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Choose a maxi dress

Long dresses are very specific. Most often, they are welcome guests at the ceremony. And rarely can meet a girl, dressed in a long flowing dress in everyday life. Although it is not clear - why. After all, to be sexy, not necessarily wear a super short dress.

Choose a maxi dress

Maxi dress can make you more romantic,or vice versa, more restrained, or, for example, add a hippie style. But to look at this dress good, you need to choose it. And well-chosen accessories. Here are some practical tips.

How to choose a maxi dress for ladies low

It is believed that long skirts are not intended towomen of small stature. And all because of wrong chosen maxi dress can make you look like a tent or tent. To this did not happen, select the dress of the cut to make it as tight as possible sitting in the figure. Also look at the dresses that have well marked waist line - for example, a maxi dress in the Empire style. Or emphasize the waist using a belt. You fit the dress, tailored on the bias or in the form of a trapezoid. To visually lengthen themselves, choose dresses with V-neck. And of course, you need to wear a maxi high heels.

With regard to color, prefer a monochromatic fabric, the best black, olive, dark brown and purple colors. And no horizontal stripes and large figures.

Choose a maxi dress

If you are thin, then you will be finelook dress with a floral pattern. If you are low and have a curvaceous, it is best to stay at length to the knee. If successful, a cut on you will look good not just muted colors, but also bright. Such as orange, pink, yellow. And from the prints you better opt out.

How to choose a maxi dress for ladies with luxurious forms

So ladies, it is important to make the hips and legs more slender. If you have large breasts, you'd better buy a dress with wide straps as tight will make your upper part of the more overweight.

You will approach the major figures. In addition, look for a monochromatic fabric of dark colors - as you know, they are slim. To make the waist visually already put on a dark belt. So you will achieve greater balance. You also can advise V-neck. Do not buy too loose dresses, otherwise you'll look even more.

Choose a maxi dress