Fashion Fall-Winter 2016-2017

British style in the collection "Econika" Autumn-Winter 2016/17

British style in the collection "Econika" Autumn-Winter 2016/17

The main inspiration of the collection of the brand "ECONICA"in the autumn-winter 2016/17 was the British style, with its simplicity, rigor and originality daily. The basis of the collection of the typical British fashion accents: Precious colors and materials, clear lines and shapes, layering, and most importantly - stylish experiments with a slight touch of eclecticism.

In ekonika baseline predominate elegantmodel verified laconic silhouettes, combined with the current English materials, the traditional cell and flannel. The British style can clearly be seen in Lofer, Brougham and Oxford in the modern interpretation: with the current thickened soles and polished skin. Restrained noble color scheme complements the picture: autumn beige, deep blue, burgundy luxurious and noble brown, khaki-date with accents of turquoise winter.

Models in the style of "Grunge", so popular in the 90s,add bold flavor collection. This fall, designers of the brand offers a wide range of rough boots and most diverse thickness of the tread on the soles. The subject is dominated by black, with an emphasis on stylish red and Scottish cage.

Trendline ekonika2 (ekonika squared)represented by different experimental models in the space style. This collection includes slipony youth, shoes, sneakers and boots with thick soles. The color scheme within the cold shades of sky-blue, gray, white, blue, black, and, of course, metallic - silver and dark nickel - fashion favorites of the next few seasons, the models are also found at least fashionable glitter and sequins. Reflections on the theme of space and spaceattributes pushed designers to create unique prints the CRYSTAL, at the heart of which is laid ornament with natural stones and faces, their complex texture and a unique color scheme. Print printed on natural and artificial leather and presented in the extravagant boats, stylish sliponah, Winter sneakers, as well as backpacks and bags cross-body. Print supports and accessories - jewelry with natural crystals.

The central theme of the premium line ALLAPUGACHOVA was a unique print with "cucumber", drawn based on the Persian ornaments III-VII centuries. The color scheme of the collection is based on saturated shades of black and burgundy, with the addition of fashion this fall lavender, cool blue and sunny yellow color. The materials of the emphasis on genuine leather, fashionable this season teddy textile and fur trend in parts of shoes and accessories.