Fashion Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Trendy Skirts Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Trendy Skirts Fall-Winter 2016-2017

If the board play a key role in women'swardrobe, the skirt can safely give second place. What skirts in fashion in the new autumn-winter 2016-2017, we will tell the leading designers and stylists of world renown. According to experts, in the wardrobe of every woman should have at least three different skirts: business style, for every day and of romantic dates. In autumn and winter fashion catwalk models abounds, made of dense tissue. Fashion skirt the new season can be sewn from natural leather, wool and even a raincoat fabrics. The colors and patterns also vary: geometric prints are combined with abstraction, floral motifs - with psychedelic patterns. To determine the order, how to choose a skirt for the new season, we learn about the key fashion trends autumn-winter 2016-2017.

Trend №1 - Pleating

skirt autumn-winter 2016-2017

Pleated skirts take pride of place inmany collections of famous designers. In a fashion long skirts, which can be self-colored, translucent and colorful. Pleated skirts in abundance in the collection of Salvatore Ferragamo. The designer puts on a midi length and bright, not in winter rich colors. Skirts, presented at the shows Les Copains, also decorated with pleating, however, the color scheme chosen for the winter models more practical - black and dark-chocolate color. Pleated for thin knitted fabrics, cashmere, cotton, and semi-synthetic materials.

Fashion skirt with pleats as a daily supplement,and evening clothes. Designers are advised to combine lush pleated skirt with bulky sweaters knitted large, classic blouses and fur jackets. Court shoes - the perfect complement to the pleated midi skirt length and more. Wrinkled texture looks attractive and self-sufficient. Models with pleating complement the retro image, romantic style and wardrobe women gravitating to the casual style. Rossella Jardini choose pleating and moderate romanticism. Retro elements in the form of stylish accessories and headgear refresh the image and make it more interesting.

Trend №2 - leather skirts

fashion skirt autumn-winter 2016-2017

Models made of leather, can be calledfavorites of the season. Straight skirt length midi lacquered black skin represented in the collection autumn-winter 2016-2017 Max Mara. These skirts are practical, beautiful, comfortable and utilitarian. They are appropriate in any wardrobe, and in any manner. Leather skirt with the smell of offers to try fashionistas brand IRO. Truncated model, decorated with large buttons, look stylish and original. Short leather skirt can be combined with classic ankle boots, pumps, boots, stockings. Most leather skirts, proposed by designers this season, has overestimated the waist. It allows you to carry the product with classic blouses, shirts and even turtleneck. But more often than leather skirts combine with textured sweaters and jumpers truncated cut.

Leather skirt with high planting certainappreciate those women who want to highlight the waist line and hide the extra inches in the abdomen. Skirts leather bell-shaped to emphasize the elegance of the female figure and make the silhouette more proportional.

Trend №3 - Translucent skirt

fashion skirt autumn-winter 2016-2017

It is difficult to imagine in the autumn and winter skirt image,made of thin translucent tissue. But designers are confident that these models will become a worthy ornament of the female wardrobe. Models of translucent fabrics look romantic and feminine. This skirt will complement the image of the evening and diversify a wardrobe girl who dreams to stand out from the crowd. If you think about what kind of skirt in fashion this season, without the translucent elongate articles can not do. Light flowing patterns, embroidered with silver, offers Francesco Scognamiglio. Gentle skirts in pastel colors will complement the romantic image. Combine these with a skirt is ankle boots, elegant shoes and even corrugated boots. In the latter case, no harm will be used in the form of aggressive and other details such as a leather jacket with rivets or bulk hoodie in brutal style.

Transparent skirt of organza and lace are presentedin collections Poustovit and Les Copains. In everyday wardrobe transparent skirt can become a part of the punk image. Such variation suggests experimenter fashion catwalk Roberto Cavalli. Brutal shoes, accessories aggressive, stressed rough texture - the background of this delicate translucent skirt look particularly elegant. Those who are afraid of such a bold image, it may be advisable to wear lace and translucent skirt with solid jumpers and loose blouses.

Trend №4 - hollow skirt

fashion skirt autumn-winter 2016-2017

Definitely answer the question, what skirt in fashioncoming fall 2016 is difficult. We just talked about the refined and elegant models, as the time has come to discuss the really warm and practical skirt for winter. These products are presented MSGM collections and some other fashion brands. Owners of the massive thighs, perhaps, have to refrain from such models, but the slim girl voluminous skirts, as if sewn from old down jacket, will fall just right. Massive bottom should be balanced lightweight top. The thin shirt or turtleneck light will be the complement to dutoy skirt.

Trend №5 - Pencil skirt

fashion skirt autumn-winter 2016-2017

Without classic skirts narrowed can not do anyone fashion season. Pencil skirt versatile and practical. It sits well on any body shape and complement any image. Business wardrobe simply inconceivable without the elegant skirt tight fit. In the autumn-winter 2016-2017 are particularly popular model, made of thick fabric. Solid woolen skirts will warm in cold weather and bring variety to everyday wardrobe. Skirts practical colors of velvet fabric chooses Olympia Le-Tan. Classical models of midi length with slots on the back canvas skirt - a win-win option that will still relevant more than one season. Skirts narrower cut with a high waist line and bright color accent offering luminaries fashion Dolce & Gabbana. The classic pencil skirt will play in a new way, if you choose the decor in the form of contrasting lines or bright applications.

Elena Burba offers examples of direct skirtlaconic style with bright abstract print. Classic checkered pattern selects Stella Jean. Practical skirt of costume fabric can complement not only the image of the business, but also the everyday wardrobe. Stylists recommend combining classical elements with unusual details. Mixing styles today is welcome, but it is important not to overdo it. For example, in addition to the classic pencil skirt, will be shoes or boots, worn over bright socks or golf. Garnish with a skirt can and colorful wide belt to contrast not only in color but also in style. Blouse, turtleneck or shirt have to be filled as a pencil skirt high planting is a central part of the image.

Trend №6 - Short skirts

fashion skirt autumn-winter 2016-2017

Fashionistas who prefer to show theirlegs, will certainly appreciate the fashion style skirt shortened from the collections of the leading designers in the world. In the short skirts of the new season has its own peculiarities. Firstly, this winter will have to give up the skirts with low landing. Secondly, at the height of fashion style skirt bell. The designers of the brand Diesel Black Gold offers an example of a short tight skirt with a decorative stitch. Emporio Armani relies on plain short skirts in pastel colors.

Truncated model may be made from anyfabrics: wool, leather, taffeta, cotton. Effectively look shorter skirt with a smell, decorated with buttons of gold or bronze color. Practical and kept looking skirt from the collection of autumn-winter 2016-2017 Elisabetta Franchi. Made of thick fabric costume, they keep their shape well and look elegant.

Short skirts can be combined with high boots,boots, pumps, elegant boots. The shorter the skirt, the higher must be the shoes. Short skirts can be combined with long jackets, bulky sweaters, fur jackets and short coats. Emphasize individuality image stylish details in the form of massive belt with decorative buckles, big buttons, bright lines.

Trend №7 - fluffy skirt

skirt autumn-winter 2016-2017

To accurately answer the question, what skirt in fashioncoming fall 2016 should be more familiar with the collections of Chloe, Poustovit and Les Copains. What unites all of these brands skirt? Of course, the effective amount. Fluffy skirt look solemn and attractive. The fashion house Chloe focuses on layering. Lightweight translucent fabric, plenty of frills and flounces - all this gives the model refinement of the usual skirts. Combine these multilayer model should be a massive sweatshirts and sweaters knitted large. Les Copains brand designers offer combine skirts with mohair cardigans, fur sheepskin coats, elongated jumpers.

The new season of autumn-winter 2016-2017 aboundsmagnificent models in the boho style. Layered skirts in muted shades of practical and feminine. They complement the everyday wardrobe and make the image more gentle. As for shoes, it is best to combine with skirts and ankle boots to go low. Long skirts emphasize the femininity of the image, but it was rough parts and deliberately rigorous top will make way for a truly interesting and fashionable. Thus, multi-layered skirts of light fabric, coupled with boots brutal design and grooved soles will look more airy and elegant. Skirts in gentle pastel colors, complemented by shoes and outer clothing in dark colors, will be a key element of the image. Despite the apparent aggressiveness of the appearance, the image will still feminine and easy, thanks to the volume of lush skirt.

But tight blouses and light shirts are not the bestthe best option for multi-layer skirt made of thin fabric. The new autumn-winter 2016-2017 will enjoy great popularity bold images, a mixture of styles and colorful decorations.

Trend №8 - Abstract print

which skirts the fashion autumn 2016

We discussed trendy styles and have realized whatskirts in fashion this season. It remains to speak of prints and colors. Here designers are divided into two camps: those who are in favor of practical and restrained colors, and those who offer to dress in bright psychedelic outfits. Floral print and proven geometry are extremely popular, but the most fashionable designs are abstract motifs. Trendy skirt from Emilio Pucci collection replete with bright colors. Blurred Background, colorful patches of indefinite shape, flashy colors - these are presented to fans of the brand stylish skirt from the new collection.

Abstract pattern chosen Salvatore Ferragamo and Elena Burba. The unusual pattern, the more boldly to be cut skirt. Designers combine abstract print with asymmetry, pleats, flounces.

Abstraction in varying degrees, can be tracedat fashion shows Dolce & Gabbana. The colorful skirts will adorn the autumn-winter image. They diversify any wardrobe and make the image of fashionable, bright and fresh. With such models than combine? The best way to monotonous riding, because the skirt with a bright pattern in itself is self-sufficient. The abundance of color patches and disturb the harmony of image overload. Moderate abstraction would be appropriate even in business style. Elegant skirt autumn-winter 2016-2017 narrower cut and a bright print refresh strict office style. However, all the other elements of the image must be pocherknuto restrained.

What kind of shoes to choose skirts with abstraction,It depends on the style. Court shoes - a win-win for the skirts of any length and any cut. Casual image complement concise ankle boots or boots discreet design. Shoes with abstract pattern skirt must be monochromatic. It is desirable that this was one of the colors that are present in the pattern of the skirt. Then the image will harmonious and holistic.