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New outfit for women 2016 - ideas images

New outfit for women 2016New Year's Eve - one of the most anticipated eventsin each family. Year of the Fire Monkey promises all the riot of colors, emotions, events and unforgettable impressions. For every fashionista New Year - a reason to treat yourself and your loved ones a unique image. To look stunning and worthy to meet the long-awaited holiday, we offer you the main trends of Christmas dresses 2016 for women.

50 shades of red

New outfit for women 2016

On the eastern calendar 2016 - the year the FireMonkey. According to his well-being and good fortune will bring you all red and warm shades attached to it - it is important to consider creating a Christmas image 2016. Gently crimson, fiery orange, burgundy passionate, noble brown - this is what you should choose New Year's Eve, to appease the landlady coming 2016. Among this diversity of every fashionista will be able to choose a tone that is perfect for her skin tsvetotipu.

When choosing colors should pay attention to itsense direction and correlate it with the goals that you set for yourself this year. If a girl wants to be confident and tell everyone about their sexuality and willingness to meet the other half, it is necessary to choose a rich red. Strive to emphasize feminine, romantic nature - wear dress gently pink color. Girls who want to spend a year of the Monkey in abundance, wealth and prosperity, it is better to put on the yellow dress, symbolizing the gold. Those natures, who aims to succeed in 2016, not only on the personal front, but also in personal growth, suitable terracotta shade.

Fashion Palette upcoming New Year's Eve is notexcludes and classic black color. The main thing is that your image was unique and highlights your bright personality. This is what will be valued in a New Year's dress 2016 for women.

Not sure what to celebrate New Year 2016? Continue!

Dresses does not happen much.

New outfit for women 2016

Certainly the choice of attire depends on New Year's Evehow you are going to spend this holiday. The main criterion regardless of trends is the comfort and convenience. But who said that under this necessarily implied pajamas, cozy home shirt and jeans? In the New Year's Eve every woman wants to shine and hit all its magnificence. And what if not a new dress can enhance the beauty and perfection of your taste?

Key requirements for the New Year togetherWomen, whose photo is shown below - shocking, originality when choosing a style of dress. As a symbol of the year - Fire Monkey, you must be a bright, memorable event of the evening, so that the entire next year will take you as one large bright adventure. The options to select the image on the fashion trends of 2016 a great many: from the elegant ladies, like divas of Hollywood cinema in a long evening dress with a cut from the hip to the heroine of Greek mythology in the flying dress of chiffon with an open back and a modern secular fashionista to dress asymmetrical cut. The more complex fashion, the better. In addition it is an opportunity to experiment with a combination of colors and textures, which is one of the main trends in the choice of attire for the Christmas night.

New outfit for women 2016

If you prefer a little black dress,which is certainly the place to be on New Year's party, do not be upset. Add the image of bright accessories, and your image will also be unique.

Pay special attention to finish dress. Stones, rhinestones, sequins - this is what will attract and cajoles Tierra Monkey and bring good luck in the coming year. Advantageously dress will look on the floor, the top decorated with a scattering of stones or embroidered with beads and a flowing bottom multilayer light skirt.

Fire Monkey will be to the liking of shiny fabrics: flowing satin or silk, translucent organza or chiffon.

Mini has not been canceled.

New outfit for women 2016

If you want to dance in the New Year's Eve toam at a party, then replace the chic evening dresses can easily come to cocktail dresses. In this case, you can give free rein to your imagination and ingenuity. You can add an image accessory, nicely tie a scarf. Form-fitting black dress made of sparkles will look equally advantageous along with short dress yellow or red.

Pay particular attention to the model with the openback capable than anything else to highlight your sexuality. Do not forget about conventional fashion rules: if you decide to leave the back open, in the case of a cocktail dress, cover your hands. In this way, you definitely will not go unnoticed.

The vogue for all ages.

New outfit for women 2016

Argued that outrageous, fanciful prints andbright colors - the lot of young girls. However, a woman should and can remain beautiful and desirable at any age. Not for nothing is said that a woman, like a good wine: while only emphasizes the subtlety of her nature and an excellent sense of style. 2016 New Year's outfit for women 40 years and older does not have to be limited to the scope of the age, but it does not seem provocative and tasteless. Silhouette dresses noble silk burgundy or brown hue, complemented by ornaments of precious stones - that's the secret of creating a perfect image.

When choosing accessories, you can forget about moderation: in the New Year's Eve you can afford the massive ensemble of necklaces, earrings and big rings.

It is also important to choose the shoes, it can be, and shoes, and neat fashion boots winter 2016!

Magic New Year's Eve - it is non-transferablea sense of celebration, anticipation of the coming year developments, changes in life. Your New Year's image will set the mood for the whole year. Be bold, inventive, unique, attentive to every detail when choosing a dress.

New outfit for women 2016

Having decided to change their usual style for one night, you open up a new way for others and for themselves, will step toward the New Year refreshed and ready for new challenges and achievements.