Tuna salad

Tuna salad

- Tuna (canned in oil) 1 Bank.
- Cheese durum 150g
- 1-2 pieces of fresh cucumber.
- Eggs 4 pcs.
- Carrot 1 pc.
- Mayonnaise to taste


Salad we will prepare puff. So first we prepare the main ingredients. Eggs and carrots need to boil. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater. As I was preparing the salad in the ice-cream bowls a la carte, it counted on 4 servings. Of course, the file could be on a large salad bowl. So, at the bottom of the ice-cream bowls, I posted on a coarse grater grated egg whites. Lubricate them a little mayonnaise. On offer egg whites put a layer of tuna. Canned I previously rubbed fork, and excess oil merged (it is no longer useful to us). For tuna put grated cucumber. If caught a watery vegetable, be sure to wring excess juice! And yet - I would recommend a little salt cucumber. And do not forget to layer a little cucumber with mayonnaise. On top of the wet layer of cucumber is good to put a neutral layer of cooked carrots. On top put a layer of carrot grated cheese (even fluffy layer will not crush it!). Again, a drop of mayonnaise. The last layer I did grated on a fine grater egg yolks. Like any layered salad, it would be good to insist a little before serving.