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Fashion Accessories 2016

Fashion Accessories 2013-1In 2016, fashion accessories will be more than evervisible, massive and slozhnosochinennogo. A well-chosen fashion accessories can be beneficial to emphasize even the most simple and modest attire, making it the main part of all fashionable image. 2016 pleases fashionistas a wide variety of the most stylish new products, as well as new non-traditional view of the old classics. So what accessories are fashionable in 2016?

Fashionable hats 2016

Fashion Accessories 2013-4In the "fashion guru" This year we decided to give hispreference for fashionable headgear in the style of men's bowlers and hats with a wide brim. In 2016 the trend will be fashionable classics - women taking which is very popular for several seasons, finding a new shape and bright colors. Fashion berets spring-summer season will be decorated with sequins, artificial flowers and sequins, and the expectation of fashion houses like hats will be worthy to decorate the head of every fashionista and courageous young lady.

If you prefer to wear more traditional headgear, the hot summer days are best suited stylish scarves and headbands with fashionable geometric print.

Fashion Accessories 2013-5

Eyewear 2016

Best Fashion Accessories 2016 - isoriginal and colorful sunglasses on which you can make your bet in creating the most stylish summer look. This year should pay attention to the bright-rimmed glasses and heavily tinted windows.

All known forms of sunglasses"Droplets" or "aviators" in the new season also occupy leading positions. If you are looking for this season is something new and different, then pay attention to the sunglasses round or oval.

Fashion Accessories 2013-2

Fashion Accessories 2013-3

Fashion Jewellery

Spring-summer of this year, its influencespreads and fashionable jewelry, and especially on a public all jewelry. This year, the current will be wooden, plastic and metal bracelets.

Rich texture and original decor, brightcolors sufficiently large metal bracelets become especially popular in the spring and summer season this year. But in this case there is one condition, if you want to dress in ethnic style, in this case, does not pick up his romantic accessories. You should always take this into account and you will not be no one else to blame in bad taste.

Fashion Accessories 2013-6

Fashion Accessories 2013-8

Long earrings in bright colors 2016

Fashion earrings - a second accessory for yourRelevance. Restrained models earrings will not be relevant in this season. In the trendy ring in 2016 are the long earrings, which are called "chandeliers", as well as earrings with ethnic motifs, large rocks and massive rings.

Fashion Accessories 2013-7

Fashion necklace

The real boom in the spring-summer season - itall kinds of necklaces and necklaces are especially fashionable neck decorations large sizes. Also popular are long chains and pendants reaching to her waist. The real rage was proclaimed plastron, a necklace or a necklace in the form of a collar that fit snugly to the neck.

Famous fashion designers this year have decided to be moredemocratic, they offer a large selection of women of fashion inexpensive jewelry made of glass and semi-precious stones. One of the most interesting trends of the season - an original floral print, which will also be present in jewelry. Pendants and necklaces in the form of inflorescences and flowers in 2016 will be the most relevant in comparison with massive ornaments of precious stones.

Fashion Accessories 2013-10

Fashion Accessories 2013-9

Also do not forget about stylishornaments era of ancient Rome and Egypt. The most fashionable necklaces are stylized in antique style, pendants or necklaces of gold leaf or gold. In addition to other fashion accessories pay attention to the jewelry of different fabrics, decorated with crystals and colored stones.

Fashion belts

Belts this season, you can safely choose,based on their taste - they can be all shapes and colors. Narrow or wide straps of leather or lacquered, decorated with various ornaments and original prints. A wide variety of zones were the last shows of Fashion Designers of Alberta Ferretti, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior.

Little bows on the belts have not lost theirRelevance in 2016. Moreover, they will become the most topical trend spring-summer season. Also should pay attention to the double belt. The wide lower frame, painted on top with a thin strap that favorably emphasizes the waist and bend the fragility of the female body.

This year, designers recommend to play onoriginal plaques and contrast combinations. Do not be afraid to combine different colors and make original belt the main element of your entire image.

Fashion Accessories 2013-12

Fashion Hair Ornaments 2016

Every fashionista knows that stylish and beautifulhairstyle - is half right created image. This is why it is often necessary to use different pins and hairpins. You must make sure that such hair ornaments were made in gold tones decorated with colorful sequins, embroidery, feathers and artificial flowers - that such details will be the most fashionable in this season. Very stylish look tiaras. With them, you will feel like a real princess.

Fashion Accessories 2013-11

Black-and-white print

Fashion Accessories 2013-13Black-and-white print took pride of place in the rankingthe main fashion trends spring-summer season. Dresses, skirts and topam in a cage, strip and peas, you can add a little geometric prints that adorn the clutch bag with original figural paintings. This stylish accessory can be supplemented with plastic earrings black and white or fashionable clips in gold in the style of the 80s.

Fashion 2016 Materials

All materials were presented in the spring and summerseason in a wide variety - from the ordinary to the beads and semi-precious stones. In materials such as wood and leather were presented spring-summer season designers. These are the ornaments of these materials will be the most fashionable in 2016. Therefore, you should pay attention to natural materials.