What useful properties has avocado?

What useful properties has avocado?

What, then, has the beneficial properties of this fruit that comes from America and is growing on a tree, which is a relative to all the well-known monastery.

The history of the use of avocado has notless than 7 thousand. years, but actively cultivate it began in the middle of the XVIII century, however, the fruit fairly rapidly spread across the planet. In Russia avocado got at the beginning of the XX century, and in our time is diluted in 50 countries.

Scientifically, that is, in Latin, avocadocalled Persea americana - American Perseus. And the name is really given in honor of the ancient mythological hero Perseus, however, by analogy with some Egyptian tree, mentioned by Theophrastus, and Hippocrates. But what is this plant, I find, alas, failed.

In the language of the Aztecs the avocado - is"Testicular tree." And all because that kind of observation Indian fruit hanging in pairs on the tree is associated with a known male bodies. But there are other "nickname", such as "alligator pear".

According to one version, it comes fromalerting the Spaniards unpronounceable Aztec "ahuakatl" to words with similar sounds in their native language name toothed animal. But I prefer another version, according to which the so-named avocado English, pay attention both to pear-shaped and stiff "bumps" on the skin of the characteristic dark green color. But "oil midshipmen" Spaniards named it exactly - for satiety. Indians for the same reason called "the poor cow".

Needless to say, this "Burenka" feeds verynutritionally, but still healthily. So, avocado is considered to be the champion among the products that are beneficial for the functioning of the liver - is very valuable, you will agree. In addition, it promotes the normalization of blood pressure, which is also good. It is useful in a number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, anemia, impaired metabolism and so on. D.

Of vitamins and minerals, I think, and so it is clear,that there are a considerable number (and only thiamine, riboflavin and vitamin E in it than in any other food). This avocado has rejuvenating properties, as well as safety - from cancer (first of all, "guards" the prostate gland).

It is also important that the use of "alligatorpear "women during childbearing reduces the risk of his congenital anomalies. Avocados are high in calories, and besides satiety, also has aphrodisiac qualities. Here is a, frankly, an interesting "bouquet" of properties.

In America, this fruit is valued so much thatsome countries (Mexico, Brazil) according to ancient custom, preserved to our days, give his relatives a birthday. And the fair sex since ancient times very partial to the avocado because of it is produced "beauty oil". But apart from cosmetic purposes, this oil is used in the treatment of burns, eczema, skin rashes, and periodontal disease.

In general, the advantages of the "alligator pear"lot. Still, it is important to keep in mind some precautions: first, the laxative effect of the use of the fruit can be undesirable at certain times; secondly, it can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. So what should first test it in small doses. But if that's all right, then, as they say, to your health!