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Famous quotes about dresses

Famous quotes about dresses

The dress should be fitting enough to show that you are a woman and loose enough to show that you are a lady. (Edith Head)

For too long to wear one dress is harmful for the body. (Ioannina Ipohorskaya)

Modern dress like barbed wire: protected territory, but allow her to inspect. (Danny Kaye)

Women's dress should be fitting, but if a woman is dressed, I want to see where exactly in this dress she is. (Bob Hope)

Best decoration girls - modesty and transparent dress. (Eugene Schwartz)

The dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to stay in it with you.
(Françoise Sagan)

It looked as though it is poured into a dress, slightly overrun. (Pelham Wodehouse)

The most important item in a dress - a woman, which was then wears it. (Yves Saint Laurent)

The dress fastens on the back, very unites husband and wife. (James Boren)