Safe Tiramisu (without raw eggs)

Base Tiramisu - the basis of dessert

'50 Yolks
Sugar 100 g
Water '30
1 vanilla pod (cut, remove the seeds)

How to do:

Put a small saucepan with the water and sugar in thefire, cook until the mixture reaches a temperature of 121 ° C. While preparing the syrup, whip egg yolks at high speed blender with vanilla seeds to the white color. Once the syrup temperature reaches 121 ° C, immediately pour it into the egg yolks in a thin stream while continuing to whisk until cool cream (about 4-5 minutes). If you are not going to use the cream at once, then cover the bowl with cling film and store in the refrigerator.

Tiramisu (4 servings)

200 g whipped cream
200g mascarpone
Tiramisu base
20-24 pcs. cookies Savoyardy
100 ml. strong coffee
2 tablespoons liquor optional
'50 Cocoa to decorate

How to do:

1. Whip the cream until stable peaks. Mascarpone too beat up.
2. Use the Spatula, parts mix with mascarpone tiramisu to the cooled base. Also, gently mix with the cream.
Important! Do not stir the cream and stir gently but without giving weight to settle.
3. Take suitable dessert form. Savoyardy dip in coffee syrup and spread on the bottom of the form. Here is an important point - dipping Savoyardy should be very fast, because cookies immediately absorbs the liquid. On top lay a cream. The layer is then impregnated with syrup Savoyardy again. Finish the cream layer. Sprinkle with cocoa. Harvesting in the refrigerator at least 4 hours, preferably 8 hours.

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