Pasta with trout and ricotta and cream sauce

Pasta with trout and ricotta and cream sauce

- Cream 10% - 200ml
- Dry white wine - 50ml
- Trout - 200g
- Parsley - beam
- Ricotta - 200g
- Pasta - 200g
- Garlic - 2 cloves
- Salt and pepper - to taste
- Oil - for frying


Trout cut large pieces, put ona preheated pan with oil and fry, stirring gently, about 5 minutes Add garlic, fry a little more. Pour the wine, add the heat and evaporate it. Thus there is only the aroma of wine. Pour the cream, the fire abated.
Boil the pasta. I took this here. The paste is put to the remaining ingredients. Parsley grind and also into the pan, mix well. As soon as the sauce thickens to desired consistency, spread the paste on a plate and add to each portions ricotta, chopped into large chunks.