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Fashion Accessories 2014-1The most stylish accessories designers preparedfashionable women just for the spring-summer season 2016. A variety of trendy gizmos can decorate any of your outfit. Not every woman is turning its attention to fashion accessories. And in vain they do not, because with the help of accessories, you can create a holistic image, or vice versa to make it complete and the most perfect.

The next year, will create the most beautiful coutureand stylish accessories that will help the girls to be very fashionable and every day to show their individuality, to stand out from the crowd of people around its brightness and perfect sense of style. Today we tell about the most fashionable accessories in 2016.

fashion accessories will be next winterdifferent fashion colors and impressive size. If this season you want to buy for yourself a few fashion accessories, in this case, there is one rule - the more accessories, the better.

Fashion Accessories 2014-2

Fashion Accessories 2014-3

In the winter season, particularly popular are massivenecklace. But do not forget about their size. Relevant necklaces are large and made of different materials. Especially popular are necklace decorated with ribbons, studs and chains. Do not be afraid to experiment in the new season and combine incongruous in her wardrobe.

Do you want to make a good impression onall around, then buy a couple of massive bracelets. In addition, you can wear multiple bracelets at the same time, the most popular are bracelets punk-rocker style.

Fashion Accessories 2014-4Also it is necessary to say a few words about fashionstraps of the winter season. Fashion belts can be worn not only on his waist, thighs and on. Slim and attractiveness of the figure can be emphasized by using a stylish belt, putting him over the top of clothes or a beautiful dress.

What a winter season to go without gloves? In 2014, the main trend of the winter season will be the gloves, reaching to the elbow, and models of gloves with open fingers. This year you can choose a glove made of different materials - suede, leather or translucent lace.

Fashion scarves 2016

The most unusual SARF-LIC or as it iscalled scarf-collar - it's very convenient, and it is no wonder he is popular not only among women but also men at the same time stylish accessory this year. In addition, we offer designers a highly original scarf made in the form of a removable collar.

In addition to all the above models relevantis the so-called warm scarf-skeych that combines the most common knitted scarf and detachable collar. In the region of the collar-like scarf is a small extension to make it convenient to put on over the head, in addition scarf-skeych may have a zipper, the cut or trim the Velcro, which are usually located on the side. Not only in winter, but in the autumn this unusual scarf fits perfectly into the sporty style or casual style.

Fashion Accessories 2014-5

Wool scarves winter season will be differentimpressive size and volumetric product large enough binding. Last year, these accessories were presented at the fashion shows of designers such as Cacharel and Mark Jacobs. In the same year, the convenience and beauty of the girls took care of Karen Walker and Just Cavalli, except these scarves they have decided to offer the girls knitted stoles.

This winter fashion for artificial and naturalfur is quite understandable. The latest collections of designer fashion scarves are very diverse, in addition they have to be worn in different ways, you can simply tie or wrap several times around his neck.

In your winter wardrobe a stylish furneckpiece? No? And you know that this winter they will become the most important squeak season. Especially popular with the ladies fur boa with great prosperity in the 1920s - 1950s. This year great interest Boas began to show the most famous fashion houses.

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Fashionable hats

Fashion Accessories 2014-7In 2016, the designers decided to make his accentby volume. For the cold winter they offer wearing warm knitted hats, berets, elegant, feather scarves, created in Russian-style hats with earflaps, which will be the most popular cold winter, of course, fur hats because what winter does without such headgear.

You do not like to wear warm and comfortable hatearflaps? And by the way, she won many fans among young girls and women. Typically, such hats are made of the warmest materials. In addition, they are suitable not only for the cold winter, but also for the first days of spring. Hats with earflaps will give your image more vivid, extravagance and comfort. In addition, it significantly refresh your entire wardrobe.

Again, popular as in the past year will befur scarves that you can wear even in the most severe weather. For the cold season, designers offer us a colorful scarves that can be worn to any of your outfit.

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Fashion Accessories 2014-9

And in order to create the most beautiful and at the same timestylish image in this season, you can choose a fur shawls. In addition it will be very popular dyed fur. If you want to choose a similar fashion trend for yourself, then choose the most vivid colors: purple, ruby ​​red and even pink. Never be afraid of very bright colors. Not lose its relevance in 2016 and classic fur that perfectly suits you in if you do not like very bright colors.

Fashion handbags 2016

Fashion Accessories 2014-11You want to be the most stylish in 2016, but notYou know what to do for it. Then Get yourself some fashionable handbags. But what are the models of bags better pay attention! Fashion stylists recommend ladies handbags with original silhouette strict geometric lines. Also relevant are bags with shaped perforated or solid, and comfortable metal chain will be presented as a handle.

Fashion Accessories 2014-10

Fashion Accessories 2014-12

The most fashionable handbags are brown,classic black, deep blue, white and beige colors. You will surely like bags, made in the form of multi-colored blocks, for example, it may be a combination of white and black, and green and yellow colors. If we talk about fashion prints, but this year the designers have decided to make their emphasis on ethnic and animalistic motives. All kinds of rivets, zippers, buckles, colored stones - all these elements of decor, as well as last season, will be very popular.