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Beach Fashion 2016: Summer photo novelties

fashion 2014What is the beach fashion in 2016? Fashion trends of the summer season will be amazing. The main representatives of the entire beach will be stylish fashion swimwear isolated from the tissue into the cell, striped materials with abstract prints, polka dots, which will be perfectly combined with solid colors.

The main hit of beach fashion designers presentedstylish swimwear model, made of colored fabrics combined. For example, the bodice leotard is made of a material in the black and white stripes and trimmed with red tape; and the front part of the heats can be created from a striped or a monochromatic fabric. Swim can be decorated with colorful ribbons or jewelry. As a result, you get a very bright and stylish summer suit.

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So Swimwear 2016: rasskroem all the secrets!

Almost the same combination of colors you can get when you combine one shade cloth or fabric with polka dots. For example, fused and fashion swimsuit 2016 for women with a full figure was speciallyIt is designed in such a way that it was possible to create the visual effect of a slim figure. To achieve this, the entire central part of the bathing suit is made of rich and colorful fabrics with light padding, and the side and rear elements of the leotard is made of a material are solid dark blue color. Swimsuit can be decorated with thin belt of a monochromatic fabric on the front of your swimwear.



The beach fashion 2016 will be relevant pleasingeye, bright colors - orange, green, red, teal, yellow and blue colors. In addition, the trendy beach this year - a large number of white, and various shades of blue, fabric with a metallic sheen, closed models swimwear frank and complex cut. Another interesting trend this season - a fusion of original swimwear styles.

Beach Fashion 2014 photoBut besides fashion models swimsuits - it is a greatthe number of options for beach accessories and clothing. Very popular this summer will enjoy the scarves of different colors, which should be to tie on its head in an oriental style, short tunic, decorated with flowers, long skirts made of flying materials.

Also it is very fashionable beach dress-shirtswhite with a lace, and without it. Semi-transparent and very sexy, they will be beneficial to emphasize the beautiful golden tan body of its owner.

Beach bags in 2016, as in the past year will belengthy and decorated with different decor. This year will be very fashionable eco-style and ecological materials for the manufacture of bags - thick rough cotton and flax. Also at this year's fashionistas can see a variety of large decorations: long and bulky and massive earrings necklace around his neck.

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Famous brand Beach Bunny, who alwaysdifferent sexuality of their new beach attire, presented his latest collection, by such well-known models like Irina Shayk and Nina Agdal.

This collection was presented - and bikiniclosed model swimsuits made in sporty style, done in neon colors (orange, crimson, pink, green and black in combination with blue), with massive ornaments and original zippers and sexy models swimsuits decorated with prints in ethnic style which are decorated with metal parts, embroidery and beads. Stylish swimwear from brand Beach Bunny, who were represented by the model Irina Shayk, staggering their intricate designs and complex brim. Beach fashion 2016 not passed from the tunics of the same brand - translucent, colorful and seductive.

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Open the next bathing season, manyfamous fashion designers in the fashion recommend closed swimsuit model-Bandini. This style of swimsuit came to taste the most famous fashion designers, as well as all known Betsey Johnson. In combination with bright contrasting patterns style gangs this year offers designer Trina Turk. Swimwear bikini monochromatic colors - this is the main choice of Gucci fashion house. Separate swimwear model, made in sporty style and a slightly low waistline offered fashionistas Beccaria and Raoul, and Luisa. A vacation on the beach in a cohesive bathing suit that has a discreet design and recommend Tommy Hilfiger Milly.

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The well-known brand introduced its new Nomiabeach fashion collection 2016: a monochromatic color skirt with a smell, light dresses free cut with a halter in the form of a loop. Stylish knitted tunic made of cotton and yarn with the addition of microfiber offered designer Tommy Hilfiger. This designer has decided to stick with sports style, that's why it Beachwear collection looks very fashionable.

The beach wardrobe perfectly fit lightweight tunicsfree cut with geometric prints in bright colors by designer Marc Jacobs. And tunics model with low-cut V-shape and the sleeve in? It looks very feminine and stylish. Trendy tunics made of translucent material offered Marc & Andre and Mia Mia. They will make a bet on a simple cut and leopard print. Designer Anna Sui recommends replenish beach clothes 2016 stylish knit tunic in a grid.


Famous brand suggested some funthe entire ensemble beach summer dresses free cut. A great flavor gives the original colors. In the coming summer season, fashion brand Guess decided to give their preference for animal theme and contrasting figures. New models of beach dresses from the latest collection Caitlin Kelly simply amaze with elegance and grace. Designers have decided to bet on the sleek design, pastel shades and modest style.

It is currently difficult to conceive of girls withoutstylish beach bags 2016. This summer, designers recommend young women to abandon stereotypes and prefer not familiar bag-a bag of bright colors and a more elegant and stylish beach bag.


A larger model with long bagshandles offers designer Mara Hoffman. Unusual bag barrel - prefers Agua Bendita. Designers recommend the brand to relax on the beach with a bag made of genuine leather. A well-known brand Guess tried for beachwear in 2016 and opted for a bag-bag classic shape, pink and turquoise.