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Fashion 2016: Spring / summer - casual

Fashion 2016: Spring - Summer for women, everyday photoAll fashion shows of the upcoming collectibleseason, more than ever, the main emphasis is on demonstrating just casual wear. Let's talk about fashion 2016 Spring - Summer for women with photos everyday models.

Casual wear all the latest seasonsIt is becoming closer to the world of high fashion, to eventually become the center of attention of designers and stylists. It has become quite fashionable to dress indecent even just for a short trip to the store, not to mention the more important daily outputs. These trends are so penetrated into our consciousness that has become ubiquitous to soften even a strict office Dress-code, to varying degrees, allowing for some trendy and stylish "Liberty." What is in store for us fashion spring and a wonderful summer?

Fashion 2016: Spring - Summer for women, everyday photo


As the season gets under review andthe cold season, the jackets, coats and coats will also be considered by us, in a rather brief overview. Fashion Spring 2016 - for women summer (photo everyday in the article available) prepares wonderful news for us!

The fact that the outerwear is presented incurrent collections in a large number of options, say, of course, quite unnecessarily. These are the trends of modern fashion, in any niche is incredible variation in all parameters of models, from the materials to the styles.

Classical models of jackets and coats in the upcomingseason will be at the peak of popularity, but they appear in a somewhat modified form, according to the new fashion trends, with minimal décor and transcendental quality execution.

Fashion 2016 spring - summer

Colours also became more significantquiet, except for youth models, sports and extravagant styles. Colors like raincoats and jackets sufficient contrast, from pastel to dark tones palette of gray, blue and black.

Newly returned to fashion black patent leather jacket, but without the symbolism of the rock, all restrained and elegant. At these jackets reappeared zipper - black leather jackets as the only decoration model.

An attractive novelty presented modelleather jackets at a secret lightning in general without any - any details or pockets or collars, one solid and conciseness demonstrate the beauty and quality of both the material and the performance model. Fashion 2016 spring - summer for women (photo) with the daily models, to buy which can be in the free market, it is becoming more refined and sophisticated.


Fashion 2016 spring - summer for women

Looking through the current fashion collection of dresses,you catch yourself thinking that the upcoming summer fashion street will remind the stage more and more. This tendency to make casual clothes most stylish and fashionable, and thus also a comfortable and convenient, the designer failed to fame.

A variety of styles of dresses for spring and summer of 2016 there is simply no limit to all the known fashion models, starting with the classics, and even plus a huge number of stylish new products and surprises for young fashionistas.

Classic items are increasingly being useddesigners to demonstrate that this style can not simply never go out of fashion, but only more and more refined, and appeared as a new quality and new design, as a result of high technological capabilities of today.

Fashion 2016 Casual photo

So in one of the most famous collections presentedquite a large range of classic models of dresses in bright pastel colors and white thin cotton - cotton fabrics with wide short sleeves and length to the elbow, and three-quarters. Voluminous sleeves - flashlights are presented in the models both with buttoned cuffs and a frill collected in a rubber band.

Fashion 2016 spring - summer for women (photo) indaily segment dresses from dense natural fabrics have a form-fitting and loose silhouettes, the decor is minimal or absent. Models of tweed and wool in the cell are shown in the extended version to the middle of the knee, in a casual fashion clothes is quite possible to go to the office, in the absence of a strict dress - code.

Fashion 2016 spring - summer for women photosMost clearly and effectively presents sportmodel fashion dresses 2016, mostly whites and pale blue, with applications and fragmented sporting prints. As the stage show fashion, riding style will be laminated wearing such dresses, which can be combined with both the tops and T-shirts as well as jackets and waistcoats with light denim, with the effect of aging of the tissues.

Dresses - shirts, incredibly favoritewomen of fashion in the new season are presented in the further spread of stylish options. A novelty was the presentation of them not only in the short and medium lengths, but also in the length of the maxi. In addition, if earlier models such dresses were mostly represented by materials c / b range of varying density, then in the coming season, designers have used transparent fabric and mesh.

Many styles of dresses spring summer 2016 thatIt called over his shoulder and without shoulder and all, with a deflated straps, thin, or their complete absence. The top of these models can be both adjacent and extend directly from the top, used in such models the subtle dynamic tissue.

Will please fans of extravagant models andthis new season, as the style of underwear in his sometimes quite shocking form, but in actual collections of models of dresses such as the daily claimed. Well, wait and see, transparent dresses, in his time, too, perceived as shocking, and now it is the norm and a high casual. Incidentally, such a transparent model dresses all continue to hold the excessive interest in them, both by fashionistas and designers themselves.

Fashion 2016: Spring - Summer for women, everyday photo

A large number of models presented incollections of fashion 2016 spring - summer for women 55 - 60 years (photo) for everyday wear. All silhouettes are elegantly refined style, both slim and full of ladies, most of the models adjacent silhouette, due to modern laser cutting, "sit" in the figure quite impeccably, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of hiding. The decor, as one would expect, virtually absent, but the designers have replaced it unusual for such models, asymmetrical hem design.


Fashion 2016: Spring - Summer for women, everyday photo

Heath Youth casual wear style steel leather skirts in great abundance of options for colors, and their length is advantageously located in the mini segment.

A characteristic feature in the upcoming season will be the lack of parts, belts and pockets, silhouettes of skirts, presented in many famous collections, usually straight.

However, with the smell of models, by the way, is locatedat the height of fashion season, there is a tendency to use designers trapezoidal silhouette, with a sufficiently large number of models with asymmetrical skirt front shelf.

Skirts - Pencil remain priority modes, and,Judging by the options presented in the collections, their length is slightly increased, which immediately made them even more elegant, gives the image of femininity and charm.

Fashion 2016: Spring - Summer for women, everyday photo

But Godet skirts go out of style, in the collections of their incredibly small, and even then, only in the evening skirts embodiments, the length of the floor.

Skirts - Pleated clear leaders casual clothes,starting his timid resurgence of fashion of yesteryear, from season to season their diversity and number of variants, both in color and texture used, gradually grew, and in the new season - this is a real trendy and stylish hit. Pleated is performed not only on the direct a cut skirts, but also on the flared and tapered, and also differ in the materials used, pleated now widely represented also on the thin transparent tissue. Fashion Skirt - Pleated present in the collections of both the mini variant, midi and maxi, unequivocally, that any request for fashionistas and designers are able to predict and anticipate.

Fashion 2016

A large variety of the new season awaitsfans skirts cut "sun" and "half the sun", in the short and medium-length variant, the extravagant novelty presented such a rigid skirt lining holding form, such as "tutu", made such models of skirts made of black satin. Wearing a model with a fine, free cut, short blouse or jacket, you get "the top ten" design ideas completeness of casual clothes for these models.


Summary of fashion shoes 2016 spring - summer for women (photo) affects the everyday wear and a variety of brightness, as the colors and design, even the most sophisticated fashionistas.

We begin, of course, with the heel, in a hurry to please,as seen from the current fashion collections, you can not limit yourself to the fantasies, they still have all the designers embodied in models. Along with the classical forms of heels, straight, tall, pins, glasses, etc., coexist completely different geometric shapes, with different slopes, curves, voids in the middle and even transparent options heels.

Fashion 2016 spring - summer photo

It has not lost its relevance and platform, becomingmuch heavier and even more aggressive, layered and rippled with protectors as the vehicle wheels, a different color, it is not going in the near future to leave the fashion Olympus, and it will still be their massiveness emphasize the elegance and beauty of female legs.

Classical shoe models also were modified,but find them a worthy replacement and can not, go here and graceful feminine shoes - pumps from a single fashion season to another, changing some details of his appearance. So once again become sharp-nosed pumps, and in some models and generally stressed, sharp-nosed.

The hit casual shoes new season willSandals - Gladiator sandals with wide straps rough. Some models are supplied to a square or a low heel, but mostly these models demonstrate its absence.

Fashion 2016 spring - summer for women, everyday photo

Shoes - Oxfords with great joy met onfashion stage, when combined with everyday clothes, it turns out very refined and aristocratic image, even if you're wearing your favorite jeans and stylish fashion - immutable and invincible favorite everyday wear for all women.

This is an amazing fashion 2016 spring - summer for women with photos everyday patterns and sparkling styles! Follow the fashion trends!