Roll 'A la lasagna "


Roll 'A la lasagna! "

- Pita - 2 pcs
- Meat chicken - 500 g
- Onions - 2-3 pc
- Tomato - 6-7 pc
- Mushrooms (fried with onions) - 3 tbsp. l.
- Spices (salt, pepper, seasonings to your taste)
- Butter (in sauce) - 100 g
- Flour (in the sauce) - 4 tbsp. l.
- Milk - 1 liter
- Cheese (grated)


1) Cut the onion polukoltsami..Pomidory - thin slices (it is desirable to remove the peel)

2) Chicken meat finely chopped, salt, add spices

3) And ... go to the stove to fry it all =)
on the same pan fry until half 2/3 onion and add tomatoes, herbs, salt, spices (there was a mixture of spices for chicken), leave to stew

4) In the second pan fry uphalf-chicken, add it to the rest of the onions, cook until cooked onions ... ..k then tomato stuffing is ready ... merge it with the resulting broth, it is still useful to us

5) Now we make our bechamel sauce !!!!! melt the butter and add the flour in small portions, vymeshivaya well. then pour a thin stream of milk, we get rid of lumps, add salt, spices and cook until not become a small fire as sour cream

6) begins to collect our meal !!!!
liberally grease a baking sunflower oil,blanketed pita bread, it lubricates our sousom.vykladyvaem evenly half vegetable toppings, half chicken, blanketed second lavash. again repeat the procedure: the sauce, vegetables, chicken, but also from one side lay out mushrooms (they were my fried) and sprinkle with cheese.

7) And a little more sauce before being wrapped. Wrap should be very carefully! Top smear a little sauce and send in a preheated 160-170 gr. oven for 10 minutes. Then poured on top of our vegetable broth and again in the oven for 10 minutes.