Save vitamins when cooking

There are different ways of preparing meals. Consider the most common of them: their benefit and harm.

Save vitamins when cooking

In a saucepan,

Unfortunately, destroyed during cookingsignificant portion of vitamins and trace elements. For example, while you cook soup, cabbage loses almost half of folic acid, beans and peas - about 40% of the calcium contained in them, and a carrot and spinach third part with vitamin E. Vitamin C is destroyed during cooking by 70%.

However, you can reduce such losses. One has only to observe a few simple recommendations.

Vegetables should be completely covered by water. If the broth has boiled away much, do not add cold water in a saucepan. With her in the broth gets oxygen, which destroys vitamin C. For this reason, try to keep the lid tightly closed pans.

If you add to the soup mixture of frozen vegetables, do not thaw frozen vegetables before you throw them into the pot.

The less time spent in the water the vegetables, the more useful they will be. And if so, try to put them in boiling water, not cold water. Take care to not digest vegetables.

And remember that, in spite of the lossvitamins, the benefits of cooked vegetables and stewed still there. They contain a lot of fiber and pectin. These substances reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in blood and improve digestion.

In a double boiler

This method of cooking is considered one of the healthiest.

During steaming the food is notexposed to too high temperature - the cooking process takes place at a temperature of about 100 degrees, whereas, for example, baking in an oven held at 250-300 degrees. This low temperature allows the product to retain maximum nutrients. Not long ago, the researchers conducted an interesting experiment. They took broccoli, divided it into two parts, half the boil in a saucepan, and the other half was placed in a steamer. The researchers then measured the amount of nutrients in the finished cabbage. Boiled broccoli has lost about 40% of the vitamins, while the steamed - just 11%.

Another advantage of the double boiler. The surface of the product in contact with the steam "sealed" and the juice does not flow.

Well, of course, fans of the steam kitchen verymany among those who want to get rid of the extra kilos, for dishes that are steamed, contain much less fat than fried or baked.

In a frying pan

Compared with frying cooking allowssave a lot more vitamins. For example, the pan B vitamins loss is approximately 30%, whereas 70% of these substances are lost in the pan of water.

The most healthy way of cooking is considered to be fastroasting, when finely chopped products carried in the pan no more than five minutes, and the most harmful - deep-fried. Floating in a huge amount of oil, french fries became very fat and high-calorie. However, it is worth remembering that the loss of vitamins - is not the worst thing that happens to your food during frying. Much more dangerous carcinogens that are formed during roasting on an open fire, while too long heated vegetable oil and heat the oil if reused. It is believed that these substances can cause cancer. Remember that carcinogens are "afraid" of acidic marinades. So, if you want to cook the meat on the grill, then thoroughly soak it in vinegar or juice. The extract of rosemary - herbs, which in the classical European cuisine invariably accompanies roast lamb, - reduces the amount of harmful substances by almost 70%. Spices that are typical of the culinary traditions of South-East Asian Nations (coriander, ginger, lemongrass, cumin, sesame, etc.), "kill" 30-35% of the carcinogens in grilled meat.

In the bank

In the summer you spent a lot of effort to prepareHomemade pickles and marinades. These simple methods of preservation allow you to save almost all the vitamins and minerals that are found in fresh vegetables. However, some canned vegetables are even more useful than "raw material". A classic example - sauerkraut. Lactic acid bacteria that are released when pickled, allow to fully preserve all the vitamins, while being destroyed during storage of fresh cabbage of the vitamins.

Pickled apples, too, sometimes turn out to be usefultheir fresh counterparts. If fresh apples lay for at least a couple of weeks, they lose about one-third of their contained vitamin C, while the pickled apples askorbinka preserves
nyaetsya completely.

However, core and high blood pressure is better notabuse pickle. The fact that these canned contains too much salt, and this may lead to increased blood pressure. Spicy snacks such as lecho, pickled tomatoes and peppers, are contraindicated for people suffering from gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

In the freezer

Freeze - one of the best ways to savevitamins. But if you do not want then "lose" nutrients, do not wash the frozen fruits and vegetables and do not thaw them in the water - with the "washed out" a significant portion of vitamins. By the way, according to a new study of Austrian researchers, frozen vegetables are often healthier than imported "fresh", which are sold in supermarkets are not in season.

The researchers argue that fresh in appearancevegetables that are doing a long way before you get to the counter, lose a lot of they contain vitamins and minerals. Frozen vegetables, on the other hand, are treated often just a few hours after it was collected, and their nutritional value is preserved. Scientists compared the nutritional value of frozen products and import of fresh vegetables, which are sold in the winter. The content of vitamins in the frozen peas, cauliflower, beans, corn and carrots were much higher than in fresh vegetables from Italy, Spain, Turkey and Israel.