To eat or not to eat raw?

Raw food has become fashionable. For those who are in the tank, let us explain: we have in mind not eating cheese, and a passion for the products, not heat-treated. From vegetables and mushrooms to meat and fish.

To eat or not to eat raw?

Fish a-la naturel

Sushi-Nigiri, maki sushi and sashimi (they land,rolls and sashimi) know now, probably all. It is unlikely that someone will discover that making sushi rice and a piece of fish (usually raw), poppies consist approximately of the same ingredients in the "clothes" of seaweed nori. A sashimi sliced ​​and did quite a special raw fish fillets. Stop at the recipes of these dishes does not make sense, on the advice of their production devoted whole websites, though much more realistic to learn their manufacture in special courses.

But the ceviche is not tried everything. This Latin American snack is made from raw fish in citrus juice. In each of the Latin American ceviche prepared and served in its own way, but most of all I liked the relatively simple recipe of one of Kiev's chefs.

To eat or not to eat raw?

For Ceviche need 300 grams of fresh chilled salmon, garlic clove young, freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice, a little vegetable oil.

Cut the fish into thin strips and mix with juicea pinch of sugar and pepper, add oil and chopped garlic (marinade should cover the fish completely). After 15 minutes, drain the juice and serve on lettuce leaves with sliced ​​julienne peppers, sweet varieties of onions and tomatoes.

Salads of raw fish is also gradually ceaseto be exotic. From fresh salmon can be cooked very pretty salad: 200 grams of fresh fish, 5-6 cherry tomatoes, arugula salad (can be replaced by another to taste), grated cheese (preferably mozzarella), basil. Salt and pepper to taste, season with olive oil and lemon juice and sugar, sprinkle with green onions and serve on toast, oiled garlic paste.

Well, finally a classic northernSliced ​​peoples. Freshly caught fish is frozen, and in this form is cut into the finest shreds. These "rags" are dipped in a mixture of salt and pepper. They say that a great appetizer.

Meat: raw - does not mean inedible

While our chefs improved in the ways of thermal processing of meat, the French made a popular raw steak.

One of our compatriot ordered in parizhkomsteak restaurant in Tatar and resented the fact that instead of roasted piece of meat that can feed a horde if not, then a hungry man, he brought the usual raw minced meat with egg yolk (it turns out, this refinement is available any owner who is trying to beef cutlet). The waiter, in turn, was surprised bewilderment guest, because I thought that the Russian eat it every day, washed down with vodka.

To eat or not to eat raw?