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Clothing that is slim - advice from the professionals

Clothing that is slim - advice from the professionals

1) Increase growth
If you want to look slimmer, it is thea simple way to achieve this - it is visually increase your height. In this case, the height will be balanced body width. This is all due to the optical illusions.
In order to increase growth is to use:
Long necklace, vertical stripes, heels,high hair, elongated silhouettes of clothing (eg no short jacket, and an elongated jacket) The shoe is better not to use shoes with a strap at the ankle or ankle boots, because they visually shorten the leg and reduce growth. Perfect boots.

2) Heels
Among personal stylists there is a rule of thumb: 1 cm heels visually removes 1 kg of weight.
Heels very well stretched and slim figure.
Of course, it is not necessary to choose the already very high heels (at the rate of 20 kg = 20 cm heel), it is better to prefer a more stable heel.

3) dresses and sweaters with v-neck
The thing must have for anyone who wants to look slimmer is to wear v-neck. This notch on one side extends visually the figure, on the other hand focuses on pretty chest.

4) Long Sleeve
When we gain extra weight, they are distributed throughout the body: not only fullness stomach or thighs, but such arms.
Full hands best mask wearing long sleeves or a shawl. It is believed that women with hands full is best not to wear dresses and tops with shoulder straps or sleeveless.

5) flared clothing
It is best to figure flaws masks clothes (dresses, jackets, coats) in the Empire style - raskleshayuschayasya from breast or trapezoidal in shape wear. Such clothes perfectly masks belly and full hips.

6) Black
Any woman knows that black is slimming. Similarly, the rules should not ignore if you want to look slimmer even if you are black and it seems boring.
This is due to the fact that the black color absorbssunbeams and visually reduces the volume of the object. Besides black hudyat all other dark colors (dark blue, gray). Black color is also the color of elegance.

7) Monochrome Clothing Sets
One of the almost magical way to lookslimmer, do your bow monochrome, ie combine items included in only one color. The more patterns in the clothes, the more their size, the more kilograms you weigh visually.

8) Tan
Tanned skin looks the one hand tighter, and on the other hand hides figure flaws.