Wine and fish

And so it is written: the meat - red, with fish - white ... "Well, this time we will hardly ruin stereotypes and with the head of" plunge into the maelstrom of "white wines.

Wine and fish

Under a light accompaniment

Let's start with the most delicate species of white fish. Cod, sea bass or bream have a very delicate flavor, which can be easily clogged rich sauces and other bright surroundings, including wine. The easier it is prepared this fish, the easier it should be a wine accompaniment. For delicate white fish that is baked in the oven, on an electric grill or steamed, are best light, fresh options. Loved the entire planet Chardonnay can do a good job here, only drink Chardonnay those that are not kept in oak barrels. Burgundy Fans can pick up a lot of suitable white wines of Chablis, Macon and Chalon.

If you prefer to savor the delicate whitefish herbs or submit it in the sauce, then direct your gaze to the fruity Sauvignon Blanc wine from any corner of the world, but especially - in the French Loire. Its refreshing acidity easily makes its way through the layers of new flavors and aromas that complement fishing base, and at the same time is a pleasant backdrop to your meal. In the same vein, "work" white Italian wines, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio, and dry German Rieslings.

Here I would like to stay in one of the wines on thewhich, perhaps, you will hear the first time. Fish it surely loves, because it was born from Spanish Galicia, a region known throughout Europe for its fish wealth. It is called wine Albarino and made from the same grape variety. Albarino has a completely amazing quality - it combines a glass of two opposites: the fresh taste and oiliness. Add to this the clean aromas of quince, almond, ginger and lemon and you get unparalleled partner for all fish and seafood.

The dense layers

Wine and fish