Fashion Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Winter jackets 2017

Winter jackets 2017

In the wardrobe of any girl can not do without suchthe desired object such as the winter jacket. Comfortable and functional - these are the main criteria for choosing such a garment attribute that can protect in rainy cold weather. But great will still have the jacket, not only in its arsenal a useful fashion, but also a stylish and up to date. That is why it is desirable to look at the models of world designers to understand what kind of style would be perfect just for the season.

What jackets fashion winter 2016-2017?

2017 women's winter jackets

Briefly describe the trend of the season Winter 2017, thetopical solution modern jackets will include: ethnic prints, huge collar and ethno-style. These criteria define the current fashion trend. But, given that all tastes quite different, the designers have diversified their collections comprehensive modern variants. Let us consider all the fashion trends, some jackets are in fashion in winter 2017.

Style fashion jackets winter season 2017

Given that the fair sexmake a choice in the first place, in favor of increased comfort and convenience, as well as the desire to look very impressive, the designers managed to bring their models to a number of key areas:

  • Soft, comfortable fabrics;
  • Volume model;
  • Ethnic motives;
  • Stratification;
  • Complex patterns;
  • High waist;
  • Wide prominent belt;
  • Comfortable Parks;
  • bombers;
  • Jackets.

Notable favorites global steel catwalks ideascolorful Indian outfits, as well as models whose motives are veiled in the traditional clothes of northern peoples. Bright colors are characteristic embroidery, embroidered ethnic and other performances - all these unchangeable attribute fashionable winter coats 2017.

winter jackets 2017

Those who do not like very much welcomesdesigns, trendsetters offer put on the jacket of urban style. To such a product in line with modern fashion trends, you need to choose the model of synthetic materials with large, and even rude, metal zippers, and plastic inserts.

But popular and such a neat collar, gradually receding into the past, only occasionally falling into the fashion collections.

Trends winter jackets 2017

Jackets parks

If not so long ago were the prerogative of the parkstourists, military, geologists and other traveling professions, then now is the designers decided to make a mega comfortable jacket in a stylish and everyday items of outerwear for all. Many even believe that it was the constant leader Park season fashionable winter jacket 2017. And the current fashion of the park, as before, requires a hood, a huge patch pockets and a traditional-Drawstring waist. As for the colors of the subject of women's wardrobe, then, in principle, remain in demand for the usual colors parks: khaki, gray, dark beige, black, blue and brown. The only significant innovative solution in the colors became the color burgundy. This is the park saw the brand Belstaff. But wearing a jacket designers offer popular Pantaloons (short below the knees, pants) or a more feminine skirts different variations.

winter jackets 2017

Winter jackets bombers (pilots) 2017

As before, the jacket-bomper, which used to be military pilots clothing, steadfastly maintains its current fashion item. Quite often, it is found in the collections of famous designers.

jacket bomper

As for the style of the femininewardrobe, then remain unchanged gum at the cuffs and bottom of the product. Occasionally such a finish is replaced by the collar and, although you can meet the usual variation of stand-up collar.

In addition, the fashion guru could do bomberquite feminine subject of everyday wardrobe, using for these purposes the fabric: metallic, suede and elegant satin. There were here and without decoration. For finishing in Bomber present furs and other unusual solutions. Well, once again to emphasize the femininity of the image, designers offer to wear a winter jacket with a variety of skirts and Printed tights. That such outfits shine Alexander Wang collection, Coach in 1941 and Moschino.

But the pilots have become the most popular withhuge turn-down collars showy, who often emphasizes the contrast in color, decorating fur, crystals, studs and embroidery. These see the bombers Dsquared and Versace.

any jacket in winter 2017 fashion

Winter jackets, down jackets 2017

The abundance of styles allows fashionistas to choose a winterjacket, down jacket, in almost any design. The fitted quilted model combo, snag and other designs do pretty popular down jacket winter clothing option. Moreover, the real hit of the season winter 2017 became a kind of feather costume: short winter jacket is complemented by a familiar warmed trousers and warm unusual sports shorts. Quite relevant, also become a model to mid-thigh and a little longer. There are also spectacular finishes in a wide belt, fur collar as decoration and even a hood. There are, also, curly stitching and unexpected color contrasts. As for exactly those colors jackets, preference is given to the traditionally white execution, various ornaments and abstract art. But there, too, and other options that are less in demand, but more suitable for lovers of muted tones and more peaceful solutions.

Female winter jacket 2017

Blazers Winter 2017

Those who can not imagine their lives without the activerest, can not do without outerwear, made in the style of sports. It is a sports jacket, which in the winter season 2017 should have cut silhouette with a bright, pretty noticeable colors. Adidas, for example, offers a combination of current models in monochrome with a print, made in different resolutions: romantic patterns with colors, light-headed, but so cute, polka dots and just abstract geometric patterns.

blazers 2017

Leather jackets 2017

The skin is at its peak of popularity in the creation ofoutdoor clothing for this winter 2017. It is present in various models and designs, among which were and bombers. To leather jacket was really warm, designers warmed her fur-lined and make a comfortable length to mid-thigh. But there, too, and mega short options that are decorated with scribbles, knits and reptile skin textured. Moreover, no matter what style jacket made itself, particularly in demand here is femininity. Even the most brutal models offer designers "diluted" elegant skirts, dresses, traditional boots and bright warm sweater.

women's jackets winter 2017

Fur jacket winter 2017

As before, the fur is quite topicalmaterial. Moreover, it is used not only as decoration, but also becomes the main fabric for winter jackets. Well, if we talk about stressed fashionable modern model, then the best option is to use one type of fur in the style of patchwork. It is sewn from a variety of colored pieces, fur jacket will be trendy this winter.

some jackets are in fashion this winter 2017


The combination of military style, classical and grungeform a modern model of jacket-jacket. Moreover, its distinctive features are the bright colors, sculptural shapes and fitted silhouette. As the scenery here is actively used satin, ruffles, tucks, chiffon and other finishing. Supplemented, as such notable jacket belts.

winter jacket 2017


Of course, a shortened version of a winter jacket,hardly suitable for everyday life, and it is doubtful that the bolero can effectively protect from the cold. But designers offer to pay close attention to these models to create an evening dress and other special occasions. Especially fashionable are variants of fur.

jacket for the winter 2017

Style ethno

This re-creation of traditional clothes inethno-style, in full, is used in the world of fashion collections. In addition to the expected prints, such models present patchwork styles and decorations in the form of fringe, tassels, suede and fur. With regard to the silhouettes, the current models are trapezoidal in the spirit of the poncho.

winter jackets 2017


The trend with animal prints designers chosenin all things modern women's clothing. Do not they have bypassed attention and fashionable winter jacket 2017. Thus, on the catwalks found drawings with leopard spots, paint imitation skin python, crocodile skin texture demanded, leopard and other coloring. It animalism in clothing, many perceive as a clear manifestation of sexuality and way dangerous predator. But in the current collections of a print is used with great caution. So, he softened quite laconic shapes and muted colors. Such patterns are found in fashion brands Zuhair Murad and Adam Lippes.

winter jackets 2017

Actual color of winter jackets

Colorful shades are becoming lesspopular in the coming winter season. Preference is given to traditional white. Moreover, the use of all its variations - from ivory to natural milk. Popular will also be pale shades of blue and silver scarcely guess. the color will be most hits: metallic, pastel play, neon solutions and even ultra-transparent materials. Unchanged favorites are blue and black colors.

With regard to the execution variant, the fashionjacket winter 2017 can be executed in a monochromatic color scheme, and in various color combinations. There are a variety of options with a touch of the sleeves and the basic details of clothes and various geometric motifs.

any jacket in winter fashion 2017

Fashion prints

Perhaps it is this niche creating jacketsIt has undergone the most significant changes. There is no more urgent place earlier figures in the Egyptian style. Now the ball is ruled by oriental motifs and Russian avant-garde. Especially popular was the colors, made in the spirit of "a la Russian sundress." Not inferior in decorating jackets are also quite primitive drawings in a nice children's style and futuristic solutions.

Female winter jacket 2017

It was deposited prints traced quite noticeable fashion trends:

Randomness execution of geometric figures;

Delicate pastel, and even peaceful, bright stains with a riot of colors of all kinds;

Cage in all versions;

Minimizing any inscriptions;

Reducing the volume of prints.

Actual tissue

Perhaps it is here where there are any fashionistasroam, and choose a suitable material. After the season fashionable jacket winter 2017 meet all sorts of unexpected and even fabric. Moreover, multiple layers created models detects, as the main, leading, material and fabric finishes. A truly fashionable cloth will be:

  • Velvet;
  • Sheepskin;
  • Cashmere;
  • Suede;
  • Tweed;
  • Wool;
  • Leather;
  • Velours;
  • Fur;
  • And even lace, satin and cotton.

It is such a variety of fabrics determines whether the trend of finishes and styles. After all, ever fashionable winter jackets 2017 require different materials to create a single model.

And, true fashionistas will be able to choose from thisabundance of textures, materials and colors, only, the, most fashionable and comfortable jacket. Which, really, bring the pleasure of exploring the frosty streets and become noticeable chip everyday (and only) winter wardrobe.

Be fashionable this winter 2016-2017 year.