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Covers for iPhone: fashionable and stylish

Covers for iPhone 1If not so long ago you become happythe owner of the iPhone and is now thinking about what is best on iPhone Case choose. Some do not like that their phone has been completely closed cover, but still, many prefer to buy his new gadget even the simplest case. In this article you can find out what covers for iPhones exist and what they do.

So, let's get in order, why you need a case for the iPhone:

- Since the front and back of the phone are made of a special protective glass, and Covers iPhone photosside portions of the high-strength aluminum, then the mobile device contented slippery. Using the cover of tenacious materials can completely prevent slipping out of hand.

- A good quality cover can protect your phone from bumps, accidental drops on a hard surface, scratches, chips, liquid spills and other effects.

- If you like to stand out in a crowd, Case will make your new phone is not similar to other mobile devices.

Buying protective case you make your iPhoneYes, and a very great service. Since the repair of this unit often be very expensive, and carry your phone in a special cover can prevent almost any damage.

Bumpers on the iPhone

This type of cover was invented by Apple developersafter the iPhone release. The concept of such a cover is that it is designed as a protective framework around the perimeter of which fringes the phone. At first glance it may seem that the bumper protects only the side of the phone, but this is not true.

Since the cover above the surfacescreen and over the back of the phone, then laying on any surface, it will not touch it. Bumpers are manufactured by many companies. There are rubber, plastic, and even metal.


Covers This kind of cover is a bit like a bumper, but unlike him, by fully covers the back of the mobile device, which provides additional protection.

That cases are the most common, whichmade of leather or solid plastic. It is very rare to find such metal covers. It is best to buy for your iPhone is a plastic version.

They are rather thin, light and practicallyincrease the thickness of the iPhone, which makes it very comfortable to wear your hearing instruments in a pocket-fitting trousers or a shirt. Furthermore, unlike natural leather wears much less plastic. Unlike bumper covers, not all cases are the projections for the very edge of the screen, so you should pay attention to it at the time of acquisition of such a cover for your phone.

Flip Cases For iPhone

This type of covers for iPhones is able to providethe greatest level of protection, if you compare it with other models. Speaking practically, the folding covers - it covers such as "case", but it has an additional hinged cover that protects the screen of your phone. Flip covers are almost always made of leather and are considered solid representative accessories that are perfectly combined with business-class car and a business suit.

IPhone in such a case is not desirable to carry inpants pocket, because the skin very quickly wears out, except it will not be very comfortable at the expense of increasing the thickness of the device. The most suitable location for the gadget in a folding leather case - a jacket pocket or bag. Some confuse the need all the time to swing the protective cover, which in expanded form will hang under the phone.

But when a strong impact or during the fall, the phone in such a case much more likely not to damage than the use of the case or bumper.

How to choose a cover for the iPhone?

Now many users of iPhones a large selection of accessories, IPhone caseswhich is why many often ask themselvesquestion: how to pick up the case and did not make a big mistake? During the selection of a suitable cover is necessary to pay special attention to certain aspects and to take into account their wishes.

There are closed and open cases, open cases but are more convenient to use. It is important to look at the material from which the cover has been executed.

In recent years, the most stylish and moderniPhone covers are made of leather. If often you drop your phone, it is advisable to choose leather or plastic case, which can provide protection against any damage.