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★ Types of heels:

 Types of heels:

1. Vienna heel - a small heel height of 1.5 - 2 cm. Shoes such heels beat all records in terms of convenience and are perfectly combined with everyday clothes. But they just do not add grace.

2. Heel-brick - a small square heel height 2 - 4 cm. Very stable, but due to the nature of its form does not differ femininity. Shoes with heels that perfectly fit the casual images and is ideal for a tall girl.

3. Wedge heel - is made in the shape of an inverted triangular prism or a sharply tapering. It can be any height. Such heel visually slim leg and is suitable for everyone.

4. Cowboy heel - heel bevel rear. Very stable kind of heel. Remember that these shoes look a little rough, so that the legs it look more elegant. Combine it with a light dress and a leather jacket. Then the image will turn trendy.

5. Heel-shot of - heel height of not more than 7 cm wide at the base and tapering, as the leg in wine glasses. This heel is ideal for high-girls, and those who can not wear high heels. In addition, it is an excellent alternative to casual shoes. Moderately comfortable and elegant.

6. Tapered heel - wide at the base and strongly tapering heel. The height can vary from 5 to 12 cm. Visually slim and lengthens the leg, however, it is not one of convenience. Therefore, we must carefully consider the choice of heel height. These shoes look good with dresses and skirts.

7. Heel-bar - just a straight line heel height of 5 cm and above. It is very stable, so the gait becomes more confident. Grace, he can not add, but my legs will still look slimmer.

8. Wedge -. Full sole with enthusiasm, sometimes without lifting heights from 4 to 20 cm Very stable and looks quite graceful. Ideal for those who did not learn to walk on his heels. Wedge may be relevant to anything other than strict classical images. There it may seem too "heavy".

9. Stiletto heels - a very thin heel height 8 -. 12 cm Classic genre looks incredibly attractive and sexy like an evening dress and with jeans. It requires certain skills socks and confidence. Not recommended ladies with full legs and ankles.