Fashion Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Trendy jackets - Fall 2016

Trendy jackets - Fall 2016

The jacket is the most convenient way to not onlyenough to look stylish, but also feel the maximum comfort in any situation. Perhaps this kind of outer clothing, will never disappear from the base of the wardrobe women of any age. But, probably, very few people know that not so long ago the jacket belongs to the category of working clothes exclusively. And only thanks to the legendary Coco Chanel, this article of clothing came to the level of everyday women's clothing. Now, modern designers continue the path started trendsetter and style, creating more and more ingenious model for those who want to keep up with the trend of time. And it is these representatives of the fair sex is already fairly closely watching the metamorphosis of fashion, trying not to miss out on what will be in fashion jacket Autumn 2016.

autumn jacket 2016

If we talk about the modern fashion to the topclothes, the current jackets in the fall have a high comfort, a variety of styles, shapes, decorative materials, decorations and colors. It is safe to say that quite talented designers made sure to please any woman, any taste and age. What once seemed to not be combined, it is now becoming the standard of beauty and a sign of good taste. Moreover, all of these statements are true for the more fashionable jackets surround season autumn-winter 2016-2017. Which is characterized by many features in common, and fashion trends. But since it is the autumn season is now very topical, familiarity fashion trends better to start with him.

Women's autumn jackets 2016

some jackets are in fashion in the autumn of 2016

For a start it is worth noting that, despite the fact,many styles of women's autumn jackets for several consecutive seasons firmly are among the invariable favorites, some design decisions are no longer relevant. So, is already quite unfashionable print with vegetable themed and very bright colors. In 2016, it is replaced by prints created in ethnic style, Russian avant-garde and the similarity with the paintings of famous artists. Colors is now becoming more calm, pastel, and color are diluted caustic occurring neutral tint. Quite popular are "animal" color, color imitating predators. A very fashion in general, begins to be impregnated with the spirit of the '70s.

Fashion trends autumn jackets 2016

Quilted jackets

jackets for fall 2016

Perhaps it is this kind of jacket becomesthe main feature of this season's jackets for autumn 2016. The quilted pattern, and similar inserts are present in the collections of many designers. Moreover, the style itself is quite diverse - there was a place and extended versions, and ultra-jackets. The main condition for a truly stylish jacket is to create a kind of a pattern of quilted fabric. The growing popularity of this type of outerwear has led to what is in fashion, also quilted scarves. That is offered to complement the image of the fall in the fashion house Chanel.

fashion jacket Autumn 2016

As for colors such jackets, the most relevant is the marsh color. But there, too, and other colors, among which highlighted a dark blue and black colors.


some jackets are in fashion in the autumn of 2016

Jacket "a la with someone else's shoulder" - is anotherleading the trend of the autumn season 2016. It is this style emphasizes the fragility of its owner. After all, created for 1-2 sizes larger figures available options, oversize jacket looks so broad that it seems to be more sophisticated woman, and even a small defenseless. In addition, this style helps disguise small flaws figure and wear sweaters of any density. But, choosing a model for your wardrobe, it is necessary to take into account that the jacket oversayz only fit skinny. If your settings are slightly different figures from the common podium, it is better to give preference to other silhouettes.

leather jackets

Fall Fashion 2016

This version of the women's jacket is one of those whofirmly taken its place of honor fashionable among the most trendy styles for several seasons in a row. This black leather jackets are so loved by the ladies, the designers are in no hurry to remove them from their collections. And they are also popular this season. Moreover, the variation patterns here are quite diverse: many designers create a jacket, a tribute to the traditions and boldly decorating them with the usual trappings: studs, rivets, buttons, and other metal elements. Others designers prefer to create models quieter, with a minimum of decoration. As for colors, the favorite is black, burgundy and brown. But there are also models of peppermint, lavender, gray and caramel shades. Quite widely different sewing leather jackets represented in the collections of Moschino, Elie Saab, Just Cavalli, IRO, Zuhair Murad.

Leather jackets

leather jackets autumn 2016

Leather jackets autumn 2016, literally dazzle with their variety of materials, styles and colors.

  • A special place among the leather models designerstake a jacket in lacquered coating. Women's jacket in a style close to rock 'n' roll, is at the peak of popularity. Lacquered jacket found on the podium among the Versace collection, Louis Vuitton and other trendsetters.

patent leather jacket Autumn 2016

  • Also, it is worth noting an element of decor, some leather jackets for fall are complemented by pretty often. These are zones that are a challenge to fans oversayz style.

  • Another trend related to leather jackets - thisfur trim. Fox, fox, rabbit, fox - all this will become a fashionable addition close fitting cut, able to warm up in cold weather. And, ideally, if the fur is detachable, making the jacket into a kind of a transformer, which is relevant in the warm autumn (as a jacket), and in the colder times of the year. Quite often, designers and models to meet a huge collar, which, incidentally, is another leading chip autumn season 2016.

some jackets are in fashion in the autumn of 2016

Cropped jackets (Spencers)

However, as opposed to volume and length of the model oncatwalks shine shorter jackets that designers are advised to wear a young age girls. Well, that such kind of clothes was really fashionable, you should choose the black jacket, and various marsh brown colors.


Jackets of the plan in the current season are designed to late autumn. Among the models are very popular bombers, who have long occupied a niche among the popular women's clothing.


autumn jacket 2016

It is because the bombers are incrediblypopular, should consider this option in more detail. After a time this season they appear in the most unexpected variations. The usual classical models alternating with the products of silk, three quarter sleeves, original prints (animals, patterns, abtraktsii), as well as from skin models. Moreover, designers offer combine bombers with any garment - whether familiar or elegant pants skirt paired with high heels.

Fashionable denim jacket

denim jacket Autumn 2016

Jackets made of denim are becoming popular,due to the fact that they, as well as possible, recreate the theme of the 70-ies. The trend are models with fur podstezhkoy or just fur trim, a huge collar and large pockets and sleeves original performance. By itself, cut denim jackets reminiscent of the familiar form of the pilots.


Jacket for autumn 2016

In the creation of jackets such a plan is not the last roleplays eclectic. The combination of many beloved classics with rebellious grunge and military demand is at its peak of popularity. To figure was really fashionable, it is better to give preference jackets of leather, satin or English wool. Well, if we talk about style, it is found as a shortened version with sculpted forms and with more elegant transition from the waist down.

Jackets with open shoulders

fashion jacket Autumn 2016

Despite the fact that it is rather difficult to imaginehis jacket, which shoulders can not hide behind, designers decided to experiment and create a model that can be called over the unusual. And here there are both light styles, designed for warm weather and warm jackets.

quilted jacket

some jackets are in fashion in the autumn of 2016

Another kind of "with someone else's shoulder" style quilted jackets are known, as well as jackets. The huge and shapeless - this is the latest trend autumn jackets 2016.


jackets for fall 2016

Quite often found in the collections of fashion designers and sleeveless jackets. Made in different colors with an abundance of diverse textures and fabrics, such models look pretty cute.

Collarless jacket

fashion jacket Autumn 2016

However, as opposed to the latest trends in the form ofhuge collar, the guru of the fashion industry to create a model in which the subject does not finish. As for performance, it is presented with options for leather and quilted fabric, and other materials.

Large pockets

autumn jacket 2016

If we talk about decorating, it is the pockets are the main highlight of many models. Moreover, they are found in the slim line models with a belt and jackets cut free.

Jacket Park

autumn jacket 2016

Versatile and multi-purpose model is notlosing their positions for several consecutive seasons. And no wonder, because it is the park is suitable for women with different parameters figures, and will to the place as a matter of casual and comfortable clothing. Especially popular is this autumn jacket with a hood, detachable sleeves, a classic belt-Drawstring and lined with quilted material.

Jacket in ethnic style

Gaining popularity ethnic motives guessed models of leading fashion houses. Here and characteristic colorful print, and fringe and brushes, and other elements of decoration.

Actual tissue

autumn jacket 2016

First of all, designers prefer to create a model of durable, waterproof fabrics. But there are also other options. The most popular were:

  • The game is;
  • Suede;
  • Cashmere;
  • Velvet;
  • Tweed;
  • Velveteen;
  • Velours;
  • Wool;
  • Guipure;
  • Leather;
  • Cotton;
  • Fur;
  • Atlas.

Unchanged favorites, as before, remain denim, plaschevka, neoprene, knitted fabrics.

Trendy colors of autumn jackets 2016

autumn jacket 2016

The familiar black designers usedwhen creating leather jackets. As for other materials, there will be relevant: dark blue, different brown, purplish-red, yellow, rich chocolate, mustard. Do not give up its position, and white, which is presented in a variety of shades. Also, particularly stands out the green color of aquamarine. It is he who is at the peak of extreme popularity.

Decor autumn jackets 2016

autumn jacket 2016

When decorating models, designers use the following methods:

  • Animal prints;
  • The cell used in all versions;
  • Abstraction;
  • Large patch pockets;
  • Huge turn-down collar;
  • The combination of fabrics of different textures;
  • Fur;
  • Ethno-style.

These major fashion trends impregnatedthis season fashion jackets autumn 2016, in which any fashionista will be able to find something special for your wardrobe: both basic and more extensive. A variety of styles and styles that adapt to the modern rhythm of every woman, allow to choose your most convenient and unique option. World of fashion today is amazing, and it is impossible to get lost and be without your favorite trendy gizmos. There is a place for every taste and every occasion. Now that you know all about the fashion trends and what will be in fashion jackets autumn 2016. The main thing - time to monitor the relevance of the proposed developments.