Recipes sandwiches

No table is complete without a snacksandwiches. They use all sorts of products: cheese, cheese, processed cheese, a variety of pastas, pies, sauces, cheese and herring oil, chopped herring, chicken, boiled meat, fresh vegetables and herbs. Especially appetizing to children look sandwiches made with fried slices of bread, so-called toast or croutons. They are very popular in some European countries. Sandwiches can have very different shapes: square, rhombic, triangular, oval, round. For the manufacture of small sandwiches (canapés), you can use cookie cutters cutting. Sandwiches are served on a platter or in a beautiful woven baskets, painted on a tray or board.

Recipes sandwiches

Sandwich "Speckled Hen"

Sliced ​​bread, boiled chicken fillet, butter, salt, mayonnaise (about one teaspoon per sandwich).

Bread spread with a thin layer of oil on top of the oilput an even layer of chopped boiled chicken fillet, salt, cover with mayonnaise. Sandwiches bake in the oven until golden brown, preferably served hot. Children will be very nice, if you cut out of colored paper figurines hens and attach them to wooden skewers, which subsequently votknetsya in lying on a platter of sandwiches.

Sandwich "Coins on a spit"

On wooden skewers alternately chop slices of cheese, mugs pickles, tomatoes, sausages, pickled peppers. Skewers slide neatly cut round pieces of bread.

Sandwich "Paradise bread"

From slices of white bread, cut glass pairthin slices, spread them with oil, put on one of the red fish salmon passed through a meat grinder. Cover with the second circle of white bread, buttered side down. Decorate the top of the sandwich flower oil and fresh herbs.

Sandwich "Tower"

Take four slices of bread with different diameters(The largest of them = 3-4 cm), a large slice of spread on one side with oil and put it on a round piece of cheese, the remaining slices of buttered on both sides. On a large slice of bread, put a slice of cheese on top of a smaller, on it - circle crude cucumber on the cucumber slice of bread lay next to the circle eggs, boiled carrots or tomatoes. Top fit the smallest slice, decorated with flower from radish or berry (strawberry, raspberry, cherry). The result is a bright cone - tower.

Sandwich cake "Runaround animals"

Produce it quite easy. We need to take a round white bread, cut off his top and bottom crust, leaving a perfect circle thickness of about 2.5-3 cm. For the filling use cheese with chicken, which is very tasty and nutritious. For its preparation need 250g chicken meat, 30 g butter, 50 g of any cheese, 30 g chicken broth, salt and spices. Meat stewed or boiled chicken (boneless) and cheese is ground with a mixer until the mixture is smooth. 3atem change the nozzle and entering into the mass of the softened butter with the cooled broth, whisk it again until smooth. If the mixer is not at home, you can cheese grate, and the meat 2-3 times through a meat grinder. If the cheese is not intended for young children, you can add spices: black pepper and nutmeg powder. Cheese Chicken is applied on top of the cake, previously missed oil. On top of it by sectors beautifully laid out pieces of chicken, lettuce, tomato cups or hard-boiled eggs on the edge of a slices of orange, salt or fresh cucumber. To decorate this cake baked pastry puff pastry, cut in the form of stylized animals, which have a round dance on the edge of the cake, making this special knife recess.

Sandwich "Zebra"

For its production are taking slices of black bread,thin layer smear butter, cheese slices coated bread slices in size and placed upon each other. On the top layer of about 20-30 minutes, put a small load, after which the product is cut with a thin sharp knife across. The section will streaking like a zebra. Sandwiches are laid out like a fan on a tray or platter, decorated with leaves of lettuce, parsley or dill, placed in the center of a flower of red tomato, radish and eggs.

Sandwich "Goldfish"

Slices of white bread, it is desirable to cutusing molds in the form of fish. These slices spread with a thin layer of butter, put on the circle eggs, egg lay sprat ringlet or other small fish. These sandwiches can be decorated with mayonnaise cube of boiled carrots, and very suitable for sprats half a lemon circles. Ready-made sandwiches, it is desirable to apply on a plate decorated with greens from onions flower, radish, apples or eggs.

Sandwich "Sailor"

Slices loaves, cut diagonally, to smear with oil, saw-blade on a layer of oil cause a wavy pattern on the skewer to fix the triangular piece of cheese - "sail".

Bon Appetit!