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Selection of hairstyles

New hairstyle - this is a new image that you want to match. Therefore, the selection of hairstyles, first determine a general way that you decide to create.

Selection of hairstyles

For easier selection of hairstyles divide them into types. selection
From a wide variety of hairstyles can be divided into four basic types:

* 1st - reverse type hairstyle. Hair combs in the direction from front to back. Such hairstyles operate both long and short hair.
* Type 2 - atsentralny (drop-down). Hair directed from the top to the edge hairline. Hairstyles operate on different length hair.
* Type 3 - concentrated (used in hairstyles and types of tail). hairstyles direction goes from the edge hairline to the crown. To perform these hairstyles hair should be long.
* Type 4 - front. All hair is directed forward. It is necessary that the lower part of the elongated neck hair.

Hairstyle - one of the main components of the imagewomen. If a woman has come to the conclusion that in itself need to change something - start with the selection of a different hairstyle. Successfully matched the new hairstyle or haircut, usually uplifting.

And here are some tips on how to adjustindividual facial features. Women with large features more suitable smooth hairstyle, haircut, laid large waves. With small facial features better to give preference to perm hairstyles. Low brow can visually change with the help of a bang: the hair a little beat up and put beautiful curls, distribute asymmetrically same way hiding the natural boundary of their growth. Big nose can visually reduce due hairstyles with curly locks, curls combed over his forehead and cheeks. Mowing is acceptable, but the center of gravity should be positioned low on the nape. Choosing a hairstyle, you should pay attention to his neck. In short or full neck can raise hair, cementing their unit on the top, back of the head. Long, thin neck can be masked hair of medium length hair, curled in ringlets or waves such as page.

In the selection of hairstyles thing to consider is the type offace. When choosing hair chubby women should be advised to hairstyles frame the face soft strands. The optimal length hair- twenty to twenty-five centimeters. When choosing a hairstyle to exclude low side parting hairstyle with the hair in the middle and smoothly combed hair on the sides, as well as bulky and flat hair.

When you need to choose a hairstyle for women withthe elongated shape of the face should consult a short hairstyle with bangs or medium length hairstyle with volume at the cheekbones and chin. A good option hairstyle with asymmetrical lines, without parting. selection selection

When a woman face of a triangular shape,you must choose hairstyles with bangs and locks curled and combed on the cheek. Hair length must be either up or chin to the middle of the cheeks. Short haircuts are undesirable.

When trapezoidal shape face should choosehairstyle covering the lower part of the cheeks. It may be short curled locks falling over his forehead and cheeks or forehead whipped hair, which visually enhance a narrow forehead. You can opt for a haircut, but the whiskey must be magnificent.

For a square face, you can choose the type ofhairstyles with lush curls that fall in waves on the sides. In this case the hair from his forehead, you can comb back and split side parting. Here the selection of hairstyles, you are free to choose between the fringe and the hair on the temples or stacked zachesyvaniem hair back from his forehead, both these options are suitable. Hair should be below the chin. Do not combed smoothly back hair, and open your ears and wear a middle parting.