Rolled chicken fillet with cheese "Feta" and tomatoes wrapped in bacon

Rolled chicken fillet with cheese

6 rolls:
3 chicken breast fillets
1 medium tomato
about 100g. "Feta" cheese
12 thin strips from / to the bacon
3 cloves of garlic (to pass through the press)
2 tsp your favorite spices for chicken
a mixture of peppers "mill" to taste
1. Each fillet cut in half lengthwise, to get the plate, lightly beat off.
2.Posolit and pepper, coat with garlic and spices. Writing soak at room temperature Min.30.
3.Razogret oven to 200 gr.
4.Syr cut into sticks, roughly the width of a fillet with a tomato to do the same.
5.On each fillet put brusochek cheese and tomato (the wide side) and turn a tight roll. Each roll tightly wrap 2 slices of bacon.
6.Ulozhit rolls in the form of refractory (no oil needed) and bake min.20-30.
Serve hot with your favorite sauce. (I had garlic and dill)
Bon Appetit!)
P.S. Rolls can be prepared in advance for the night / day put into the refrigerator, covered with foil, and then just put it in the oven, for example, before the arrival of guests)