and sustainability. If you do not imagine their life without a high heel, but also do not want to heavily load your feet - this is the perfect choice.

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Fashionable hats Fall 2016

Back to the list of the actual headgearAutumn will be prim and elegant hat. You can give preference to headgear in a classic style. Again, a very fashionable to be wide-brimmed hats, which is small in size. Typically, such products are made of natural felt.

A particular vested chic hatsmade in the brutal men's style. At these hats a little left out of the field, making these hats more refined and aristocratic. Again, at the peak of popularity were neat cap pots, which were carried out in a minimalist style.

This season, like last year, veryfashionable to be cute elegant hats - Berets. These hats are made from knitted and textile materials. It is possible to say for sure that their size does not matter. Its purpose found and mini berets from the fashion house of Armani, as well as original variation berets adorned with rhinestones, sequins and beads for every taste. In addition to finishing as stylish berets this year designers use long and short pompons.