Pita bread with cheese

Pita bread with cheese


• thin pita bread;
• cheese - cut into rectangles;
• tomatoes - cut into rings;
• greens, basil necessarily - finely chop;
• vegan mayonnaise;
• salt and pepper to taste;
• ghee.


1. cut the pita bread in half. Puts cut yourself. On the edge (closest to you) put a piece of cheese, it slices 2 tomatoes. Add salt, sprinkle with herbs, add mayonnaise and wrap envelope.

2. If you prepare sandwiches at home, heat the pan over high heat and just fry them on both sides in the melted butter. If you want to roast on the fire, then place them on the grill, brush with melted butter and fry on both sides. Suffice it a minute, so they fry.