Fashion Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017

Fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017

Diversify paint gloomy autumn-winter2016-2017 will wear bright and bold accessories. The new season is unusually colorful and bold seem handbags. They are original and independent. Any image will sparkle with new colors, if a suitable bag to diversify its original design. Which a style to give preference to, and how to choose a bag for the fall, the latest trends for bags prompt fashion. In the new season would be appropriate as a huge shapeless bags and clutches tight miniature format. A particularly popular in the run-up to the cold winter will use the bag with bright fur.

The mod is still practical bag packages,elegant suitcases and holiday bags on the clasp. Virtually no restrictions in the choice of bags. It is worth noting that more and more designers are choosing is really practical and convenient bags that are easy to everyday life. But this does not mean that a small handbag is no place in the autumn-winter wardrobe. Models of the small size often offered as an accessory, rather than a full bag. And as it should shine accessories and luxury surprise, the small size bags will fully meet these requirements.

There are a number of current trends of the season, to be aware of every woman that wants to be at the height of fashion.

Fur handbag

Bags Fall Winter 2016-2017

It is with the fur bags and we start our fashionoverview. Fur differ convenience, functionality, lack of excessive decoration. The fur on its own expressive and attractive, so that excess is no good. Elegant décor in a fur trim can decorate a classic leather bag, but it is better to choose a fully fur model, preferably a bright color. This is seen for bags fashion designer brand Fendi and Salvatore Ferragamo. Bags rigid form made of pure white fur, - the choice of the fashion house Versace. Lots of things to decorate a fur bag, so it's laconic charm and metal chain. Additional decoration of fur products are not necessary. Simple and at the same time look elegant bags made of fur color from chocolate Loewe collection. Medium size, sleek design, convenience and beauty - this is what distinguishes fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017.

An interesting solution for the fur handbags willpatchwork color. Motley fur, resembling an original and attractive patchwork, looks bold and unusual. Perhaps, this bag will be a good decoration for a woman who believes that the autumn and winter have to take bright and tasteful. Patchwork variation fur attract variety of patterns and unlimited experimentation with a palette. If you choose a handbag for easy liking, you can take most of the sewing machine arm with a pile of bright patches of fur and create your own masterpiece. This winter, the model will look like, though boldly, but at the same time fashionable and original.

Velvet bag

fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017

Lovers of unusual textures appreciatedwill appreciate the elegant handbag made of velvet. They can be bulky and soft, like Stella McCartney and Dries Van Noten, a compact and rigid as in shows of Prada and D & G. Velvet bag has recently been an attribute of an evening of fashion, but today they are being actively implemented in the everyday wardrobe. If we talk about the color scheme, the designers prefer the velvet bag in dark colors, whether burgundy, emerald green, dark blue. Such bags are practical and comfortable. Products with minimalist décor will be an excellent solution for daily image. Bags, decorated with gold and stones, suitable for the grand exit. Fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017 velvet must appear in the wardrobe of the modern woman.

If velvet seems too luxurious forcasual bags, it is possible to give preference to models of suede leather, which, though inferior in velvet shine, softness and elegance, remains one of the most attractive materials for bags. And if velvet bag sustained mostly in dark colors, the suede models often found in bright colors: beige, milky, smoky pink.


Bags Fall Winter 2016-2017

Perhaps there is a more practical and user-friendlyhousehold bags than the trunk. Today it is also a stylish accessory that can complement the image of the urban fashionista. Great choice of roomy bag offers brightly colored Balenciaga. Vertical print, contrast stitching, textured leather - that's what makes the trunks of Balenciaga impressive and stylish. Quite a different picture of the bags are roomy Hermes brand designers. Solid bag of soft leather will be a stylish addition everyday image. They are practical, elegant, comfortable and functional. Trunks in the sand and beige colors fit perfectly in the wardrobe of the modern woman. Combine these models can be almost any clothing. Stylish trunk complement the classic coat, dress-case and fur coat. The main thing - the right to decide on the color and decor. The brighter the bag, the less picturesque parts should be in clothes.

When choosing a bag-baula should pay specialfocus on pen model. They often determine whether a model of daily, or it is an option only for travel. Trunks with rigid handles may well fit into the image of the business. Bags with wide flat handles more suitable for travel, country walks or shopping.

Pattern reptiles

Bags Fall Winter 2016-2017

Classics of the genre - leather bag with textured patternreptiles. Designers offer different variations on the theme of "crocodile" bags. Sometimes reptiles pattern appears most unlikely to tissues and materials, such as plastic or suede. Fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017 are designed in a classic design and decorated with reptile pattern, presented at the Giorgio Armani and Givenchy. An interesting variant offers Louis Vuitton. In his collection of traditional crocodile pattern combined with futuristic motifs: steel decor, modern fittings, a clear geometry.

Mixing styles is becoming more bold, andReptile texture is appropriate for any variations. Scaled snake pattern is present in the Versace collection for bags. Plain or patterned leather, patchwork or leatherette high-tech - all of which can be the basis for a win-win pattern reptile. Design duo D & G chooses textured crocodile pattern, you can also find imitation tortoiseshell coloring in some of the autumn-winter collections. Gradients and play on the scaly background - is also one of the clearest trends of the season. Whatever the pattern reptile, it will always look luxurious, stylish and modern.

Futuristic bags

fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017

Unusual materials, technological design, the abundancemetal and glass surfaces - are all present in the collections of famous fashion designers. Fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017 with a touch of futurism look truly stunning. It seems that these models are supposedly descended from the TV screen. With the bag from the new collection Loewe could easily flaunt the heroine of the film "The Fifth Element". Metallic shades, a minimum of decoration and rigid forms - that's what makes the daily bag stylish accessory in high-tech style. Fashionable and modern look lucid bag of new Gucci collection. Models futuristic at the same time restrained and daring. In an act of decoration stitch metallic threads and fittings aggressive design.

Quite a few bags in the style of "guest from the future"represented in the collection of Louis Vuitton. Patent leather as decoration, iridescent fabric with a holographic effect, metal finishing and a maximum color steel characterize fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017 collection of the new cult brand as a tech, stylish and unusual. The simple form and the lack of colorful elements do not detract from the decorative properties of these models. Futuristic bags look very unusual and attract attention. Models of this kind will not leave indifferent any girl following fashion and dream to look stylish and bright. In favor of futuristic bags can say also that they are practical and easy to use, because a simple form and sufficient capacity make them extremely useful in everyday life.


fashion handbags fall-winter 2016-2017

Previously considered to be a key element backpackssports fashion, but today they have become part of everyday life for many women. Especially love the roomy and practical backpacks women with children, as convenient Shoulder Bag is convenient in use and literally frees your hands. In the new season backpacks delight not only enough capacity, but elegant design. Backpack, designed in a sporty style frankly, not so much. Backpacks from the new collection Dasha Gauser more like packs of schoolgirls. Figure in the form of the periodic table reinforces this impression and makes you think that this backpack would dare to wear only a very young lady. In fact, the collection presented Dasha Gauser camphor to wear, supplemented by functional departments and sustained in a positive design of the model, which may well become part of the everyday way of urban fashionista.

Just another option offers us Versace. The collection of the world-known brand presents concise backpacks rounded shape, decorated with sequins, embroidery and bright prints. Stylists recommend the brand to pick up the backpack to the main clothing. Drawing on the bag and the pattern on the fabric of outer clothing should be combined. This will make the image more holistic. Backpacks, selected to match the clothes, lose their binding to the sport and become an integral part of the image. Elegant backpack, decorated with stones or sequins, can be quite romantic or business to complement the image. Soft backpacks larger sizes more suitable for walking, country trips, outdoor recreation.

Fancy bags

Bags Fall Winter 2016-2017

Some models of bags baffled evendiscerning fashionistas. Sometimes there is an involuntary question: it needs extravagant handbags in the wardrobe, and what meaning they carry? For example, what is the use of the bags from Kenzo collection to be worn over the shoulder belt in the baggy, while the size of the bag is smaller than a mobile phone? These models should be treated as a stylish accessory, no more, although it is a tiny bag can accommodate a housekeeper or for storing fruit drops.

Nevertheless, some fashionable handbags fall-winter2016-2017 extravagant sense deserve special attention. In spite of its unusual design, they successfully cope with its main task, namely are appropriate for storing little things a woman needed. Most unusual handbags made of metal or material that looks like metal. Most often it is gold and bronze shades. For example, in the collection of bags by Chanel was a place for the original handbag-coil. Saint Laurent offers a variety melenko shoulder bag in the shape of a heart. The product is so versatile, that can complement a romantic image and wardrobe fashionista who prefers punk style. Jewelry laconic elegance bag in heart shape makes it the perfect accessory for any image.

Several unusual variants of bags can be found incollection of D & G. Design duo is no stranger to shock the audience with unusual solutions. Here and now autumn and winter show pleased the lovers of non-standard models of bags made of metal chains and stones that resemble a small copy of the Byzantine chandeliers and candelabra.

As you can see, the new season autumn-winter 2016-2017replete with innovative solutions and original design experiments. The best handbag in the wardrobe of a woman is the one which is comfortable and convenient, and always will be able to find something interesting for bright light output in the ladies.