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A few tips for buying men's clothing

Carefully refer to the size. Shirts and pants can be, if necessary, shorten or lengthen a little, increase or decrease the waist length but the width of the shoulders and chest coverage does not change. Alter garments is better not to even try.

A few tips for buying men's clothing

Try to touch the clothes. Qualitative thing to touch not differ from qualitative as well as in appearance.

Always check things for damage. Small holes, stains and elongated strands across even in the boutiques, especially during sales. Defective jacket or shoes can be exchanged within two weeks, but the clothes - not.

Define your favorite brand in terms of patterns. This significantly saves time and nerves spent on grocery shopping.

Be especially attentive to the democratic linyamclothing and brand licensees. Many brands produce some clothing lines that differ from each other both in price and quality, or even sell the right to use the name of another company.

Pay attention to the details of finishing pants. Spot seam zipper, buttons for suspenders, a belt with an allowance under the zipper and cut "swallow" in the middle - all signs of high-quality clothing.

Look for shirts with mother of pearl buttons. Smooth, shiny and cool to the touch fastener pearl sewn only on expensive high-quality shirts.

Choose jackets with three layers of fabric on the chest. The presence of the middle layer (in addition to the top and lining) from the top of clothing - a sign of high quality. There is no chest or layer in the jacket is easy to determine fumbles.

Do not buy shoes with artificial leathercoating. Boots made of laminated touch shiny skin are made of damaged skins. Their upper layer is removed and replaced with a plastic coating. These shoes are made of less expensive natural leather, but much less durable.

Do not wear clothes made of synthetic materials. Your wardrobe can only store one thing, containing polyester and nylon - namely cloak. Clothes worn next to the skin, does not include man-made fibers.